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    OK, for my 1000th post here is the grand daddy of information for the Texans offseason, much of this info has been posted by us on various threads but we'll pull it all together. To start, here is a list of all our current players and their contract status for next year, David Carr's is assuming we give him the 3 year extension, as Cass/McNair has said they will, and the tender amounts for restricted free agents is based on the 2005 levels and will end up being a little higher. This cap info is off of www.houstonprofootball.com:
    Name.................2006 Cap Amt./2006 Cap Hit if Cut/Traded
    David Carr...............$7,256,160/$6,018,480
    Tony Banks.............$1,256,160/$406,160
    Dave Ragone...........Restricted Free Agent ($656,000 tender)
    Keep Carr, I personally would cut Banks since he hasn't done much at all for us and it costs us 3x as much to keep him as cut him, resign Ragone to the one-year tender and look for another veteran QB that will hopefully be more useful than Banks.
    Domanick Davis........$3,806,160/$8,424,640
    Moran Norris............$866,160/$412,420
    Tony Hollings...........$699,410/$239,410
    Vernand Morency......$505,160/$390,320
    Jonathan Wells.........Unrestricted Free Agent ($662,160 in 2005)
    Keep Davis, Morency, and Norris, resign Wells for about as much or a little less than what he got this last year, release Hollings as he is useless and not worth $700k.
    Andre Johnson.........$7,383,104/$7,149,312
    Jerome Mathis..........$428,160/$236,320
    Jabar Gaffney...........Unrestricted Free Agent ($787,464 in 2005)
    Corey Bradford..........Unrestricted Free Agent ($821,160 in 2005)
    Derick Armstrong.......Restricted Free Agent ($656,000 tender)
    Keep Andre and Mathis obviously, sign Armstrong to the one year tender, resign Gaffney for anything under $900k per year, and cut Corey Bradford, prefereably tomorrow.
    Mark Bruener............$1,014,493/$139,493
    Bennie Joppru...........$874,910/$414,910
    Marcellus Rivers........Unrestricted Free Agent (646,160 in 2005)
    Matt Murphy.............Restricted Free Agent ($656,000 tender)
    Bruener is still a premier blocking TE and one of the team leaders, but $1 million to keep a guy that is going to have 3 catches a year is debatable. I wouldn't bother keeping Murphy, resign Rivers for anything under $650k, and keep Joppru for one last year.
    Todd Wade..............$5,172,827/$6,691,308
    Steve McKinney........$4,706,160/$806,160
    Zach Wiegert............$4,206,160/$1,412,320
    Chester Pitts............$3,180,000/$9,700,000
    Todd Washington......$842,827/$172,827
    Fred Weary..............$694,360/$149,360
    Drew Hodgdon..........$358,127/$96,254
    Milford Brown...........Restricted Free Agent ($656,000 tender)
    Seth Wand..............Restricted Free Agent ($656,000 tender)
    Bryan Pittman..........Restricted Free Agent ($656,000 tender)
    Wade is expensive but shouldn't start, and it costs $1.5 million more against the cap to cut than keep him, so keep him as a backup only. Cut McKinney unless he takes a substantial pay cut. Keep Wiegert and Pitts to start, then Washington, Weary, and resigning Brown and Wand all as backups and keep Hodgdon, preferably as a backup after we hopefully bring in LeCharles Bentley. Pittman is a decent long snapper so resign him to the one year tender.
    Gary Walker.............$5,839,493/$7,357,972
    Robaire Smith...........$4,797,827/$5,591,308
    Seth Payne..............$3,931,160/$3,393,480
    Travis Johnson.........$1,500,160/$4,760,640
    Jerry DeLoach..........$953,660/$580,980
    Junior Ioane............$651,160/$212,320
    Walker has to stay with his contract. Smith and Johnson stay, Payne is still pretty effective and it saves $600k to get rid of so there's not much point. DeLoach is costing a lot more than he's worth, and especially if we switch to a 4-3 he should be gone. Ioane's fate depends on our defense, in a 3-4 maybe keep him, if we go to a 4-3 then cut him, although Malone looked better and can probably be signed for less.
    Morlon Greenwood.....$3,966,160/$5,624,640
    Kailee Wong.............$3,171,160/$4,684,460
    Jason Babin..............$1,325,670/$2,966,668
    Charlie Anderson.......$407,827/$22,827
    Antwan Peek............Restricted Free Agent ($656,000 tender)
    Shantee Orr.............Restricted Free Agent ($656,000 tender)
    DaShon Polk.............Unrestricted Free Agent ($696,160 in 2005)
    Troy Evans...............Restricted Free Agent ($656,000 tender)
    Greenwood and Wong stay because of their contracts. Babin stays. Charlie Anderson is cheap and decent so keep him. Sign Peek and Orr to one year tenders, resign Polk for under $600k. I wouldn't tender Evans but resign him for about the minimum otherwise don't worry about him.
    Marcus Coleman........$3,041,160/$2,512,320
    Dunta Robinson.........$2,121,548/$5,134,644
    DeMarcus Faggins.....$1,281,160/$1,143,480
    Philip Buchanon........$806,160/-0-
    Jason Simmons.........$776,160/$212,320
    Lewis Sanders..........$751,160/$206,160
    Glenn Earl................$487,660/$102,660
    C.C. Brown...............$341,260/$62,520
    Ramon Walker..........Unrestricted Free Agent ($498,825 in 2005)
    Jason Bell................Unrestricted Free Agent ($486,160 in 2005)
    Obviously keep Dunta, Earl, and Brown. Cut Coleman, hopefully before Monday. I'd keep Faggins and Buchanon and hope our new coach and DC can get Buchanon to play to his physical gifts. Keep Sanders, he played pretty well this year. I'd probably cut Simmons and find a similar guy for less money. Resign Jason Bell for a similar contract and let Ramon Walker go.
    Kris Brown.................$1,586,160/$1,544,640
    Chad Stanley.............$826,160/$156,160
    Chad Stanley is pretty accurate punter but not a strong leg, so I'd maybe look to bring on a free agent around training camp and cut Stanley and save some money if he can beat him out. Kris Brown is more expensive than he's worth but it costs just as much to cut him and Jose Cortez was the best available free agent this year, so Brown may stay unless a decent rookie free agent is available.
    Jason Anderson, Donovan Morgan, Aaron Halterman, Garrick Jones, Alfred Malone, Kenneth Pettway, Andre Torrey, Quinn Dorsey, Chris McKenzie, and Jammal Lord were all on practice squad and many moved up at the end of the year, but all are unrestricted free agents and I don't think should be kept on unless they earn a spot in training camp.

