ESPN Insider Final Mock - Merriman at #13

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    ESPN Insider final Mock - Merriman at #13

    Round 1

    1. San Francisco 49ers (2-14)
    Alex Smith* | QB | Utah
    There isn't a lot that separates Aaron Rodgers from Smith. There are concerns about the schemes in which both prospects played at the college level. Rodgers has the better arm, but Smith has the bigger frame. What it all comes down to, though, is that new head coach Mike Nolan seems to have fallen in love with Smith's intelligence, charisma and overall intangibles – and who can blame him. The 49ers haven't made a final decision yet, but we are getting the strong sense that Smith will be their final choice. They will work hard to have a deal in place by Saturday, but contrary to popular belief, we're hearing the team will consider drafting him even if he's unsigned. Stay tuned.
    Other scenarios:
    • The 49ers are still trying to get a deal done for Smith, but his agent, Tom Condon, who also did the deal last year for Eli Manning (Giants), is understandably not budging. He wants the deal for Smith to follow traditional slotting procedure, which means he's looking for at least a small percentage more than what Manning got from the Giants. Due to the 49ers' concern that they won't get a deal done for Smith, they've also contacted several teams about a trade-down possibility. The most likely scenario is with the Buccaneers at No. 5. That would allow them to acquire extra picks and still get a future starting QB in Rodgers with the fifth selection.
    • If they can't get a deal done with Smith and can't trade down, Rodgers or WR Braylon Edwards become possibilities.

    2. Miami Dolphins (4-12)
    Ronnie Brown | RB | Auburn
    New head coach Nick Saban and his staff have addressed needs along the offensive line and throughout the defense via free agency. The team also has decided QB A.J. Feeley is the starter for at least one year, in which he will be evaluated within the new scheme. That leaves running back as the top need, and Brown as the most deserving candidate. Cedric Benson (Texas) might be the more powerful runner, and Carnell Williams (Auburn) might be the most elusive, but Brown is the best overall running back in this year's draft. Brown is big, strong and fast enough to carry a heavy load in the NFL, and he also possesses considerably better skills in the passing game – blocker and receiver – than those of Benson and Williams.
    Other scenarios:
    • Trade down with Buccaneers and still get a running back such as Auburn's Williams.
    • Trade down with Vikings and address the defense – OLB Derrick Johnson (Texas) and DC Antrel Rolle are leading candidates.
    • Draft QB Alex Smith if he doesn't go to the 49ers at No. 1.

    3. Cleveland Browns (4-12)
    Braylon Edwards | WR | Michigan
    The top prospect on the Browns' board evidently is Edwards. Even though they have greater needs at offensive tackle and quarterback, new general manager Phil Savage isn't going to stray from his draft philosophy of selecting the best available player, regardless of position. Edwards has an outstanding combination of size and speed, and he's a flat-out playmaker when the ball is up for grabs. His ability to stretch defenses could make up for a lot of other sins along the offensive line and at the quarterback position.
    Other scenarios:
    • The Browns' draft board starts with Smith and Edwards.
    • If both are gone by No. 3, the Browns will desperately try to trade down.
    • If they do trade down, the team is rumored to have heavy interest in Texas OLB Derrick Johnson and Georgia DE David Pollack. Reportedly, new head coach Romeo Crennel is pushing for Johnson at No. 3, but Savage thinks that's too high.
    • If Smith and Edwards are gone and the Browns can't get a deal done to move down, Johnson is the odds-on favorite to be the pick.
    • If the Browns trade down and Johnson is off the board, Pollack becomes the odds-on favorite.
    • If the Browns trade down and Johnson and Pollack both are off the board, Florida State OT Alex Barron would have to become the priority.

