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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by HJam72, Dec 6, 2005.

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    Here is how you do it right:
    The Denver Broncos a few years back looked at their players, what they were good at and what kind of talent they had. They chose a blocking scheme that suited the abilities of their linemen and the needs of their skill players.

    Here is how we're doing it:
    The Broncos run well. Let's use their blocking scheme. The Steelers have a tough defense. Let's TRY to do it their way. The WCO worked great for the 49ers a few years back, what about that?


    We don't have the right linemen for the zone blocking and David Carr is NOT a WCO kind of QB, nor is he a SUPER WCO QB (1 step drop and throw), but he is also not a run, run, pass over and over again QB. This team needs to open up the offense, but not with the WCO. We need to stop looking at other teams and what they do and start looking at what our players can do. We need to blitz more, but not just send everybody and to hell with pass coverage. We need to send AJ over the middle. We need to let Carr scramble around, since it's obviously necessary, and give the receivers time to run a route. I'm tired of hearing about the Steelers, 49ers of old, and Broncos. Let's just be the Houston Texans and be good at it for a change.
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    I am not sure what you are going with here. The defense we run is based on our HC and his great success with it as a DC. The zone blocking scheme has opened up tons of holes for DD and our lineman are as suited as any other line that runs it. Our line is quite similar to Atlanta's and they run it to great success. I would say that DD having 1100+ yds per year is a testament to the blocking scheme. As far as the WCO we really dont run that. I doubt we will run it. I have heard alot of people talking about how Kubiak and Denver runs it, but Denver is also a run,run, playaction team. That is not really indicative of the WCO.
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    In addition, most teams/coaches (at least the smart ones) will establish a system they want to run and then go find players that fit the system rather than bringing in an assortment of players and then trying to figure out a system that they will work best in.

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