    After my roster suggestions, our cap amount would be approximately $76,250,000, which will end up being a little higher with the increase in RFA tenders and having to sign some other people. The salary cap is projected to be between $92-$95 million next year, so we have some room to work with, but we have to use that to sign any draft picks and free agents (Bentley should be their #1 choice and will probably cost 6 years, $25 million so about $5 against next year's cap). Here's a look at some players that are scheduled to be free agents that could be of interest to us, and their team's projected cap for next year so you can get an idea of which ones might be resigned by their team and which teams won't have money to afford their guys:

    Baltimore - $77M
    Anthony Weaver DE
    Tommy Polley LB
    Jamal Lewis RB
    Chester Taylor RB
    Will Demps S

    Buffalo - $82M
    Nate Clements CB
    Trey Teague OC
    Mario Haggan LB
    Eric Moulds? WR

    Cincinnati - $71M
    Jeremi Johnson FB
    Nate Webster LB
    Jon Kitna QB
    Matt Schobel TE

    Cleveland - $66M
    L.J. Shelton OT
    Aaron Shea TE
    Billy Miller TE
    Antonio Bryant WR

    Denver - $119M
    Ron Dayne RB

    Indianapolis - $92M
    Raheem Brock DE
    Robert Mathis DE
    Larry Tripplett DT
    Mike Vanderjagt K
    Cato June LB
    David Thornton LB
    Edgerrin James RB
    Reggie Wayne WR

    Jacksonville - $75M
    Marcellus Wiley DE
    Vince Manuwai OG
    Akin Ayodele LB
    Mike Pearson OT

    Kansas City - $114M
    Carlos Hall DE

    Miami - $97M
    Seth McKinney OC
    Lance Schulters S
    David Boston WR

    NY Jets - $120M
    John Abraham DE
    Chris Baker TE

    New England - $92M
    Chad Scott CB
    Tom Ashworth OT
    David Givens WR
    Andre Davis WR

    Oakland - $120M
    Charles Woodson CB
    Tim Johnson LB

    Pittsburgh - $96M
    Ike Taylor CB
    Chris Hope S
    Antwaan Randle WR

    San Diego - $71M
    Jamar Fletcher CB
    Ben Leber LB
    Courtney Van Buren OT
    Drew Brees QB
    Reche Caldwell WR