    4. Chicago Bears (5-11)
    Cedric Benson | RB | Texas
    The Bears have enough young talent on defense, but they desperately need more playmakers on offense. If they wind up keeping this pick, they'll likely have a difficult decision to make between Benson, RB Carnell Williams and WR Mike Williams. Mike Williams fits the value, but he might not give the Bears the vertical presence they're looking for opposite free-agent acquisition Muhsin Muhammad. While Carnell Williams ranks higher on most draft boards, Benson is the better fit for new offensive coordinator Ron Turner's power running scheme. The team brought in Thomas Jones a year ago when Terry Shea was implementing more of a Rams- and Chiefs-like scheme, which emphasized versatility at the running back position. Now that the focus has shifted, Benson becomes a much better fit than Jones as a 25-30 carry-per-game "bell cow" at the running back position.
    Other scenarios:
    • If Auburn RB Ronnie Brown fell to No. 4, he most likely would be the pick.
    • We're told the team rates Benson over Carnell Williams and Mike Williams over Edwards.
    • If Benson and Mike Williams are both on the board, the Bears would have a tough decision, but we think they are leaning toward Benson. • The team also will consider moving down, but the deal would have to be sweet. No matter where they wind up, drafting a playmaker at running back, wide receiver or tight end is a high priority.

    5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-11)
    Carnell Williams | RB | Auburn
    The Buccaneers could go in several directions with this pick, including RB, OT, OG, QB, WR, DT or DB. If Rodgers is available here, the decision will be much harder. Williams still needs to improve as a blocker, but he's the shiftiest and most elusive of the big three RBs (Brown and Benson), and he has the hands to become a legitimate weapon as a receiver out of the backfield. It also won't hurt Williams' chances that Gruden fell in love with him while coaching him at the Senior Bowl.
    Other scenarios:
    • Get a reasonable deal done in order to secure QB Smith. At this point, it seems it would require trading up to the No. 1 spot, and that is a highly unlikely scenario.
    • Trade up to the No. 2 overall pick and select RB Brown.
    • Stay at No. 5 and take the best available running back in the following order: Brown, Williams or Benson.
    • Stay at No. 5 and take the best available wide receiver: Edwards or Williams.
    • Stay at No. 5 and draft QB Rodgers.
    • Trade down, acquire even more picks and take the best available RB or WR.
    • Stay at No. 5 and draft a defensive player – OLB Johnson and DC Rolle are leading candidates.

    6. Tennessee Titans (5-11)
    Aaron Rodgers* | QB | California
    This one obviously comes as a surprise, but don't rule it out. If our information is correct and Smith becomes the top overall choice, Rodgers could experience a slide. The Bucs are a possibility at No. 5, but we hear they have their hearts set on the Cadillac Williams if Smith is out of the picture. The Titans obviously are set at QB for 2005 with Steve McNair as their starter, and they also have depth with Billy Volek as his backup. But if Rodgers slips to them at No. 6, don't be shocked if they pull the trigger. McNair's longevity is in question, and Rodgers eventually could provide an upgrade over Volek. For a team clearly in rebuilding mode, drafting the best available player is the smartest route to take.
    Other scenarios:
    • Select WR Mike Williams.
    • Select DC Antrel Rolle.
    • Select DC Adam Jones.
    • Trade down, continue to stockpile draft picks and consider the best prospects at WR (Troy Williamson and Mark Clayton), CB (Carlos Rogers and Marlin Jackson) and OT (Alex Barron and Jammal Brown).

    7. Minnesota Vikings (from Raiders) (8-8)
    Troy Williamson* | WR | South Carolina
    The Vikings have few needs to address, and thanks to the Randy Moss trade can really focus in on them with two first-round picks. This projected pick might come as a surprise with Mike Williams still on the board, but the Vikings are looking for a vertical threat, and Williamson gives them more deep speed than Williams. Williamson is a player on the rise after running in the 4.3s at the combine. He has the size, long arms, hands and explosive speed to quickly develop into a deep threat in the NFL, and he could eventually team up with Nate Burleson and Travis Taylor to form an impressive young trio of wide receivers.
    Other scenarios:
    • RB Ronnie Brown is rated ahead of Williamson and Mike Williams, so in the unlikely scenario that he fell, the Vikings would draft Brown, despite their log-jam at running back.
    • If they get a reasonable deal, they could move into the top five and select WR Edwards, who they rate as the No. 1 WR in this class.
    • Stay at No. 7 and select WR Mike Williams.

