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    Before the season started, I said I would not be happy with this football team unless they went .500 and won 8 games, playoffs or not. After the went 2-0 to start the season, I was even one of those who predicted 10-6, but that isn't going to happen. Never said I'd be unhappy with 8-8 though.

    But that was before the injuries....lots and lots of injuries. IIRC, there are 17 Texans on IR, and I don't presently even know if that counts Spencer, who we all hoped would be back by now. Even D-Rob is out, and I'm REALLY impressed with how our patchwork (somewhat anyway) secondary is handling it. This team presently has the best record it has ever had this late in the season, Mario leads the league in sacks, and we just beat our "mentors" by 18 points. Now they can start picking up OUR leftovers, if any of them are healthy. We've had Mario after rookie, after rookie, after rookie, after backup QB pick it up and play with serious heart.

    We've not won 8 games yet, but this team has EXCEEDED my expectations for the year.

    How do you feel about it? Need to win more? One more?
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    I expected 7-9 or 8-8, and I wasn't planning on getting bent out of shape if they didn't meet that. Second year for Kubiak, still dumping the deadweight, I figured they would be on the upswing but not blow the doors off dynamic.

    I am blown away by the progress of this team. The haters were out for a lot of the games this year but considering the injuries I think they have done quite well.

    Would love to see how they would have done with Andre healthy for a FULL season this year. I think they are poised for a big run next year.


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