    Tennessee - $102M
    Justin Hartwig OC
    Kyle Vanden Bosch DE
    Tank Williams S

    Arizona - $62M
    Kurt Warner QB
    Teyo Johnson TE

    Atlanta - $101M
    Kevin Shaffer OT

    Carolina - $93M
    Jeff Mitchell OC
    Dante Wesley CB
    Ricky Manning CB
    Will Witherspoon LB
    Marlon McCree S

    Chicago - $75M
    Roberto Garza OC
    Jerry Azumah CB

    Dallas - $90M
    Scott Fujita LB
    Dan Campbell TE
    Peerless Price WR

    Detroit - $83M
    Cory Redding DE
    Jeff Backus OT
    Jeff Garcia QB

    Green Bay - $70M
    Mike Flanagan OC
    Aaron Kampman DE
    Ahman Green RB

    Minnesota - $68M
    Toniu Fonoti OG
    Michael Bennett RB
    Nate Burleson WR

    NY Giants - $89M
    Will Allen CB
    Bob Whitfield OT

    New Orleans - $82M
    LeCharles Bentley OC/OG
    Darren Howard DE
    Sedrick Hodge LB

    Philadelphia - $85M
    Jon Runyan OT
    Terrell Owens WR

    San Francisco - $74M
    Julian Peterson LB
    Brandon Moore LB
    Derek Smith LB
    Brandon Lloyd WR

    Seattle - $71M
    Rocky Bernard DT
    Steve Hutchinson OG
    Shaun Alexander RB
    Joe Jurevicius WR

    St. Louis - $76M
    Ryan Pickett DT
    Adam Archuleta SS

    Tampa Bay - $100M
    Chris Hovan DT
    Todd Steussie OT
    Chris Simms QB

    Washington - $112M
    Warrick Holdman LB
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    Any of the teams with significant cap room will likely resign any of their good free agents, teams that are at or above the projected cap will likely not be able to resign many of their guys, as their cap projections are not including resigning any of their free agents. Some of the guys that could definitely be available would be Reggie Wayne (probably end up being pretty expensive, I see him going to Philadelphia) and maybe Raheem Brock and Larry Tripplett from Indy, John Abraham from the NY Jets (Jets would probably like to resign him but have a lot of cap problems, Ty Law and Curtis Martin could likely be released or retire to free a decent amount of room), LeCharles Bentley wants to leave New Orleans and should be a primary target of ours. Many of the other people I think either won't be released or aren't of much interest to our team.
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    Excellent post!
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    Straight Outta Austin
    I laughed, I cried. Good stuff once again.
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    After my suggested roster moves, here is what our roster would look like next year:
    David Carr
    Dave Ragone

    Domanick Davis
    Jonathan Wells
    Vernand Morency
    Moran Norris

    Andre Johnson
    Jabar Gaffney
    Jerome Mathis
    Derick Armstrong

    Mark Bruener?
    Bennie Joppru
    Marcellus Rivers

    Chester Pitts
    Zach Wiegert
    Steve McKinney? (only with significant salary cut)
    Todd Washington
    Fred Weary
    Milford Brown
    Seth Wand
    Drew Hodgdon

    Gary Walker
    Robaire Smith
    Seth Payne
    Travis Johnson

    LB/DE (depending on defensive system)
    Jason Babin
    Antwan Peek

    Kailee Wong
    Morlon Greenwood
    Shantee Orr
    Charlie Anderson
    DaShon Polk

    Dunta Robinson
    Philip Buchanon
    DeMarcus Faggins
    Louis Sanders
    Jason Bell

    Glenn Earl
    C.C. Brown

    Kris Brown
    Chad Stanley

    We need some serious OL help (multiple additions), a nice DE if we switch to a 4-3, and CB/S help as our primary concerns in my opinion, some WRs for depth, maybe a pretty high pick for a good fast one, we need some LBs but with contract situations with our current guys I don't know how much that is a plausible option.
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    Spring, TX
    Morknolle, Thanks for all the data and for taking the time to put it together.
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    great stuff as always morknolle. i've got a question ... when do the re-signs & releases have to be made? or is there a deadline?

    about a couple of your current staff. depending on how we draft, i'd gladly put a rookie in over mckinney and weigert. by dropping both we'd save nearly 6.5mil against next year's cap, and it's my opinion that we couldnt really do any worse nomatter who we put there. on your defensive side, i'd honestly be more inclined to keep simmons & walker at db's than faggins. especially walker, even if he's little more than special teams, he's the only texan who can block a kick.