    8. Arizona Cardinals (6-10)
    Derrick Johnson | OLB | Texas
    We still contend the Cardinals and Bills will get a trade done with Buffalo, dealing OT L.J. Shelton for RB Travis Henry, before or on draft day. Bills general manager Tom Donahoe's request to flip-flop second round picks (Nos. 44 and 55) in addition should be matched. For the Cardinals, the thought process is to address one of their biggest needs with Henry taking over as the starting running back, while also giving them the freedom to draft the best available defensive player at pick No. 8. While cornerback is clearly their biggest defensive need, don't be shocked if Johnson is the pick. The depth at the cornerback class is much greater than at linebacker, and the team could use an elite player in the linebacker corps after making Ronald McKinnon, LeVar Woods and Ray Thompson salary-cap casualties in the offseason. Johnson still needs to become more physical and learn to take on blocks, but he has Derrick Brooks-like potential and immediately would upgrade the athleticism and playmaking skills of the Cardinals' defense.
    Other scenarios:
    • If the Cardinals get a deal done for Henry, they have the luxury of drafting Johnson because they can still draft a quality prospect from a deep cornerback position in the second round.
    • If they get Henry and wind up drafting Rolle at No. 8, the team would continue to address the defense in the second round.
    • If they don't get a deal done for a running back, the team would draft its highest-rated prospect at the running back and cornerback positions – RB Brown, DC Rolle, RB Benson, RB Carnell Williams, DC Carlos Rogers and DC Jones.
    • If that's the case, the team would use its second-round pick on the position that it didn't address in the first round.
    • If QB Rodgers slips to the Cardinals at No. 8, they would debate all possible options but would likely pass on him in favor of a defensive player or running back.
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    9. Washington Redskins (6-10)
    Mike Williams* | WR | USC
    Everyone is talking about DC and DL for the Redskins, but we're starting to hear otherwise. The 'Skins are looking for playmakers on offense, and Williams could be the perfect fit as a big, physical receiver opposite the diminutive Santana Moss. Williams doesn't have elite speed, but he's faster than Keyshawn Johnson, and he projects as much more of a vertical weapon than Johnson has been in the NFL.
    Other scenarios:
    • It seems likely the Redskins will trade their newly acquired pick at No. 25 for a veteran defensive back. If that's the case, the team likely will use this selection on a wide receiver. Williamson is another viable option if he's available and Williams is gone.
    • If no trade is in place, the team could draft the best available cornerback with this pick, in this order: Rolle, Jones or Rogers.
    • Depending on the draft board and the potential trade for a veteran player, an impact pass rusher also is a possibility. Maryland's Shawne Merriman, Troy's Demarcus Ware, Wisconsin's Erasmus James and Georgia's David Pollack are the top candidates.

    10. Detroit Lions (6-10)
    Antrel Rolle | DC | Miami-Fla.
    The Lions are in a great position with this pick. They certainly have bigger needs at right tackle and defensive end, but if a value like Rolle slips to them at No. 10 they'd be crazy not to capitalize. After all, Dre Bly and Fernando Bryant are both undersized cornerbacks in their late 20's. Adding a big, physical, young cornerback would give the unit great depth now and eventually would allow Bly or Ferguson to move inside to the slot, where both seem better suited. Rolle has the instincts, toughness and athletic ability to quickly become a solid starter in the NFL. His biggest obstacle in solidifying a potential spot in the top-10 was proving he was fast enough to turn and run with NFL receivers. His 4.49 40 at his pro-timing day eased those worries.
    Other scenarios:
    ·• The Lions can simply sit tight at No. 10 and draft the best available prospect.
    • Select OLB Johnson.
    • Select OT Barron.
    • Select a top pass rushing DE. From what we are hearing, it would be in this order: James, Merriman and Ware.

