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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Perki-Perk, Nov 14, 2012.

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    I remember when the Texans were perennial losers and we fans would make excuses to why they weren't winning. Now that the Texans have got into the habit of winning, the detractors make excuses for the winning. "You ain't played nobody", "You have an easy schedule", "So in so was hurt". Think about what, "you haven't played anybody" really means for second...haha. Feels good to be a fan of a winner!

    Funny thing is too, most of your "haters", if you will, are the very same people that jumped on Pittsburgh, Green bay, Dallas and even New Orleans bandwagons after championships. I'd even go as far as guessing most of today's Cowboys fans were created in 93, 94 and 96... because we dang sure know there's been no reason to root for them since.

    The biggest LOL out of any trash talking fans is Titans fans. The ONLY thing you have to show for over 50 years of existence, is a yard short of an NFL Super Bowl championship. Yes, you've been there, but ask Buffalo fans what it feels like to be the biggest loser. All that work to get to that point only to fall 3 dang feet. Let's face it, Titans fans, you are the only one's that remember playing in that super bowl...heck, I only remember because I have to hear about it. I treat the Titans like an ex, she did you wrong and left you for a hillbilly with no teeth. Let. her. go. This IS Houston afterall.

    So why these obnoxious fans continue to spew their foolishness about Texans bandwagons fans, let's not forget how you became a fan of your team...especially those of you who have never even been to a home game, or even the home town, of "your" team.

    To all you new Texans fans, welcome, and enjoy the ride. Go Texans!!!
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    The "they ain't played anybody" thing doesn't hold up anymore.

    If the playoffs started today, we have already beaten the 2nd seeds in both conferences along with the 4th seed in the AFC. To but this in other words, we've beaten 3 teams that lead their divisions. We've also beaten 2 other teams that are still in the hunt on the AFC side.

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