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    #1). Shea McClellin (OLB) – Despite the obvious need at WR, McClellin is still on the board and Wade gets his man. Too bad the best WRs are already off the board, so McClellin is too good to pass up, giving the Texans an easier choice about Barwin's fate in 2013. The Texans will defer picking Stephen Hill because he's another project, and Kendall Wright just doesn't fit Kube's mold.

    #2). Mike Martin (DT) – The Texans reach only a tad bit for Martin, but they covet him, after their mistake of picking Earl Mitchell over Geno Atkins. This solves the Shaun Cody problem, as well, once they really amalgamate Martin into the rotation.

    #3.) Greg Childs (WR) – Finally the Texans are on the right side of picking a WR who could very well start right away in the NFL. I mean, if you can get a WR out of the SEC with Childs' size, strength, quickness and agility in the 3rd round you've done something. Childs is a high character guy who fought back from his only real injury, to show the NFL that he has it...and more. 6'3", 219 lbs, 4.39 pro day 40, a 40" vert and 10 1/8" hands.

    #4.) James Hanna (TE) – Certainly the fastest and one of the most agile TEs in this year's draft. He's also one of the strongest. He can block well and catch well, and fits the Denver-South offense better than anyone. He loosens the load of the lose of Dreesen and perhaps the future lose of OD. Of course, I'm assuming Graham does well...and I don't think that's a reach.

    #4.) Janzen Jackson (CB/FS) – With his bad boy past behind him (we think), there is scarcely a more athletic cover CB/FS in this year's draft. Thus ends the McManis experiment, and since the Texans aren't going to go into battle with only 5 CBs, and the fate of Barber is up in the air, Jackson could be the Jackson we've been waiting for. Another SEC guy who's stock fell. A real baller. Just look up what this guy has done on the field with Tennessee and McNeese State.

    #5.) David Molk (C/OG) – Smart, very smart...and very strong for his size, he fits the ZBS to a T at both C and OG. He's not someone who can start right away, of course, but he can be groomed. He's also well acquainted with calling assignments at the line, much like Chris Meyers. The Texans have depth at the OL, it's only suspect how much...so the Texans add for the future.

    6.) Austin Davis (QB Southern Mississippi) – The guy broke nearly all of Brett Favre's records. He's raw by NFL standards, but I would love to see what Kubes could do with a smart kid like this.

    7.) Jaymes Brooks (OG) - A good ZBS candidate. Right now he's depth. The more I watch his footwork, the more I like him.

    UDFA – Levy Adcock (OT/OG) – Probably a really great depth guy for that versatile player the Texans are looking for on the OL. A natural at any position on the OL, plus a good swing tackle.

    UDFA - FB - Drake Dunsmore – This guy is not only good in the run game, but he has hands for days.
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    I like this mock. It hits all the areas we need with some great players.

    McClellen in the 1st is something that's been growing on me. He's rising up the draft boards and with his "high motor" he fits Wade's system to a tee. Also, I'm not sold on the WR's that may be here at #26.

    Martin in the 2nd is a pretty good reach and they could probably get him in the 3rd, but if they got him here I would have no problems with that. Love the player, and again, with his "high motor" and quickness I think he fits what Wade is looking for. It also allows them to move Mitchell over to DE where I think he's a better fit. And I don't think Mitchell was a "mistake" pick, just better suited as a DE in a 3-4.

    Childs has been growing on me but I'm still a little concerned about how he will play. He seems to be recovered from his injury and he really opened eyes at his pro-day. He just seems like a guy that has a lot of potential (high ceiling) or could be a big bust too. But, that's the way I feel about most of the WR's in this class.

    Hanna looks like a good pick in the 4th. I don't know anything about Jackson, but if he's been in trouble like you say, I don't think they will pick him.

    Love Molk in the 5th but I don't think he lasts this long.

    Davis in the 6th is good developmental guy for the 3rd string or PS.

    Don't know anything about Brooks in the 7th but they will probably pick an OG late to start developing and may stash him on the PS for a couple of years until he's ready.

    As for the FA's, I don't think Adcock will fall that far but good pickup if he does, and Dunsmore would be a great catch too if he's still there. My guess is this is where they will look for a FB too.

    Overall, great job!

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