    11. Dallas Cowboys (6-10)
    Demarcus Ware | DE | Troy
    The Cowboys have been busy in free agency, addressing needs at defensive tackle (Jason Ferguson), quarterback (Drew Bledsoe) and cornerback (Anthony Henry). However, they still are in pursuit of upgrades at WR, offensive line (ROT) and OLB/DE. Ware's draft stock is skyrocketing after his impressive showing at the combine, and we think he's exactly the type of player coach Bill Parcells is looking for as the defense transitions from a 4-3 to a 3-4. Ware is a hybrid DE/OLB with explosive speed and loads of pass-rushing potential.
    Other scenarios:
    • Select DE/OLB Merriman.
    • Select DE James.
    • Select WR Williamson if he falls and if the pass rusher the team covets most is off the board.

    12. San Diego Chargers (12-4)
    Marcus Spears | DE | LSU
    The Chargers were tied for the third-fewest sacks in the league (29) in 2004, which helps explain why they need to use one of their two first-round picks on a pass rusher. A rush linebacker is a possibility, but Spears is a better fit, as he is a 'tweener DE/DT who could really provide an upgrade over starter Jacques Cesaire at the LDE position opposite last year's second-round pick, Igor Olshansky.
    Other scenarios:
    • Select WR Williams or Williamson, if one should happen to fall.
    • Select the best available perimeter pass rusher: Merriman, James, Ware and Pollack.

    13. Houston Texans (7-9)
    Shawne Merriman* | OLB/DE | Maryland
    The Texans drafted Jason Babin in the first round last year, but they need to find a legitimate pass rusher opposite him in their 3-4 scheme. Merriman has the speed, athleticism and instincts to immediately upgrade the Texans in that facet, which would allow them to move Kailee Wong to his natural position at inside linebacker.
    Other scenarios:
    • Select WR Troy Williamson if he falls.
    • Choose between the best available perimeter pass rushers if Merriman is off the board: Ware, Pollack and James.
    • If the right perimeter pass rusher isn't available, DE Spears (if he is available).
    • Select OT Barron, if necessary.
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    14. Carolina Panthers (7-9)
    Alex Barron | OT | Florida State
    Barron could experience a bit of a slide on draft day because of his inconsistent effort and poor technique. But it would be difficult to imagine him slipping past the Panther's at No. 14. Barron needs to become more physical, but he is clearly the most naturally gifted offensive lineman in this draft. Barron has the size, strength and feet to develop into a starting right or left tackle in the NFL. If the Panthers were fortunate enough for Barron to fall to them here, he would solidify their offensive line. Mike Wahle could move back inside to his natural guard position, and Jordan Gross could remain at left tackle.
    Other scenarios:
    • OLB Johnson, if he falls.
    • WR Troy Williamson, if he falls.
    • RB's Benson or Carnell Williams, if one of the two falls.
    • QB Rodgers, if he falls.
    • If all else fails, Oklahoma OT Jammal Brown would be the pick.

    15. Kansas City Chiefs (7-9)
    Carlos Rogers | DC | Auburn
    Rogers has good size and speed. Most importantly, he is a physical cover corner with the athletic ability and confidence to play both man-to-man and zone coverage in the NFL. He'd be a perfect fit in coordinator Gunther Cunningham's aggressive defensive scheme.
    Other scenarios:
    • The team would love for OLB Johnson to slip, but that's highly unlikely, and the Chiefs won't trade up for him.
    • From what we're now hearing, the Chiefs have no intention of drafting a defensive lineman with this pick. It will either be a cornerback or a safety – regardless of whether or not they get a deal done with the Dolphins for Patrick Surtain.
    • If Rolle and Rogers are off the board, the team would consider DC Jones. • The other option would be DS Thomas Davis with this pick, or trading down to the bottom of the round for FS Brodney Pool.