    FA's that really stand out to me are hutchinson & bentley of course, but i'd also give a hard look at ike taylor (CB steelers), teyo johnson (TE arizona), aaron kampman (DE packers, probably will be resigned), and vanden bosch (DE titans). the last two if we decide to go with a 4-3 defense next season.
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    If I'm not mistaken teams have until March 1st to resign people before free agency starts on March 2nd. I think Wiegert still has another good year left in him, I'm not real fond of McKinney anymore and if he doesn't take a substantial pay cut (like down to $1.5M at absolute most) I'd get rid of him. I like Simmons willingness to get in there and hit people, but he's small and not overly athletic and I think we could find someone just as good for less money, but I'd keep him on the roster until training camp and see if someone better surfaces, if not I'd be fine with keeping him. Seattle has cap room so I doubt Hutchinson get let go, but Bentley will likely be leaving and hopefully will come here. Teyo would be a pretty good option at TE and Ike Taylor could be nice if he's released. I doubt Vanden Bosch gets loose and he'd probably cost a lot too so I'm not sure if we can get him.
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    Straight Outta Austin
    stick it up, flip it, bump it down, ohhhh nooooo

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    SE Houston
    Kaiser are you already having a shot of the good stuff this early, i know i want some.

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    Straight Outta Austin
    Lying on a beach in Costa Rica for the past week will change your perspective. :)
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    Nice. The closest I came to that this year was some Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffe.
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    I've had that coffee before and that was some of the smoothest stuff I've ever had. However, that was years ago and I read now that it has really gone up in price. Next time in Jamaica, when they ask if I want ganja (sp?), I'll just say Blue Mountain Coffee please! :)

    Morknolle - great stuff on the cap. That's really a great snapshot of where we're at - thanks!! One quick question - any ideas on what VY would cost us as opposed to Bush as our #1?
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    Everytime I look at how much the offensive line makes as a unit I almost get physically sick. Casserly should be fired based on these numbers alone.
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    SE Houston
    Bush would get 45-50M and Vince would get 55M.
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    So let's say we get Lecharles Bently for $6mil..... leaving us $13mill to work with. If we save $7mill for our #1 pick, that leaves us $6mill.... is that going to sign our other draft picks?? would we be done with Free agency if that is the case??
  17. MorKnolle

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    It would certainly limit us, although I'm not sure how many other free agents will actually be released from their teams that are worth us getting, although I think we can get Bentley for more like $5 million. If we make a couple cuts (McKinney, Coleman for sure) then we can free up some more cap room too.
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    Great post Morknolle...maybe the best I ever read...thanks! My moves would be close but I guess I am a bit more "done" with some of our OL than you at this point.

    McKinney and Wiegert should either be gone completely or signed for one more year at a maximum of $1M. IMO, they are both overpaid and we need their $ in order to have any real cap room to work with thanks to bonehead CC moves. (Saves 3.7M-5.7M depending on whether they take the cuts)

    Washington should be cut. (saves another $670K)

    Finally, IMO it is time to thank Bruener but say goodbye to him as well. $1M is just to much for this team to pay for the production we get from him. (saves another $850K)

    So, your moves plus the above and we have another 5.2M-7.2M to work with which might bring Reggie Wayne into the picture after all for us in addition to Bentley. The rest we are going to have to do through a couple of drafts IMO.

    Go Texans...the turnaround has already begun!:redtowel:
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    LMAO!!!!! David Carr a 3 year extension how pathetic......First we need to get rid of his a55.I'll have to admit Banks does not get sh1t done all the time,But when he actually plays he does it right.David Carr is not a leader like Vince Young,I think Vince Young would be the best choice the Texans organization will make for years to come.
    Vince Young can lead this team to more victories,He is a thinker.When he is under pressure he makes sure to either gain yards on a run or wait till a reciever gets open.
    Carr prefers his method get sacked or run out of bounce and gain nothing.He is not a accurate thrower.When he has a reciever open down the middle,he makes a mistake of throwing it down the field to try getting a reception.Does he succeed? No,my point is we need to get Vince Young.This is the best chance we have to get someone as good as Micheal Vick or even better.
    David Carr is a show boat.Go with a leader not a Hollywood act :cool:
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    woah, where did you pull that info from?

    i'd like to see a break down of a few teams.

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