Fantasy wise, Reggie Bush for which WR is a fair trade?

Discussion in 'Fantasy Football Talk' started by gtexan02, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. gtexan02

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    I have Reggie Bush on my team, and because I have 3 other running backs, have labeled him expendable.

    The league is a keeper league, so Bush's age should be a plus

    Bush has underperformed so far, but with Deuce gone, should get almost 100% of the goaline action

    Im trying to trade him for a WR, but don't know who to target. I was thinking someone like:

    Steve Smith - Value is likely to decline with Carr throwing to him

    Larry Fitzgerald - Has underperformed all year

    Torry Holt - Value likely to plummet because of no OL and no QB
  2. Mr. White

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    Jan 5, 2006
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    If it's a keeper league, I'd probably want to keep Bush. I think that he'll put up good numbers when the offense gets going. The question is when.

    The best player IMO is Steve Smith. He's probably the best WR in the league and he probably won't have Carr throwing to him much longer.

    Torry Holt's too old for my taste (even though he's producing.) Fitzgerald will be good when the Arizona offense gets going, but he's not the WR1 (at least from what I've seen.)
  3. TexansLucky13

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    Bush was a fantasy monster last year, so I can imagine that you could get a decent WR for him. If someone is stupid enough to give up Wayne or Harrison, I would do that. So long as Peyton is in the league, those two will be getting pretty numbers.
  4. Ole Miss Texan

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    I've got Harrison on my team and he really hasn't done a whole lot for me...Wayne has been tearing it up.

    If I were you, I'd consider Steve Smith first. IMO, having DC throw to him shouldn't be too big a deal. Carr can chunk it deep to him if he has time...or even more likely- have to throw a quick screen to Smith. Smith excels in yards after catch and getting in the open field.

    I would go with Smith because having three really good receivers is always a hard thing for me to get. Since there are two starting spots for RB's and it sounds like you have those spots can find a decent backup easier than an extra WR.

    who are the other wr's and rb's you have?
  5. Mr PC

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    Id say keep Bush. With Deuce out for the season, Reggie's fantasy numbers for this year should be significantly higher than they were last year. I would trade any one of my recievers for Bush.

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