    16. New Orleans Saints (8-8)
    Adam Jones | DC | West Virginia
    The team has a bigger need at linebacker, but Jones would be too good a value to pass up this late in the first round. Jones could slip due to size concerns, but we think he has the speed, toughness and confidence to develop into a shutdown cover corner in the NFL, and he's also an explosive return man.
    Other scenarios:
    • The Saints failed to land the prospects they wanted in first round of the last two drafts ( DT Dewayne Robertson in 2003 and LBs Jonathan Vilma and D.J. Williams in 2004), so a more aggressive approach might be in order this year. The problem is there won't be good values at the team's two biggest positions of need – LB and ROT. One option could be to move up in order to secure a prospect such as Texas OLB Derrick Johnson or FSU OT Alex Barron, but the team has just one pick in each of the seven rounds to work with.
    • Selecting DS/WLB Thomas Davis is a possibility, in which case the team likely would move Davis to WLB.
    • Other possibilities include: DC Rogers, OT Brown and Florida State DT Travis Johnson.

    17. Cincinnati Bengals (8-8)
    Erasmus James | DE | Wisconsin
    If the Bengals can't bail from this pick, they'll simply use it to draft the best available player. In this scenario, James fits the description. James' less-than-impressive workout at the combine and his history of injuries might cause him to slip a little bit on draft day. He is still, however, one of the best pass-rushing DE prospects in this class, and he'd help take a lot of attention away from RDE Justin Smith. He would be considered a good find at pick No. 17.
    Other scenarios:
    • Trade down, acquire extra picks and focus on the following positions of need later in the draft where there is better value: ILB, OC, WR, DL and OL.
    • Select the best available DE – possibly Pollack.
    • Select a sliding cornerback – possibly Jones • Select DS Thomas Davis.
    • Select WR Clayton.
    • Select OT Brown.
    • Select DT Johnson.

    18. Minnesota Vikings (8-8)
    David Pollack | DE | Georgia
    Pollack might lack ideal size and top-end speed, but he has the quickness, power and playmaking instincts to contribute immediately in the NFL. The Vikings would be elated to walk away from the first round having found a vertical threat at wide receiver (Williamson at No. 7) and a pass-rushing upgrade opposite last year's first-round pick, Kenechi Udeze.
    Other scenarios:
    • If they don't get a WR with their first selection (No. 7), the Vikings could select Oklahoma's Mark Clayton here.
    • DS Davis is a strong possibility if they get a WR with their first pick and if the right fit at DE doesn't fall to them here.
    • Other DEs who could be available include James and Oklahoma's Dan Cody.

    19. St. Louis Rams (8-8)
    Jammal Brown | OT | Oklahoma
    The Rams could use an upgrade at defensive end, but finding a replacement for ROT Kyle Turley is a significantly bigger issue. Brown needs to become more physical, but he has the size and feet to develop into a solid starter in the NFL. He also has enough experience at the highest collegiate level to possibly step right in as a starter in 2005.
    Other scenarios:
    • Select the best DE on the board, potentially James, Pollack or Cody.
    • Select the only other possible first-round OT: Washington's Khalif Barnes.
    • Select Oklahoma FS Brodney Pool.
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    20. Dallas Cowboys (6-10)
    Thomas Davis* | S | Georgia
    The Cowboys are rumored to have interest in trading out of this pick in order to acquire more day one selections. Drafting a vertical receiver such as UAB's Roddy White also isn't out of the question. However, if they do stay put, the focus likely will remain on the defensive side of the ball, where coach Bill Parcells wants to get bigger and more physical. Davis is a good value late in the first round and is definitely a Parcells kind of player. Some teams consider Davis a weak-side linebacker, while others consider him a safety. The Cowboys have needs at both spots and could use Davis to plug one of them.
    Other scenarios:
    • Trade down and acquire an extra pick, ideally on day one to make up for the third-round pick used on QB Drew Henson.
    • Select the best available WR – Clayton or UAB's Roddy White.
    • Select OT Brown.
    • Select OT Barnes.
    • Select FS Pool.

