Falcons To Use Texans Picks To Move Up

Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by Big Ben Wallets, Mar 21, 2007.

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    Here is an excerpt from my blog regarding the picks acquired via the Matt Schaub trade. Please check out my blog for more inside information.

    Updating on reports Atlanta is targeting Calvin Johnson, a source inside the Falcons organization has revealed the team is eying the first pick in the draft. GM Rich McKay understands there is a good probability the Raiders will take Johnson over JaMarcus Russell if Oakland remains in the top spot. Therefore trading up into the second pick with Detroit would be a fruitless endeavor. Furthermore, Falcons owner Arthur Blank has told privately to the front office to do whatever it takes to get Calvin Johnson into a Falcons uniform.

    The reasoning is simple: with the Falcons putting all of their eggs into the Michael Vick basket, the team needs to win with Vick using his arms and not his legs. By dealing away their insurance policy the team has acknowledge gone are the days of running the spread offense, and 1,000 yard rushing seasons for their starting QB. It's simply too risky to allow Vick to carry the team with his legs, as he has been asked to do in the previous regime.

    The attempt to acquire Calvin Johnson is also an admission by the coaching staff that Vick will never become a Tom Brady-type quarterback, a guy who can elevate the play of his receivers, regardless of talent or pedigree. Vick, in contrast, is more akin to Daunte Culpepper--a talented passer who needs an above average weapons to succeed.

    By bringing in Calvin Johnson the Falcons could exponentially improve Vick's passing numbers while also not pigeon-holing him as a true pocket passer. This is because Johnson has a 42" vertical leap. Vick could still use his unique speed, but instead of running Vick could buy time to heave up passes to Johnson similar to the strategy used between Culpepper and Randy Moss. Vick has the ability to cause disarray in the secondary by avoiding the rush, while Johnson could take advantage of coverage breakdowns by simply out-leaping the closest defender for a jump ball.

    Rumor has it the Falcons are prepared to open the vault to ensure they get the guy they want. That means offering the No. 8 pick, plus a second rounder, a fourth rounder, Michael Jenkins or Roddy White, and a second rounder next season. The thinking is simple, the Falcons have spent two first round picks (Michael Jenkins, Roddy White) on receivers in recent years in addition to trading for Ashley Lelie. Yet they currently have nothing to show for it, in the sense that Alge Crumpler remains the primary target in the passing game.

    Sources indicate the front office believes it would be more economical and pragmatic to snag a can't miss prospect such as Calvin Johnson and resolve the wide receiver dilemma once and for all. The would enable the team to use future first round picks to fill other holes, such as defensive and offensive line. The Falcons could spend mid-to-late first round picks on receivers for the next two seasons and might not attain a receiver that could mesh with Vick's unique passing style. In addition, Johnson is a product of Georgia and keeping him instate would create the kind of buzz that could keep the Georgia Dome filled for years to come.

    Even after surrendering an impressive array of picks, the Falcons would still have a second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth round pick in addition to the top pick in this year's draft. Also since they obtained the Texans 2nd round pick in 2008, dealing that pick away would still leave them a second rounder in next year's draft. Thus, the Falcons intent to deal up in the draft is clear. However, the question remains whether the Raiders are as interested in dealing back, and possibly relinquishing the chance to draft the impact receiver Al Davis absolutely craves.
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    Good luck to ATL cause if we trade Carr to Oakland, they'd have to trade all the way to the #1 pick...
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    Where did you get this portion of your blog? Texans interested in Moss?

    "Rumors in league circles have both the Texans and Green Bay Packers engaging in a bidding war for Randy Moss. The Packers are offering Aaron Rodgers plus a conditional second day pick. Meanwhile, now with new starting QB in Schaub, the Texans are ready to move on Randy Moss.

    The Texans believe Al Davis prefers David Carr over Rodgers. The Texans also tipped their hand they are committed to winning right away, instead of rebuilding. GM Rick Smith recently signed aging RB Ahman Green and traded for experienced QB in Schaub, instead of drafting a rookie. Adding Randy Moss, who arguably still is in the prime of his career, could provide the Texans hope for their first winning season in franchise history."
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    I think that Atlanta wanting to trade with the Raiders gives the Raiders the opportunity to trade with us. Say this trade goes down. ATL picks CJ. that leaves basically all of our chances we had at #8 prior to our trade with ATL.

    Russell, Quinn, maybe Peterson could still fall. They also could not. Trading for DC means you have a crash test dummy for Russell or Quinn, whoever falls.

    If none of them fall well guess who will be calling us?
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    imagine if we somehow conned the raiders into giving us moss for carr straight up and get to keep our #10 pick...


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