    21. Jacksonville Jaguars (9-7)
    Marlin Jackson | DC | Michigan
    The Jaguars addressed their most glaring need (DE) with the free-agency additions of Reggie Hayward and Marcellus Wiley. While the team still could use a day-one pick on an end who eventually could take over for Wiley, finding upgrades at cornerback and offensive tackle are greater priorities. After cutting DC's Dewayne Washington and Juran Bolden, it would be a surprise if the team didn't draft the best available cornerback at No. 21. Jackson doesn't have blazing speed but he's an excellent athlete with the size, toughness and confidence to quickly develop into a starter in the NFL.
    Other scenarios:
    • Select the best available OT – Brown or Barnes.
    • Select the next best available DC – Nebraska's Fabien Washington or Clemson's Justin Miller.
    • Select the best available DE – Cody or Iowa's Matt Roth.

    22. Baltimore Ravens (9-7)
    Mark Clayton | WR | Oklahoma
    By adding WR Derrick Mason and DC Samari Rolle via free agency, the Ravens have given themselves a lot of draft-day flexibility. However, with Travis Taylor gone, the team still needs WR depth, and Clayton would be a great value at No. 22. He lacks elite size but has everything else scouts look for in a first-round wide receiver prospect, including quickness, speed and reliable hands. He might be the most polished receiver prospect in this year's draft.
    Other scenarios:
    • Select OT Brown, if available.
    • Select the best available rush linebacker type – possibly Pollack, James, Cody or even Virginia OLB Darryl Blackstock.
    • Select DT Johnson.
    • Next best available prospect, regardless of position.

    23. Seattle Seahawks (9-7)
    Dan Cody | DE | Oklahoma
    By adding DC Kelly Herndon, DE Bryce Fisher and OLB Jamie Sharper via free agency, the team has covered its bases and given itself some freedom to draft the best available player with this pick. Seattle still would like to get younger at all three of those positions, and Cody would be the best match in terms value and need. There are some concerns regarding Cody's medical condition (depression) that could result in him slipping this far, but he would be well worth the risk at No. 23. Cody has the athleticism, speed and instincts to step in as a rookie and immediately make an impact as a pass rusher.
    Other scenarios:
    • Could make a deal to trade RB Shaun Alexander.
    • Have 10 total picks, so they can move up a few spots if they target a player they want – particularly at LB, DE or DC.
    • Select the best available DE – possibly Cody or Roth.
    • Select the best available DC – possibly Jackson, Washington or Miller.
    • Select the best available DT – Johnson or USC's Shaun Cody.
    • Select OLB Blackstock.

    24. Green Bay Packers (10-6)
    Travis Johnson | DT | Florida State
    Johnson could slip due to a crass attitude and some character issues. But at pick No. 24, he would be a steal for the Packers. After struggling through some off-field issues that affected his play early in his career at FSU, Johnson had a breakout season as a fulltime starter in 2004. In our opinion, he's the best defensive tackle in this year's draft class, and he has a chance to make a huge impact early in his NFL career. He's a one-gap penetrating DT with enough bulk and strength to hold the point of attack. The Packers would like to find a legitimate pass rusher opposite Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, but in this scenario there isn't one left to draft. By adding Johnson, the team would upgrade the size and depth of its interior run defense, which is just as big a concern.
    Other scenarios:
    • Trade down and accumulate picks, which is GM Ted Thompson's preferred method.
    • Select DS Davis.
    • Select the best available DE -- possibly Cody or Roth.
    • Select FS Pool.
    • Select QB's Jason Campbell (Auburn) or Charlie Frye (Akron).
    • Select Blackstock or Tennessee OLB Kevin Burnett.

    25. Washington Redskins (from Denver) (6-10)
    Fabian Washington* | DC | Nebraska
    It made sense for Denver to trade out of this spot, because they still can get a good CB in the second round and they pick up an extra third-round pick this year, as well as Washington's first- and fourth-round picks in 2006. But for the Redskins, you don't make a trade for the 25th pick without an idea of what prospects will be available, and there's no way to know that three days before the draft. In our opinion, this move hints at a second deal in play for a veteran CB such as Charles Woodson, Darren Howard or John Abraham. If, however, the Redskins do hang on to this pick, their decision likely will come down to the best available DE or CB. In this scenario, Nebraska's Washington would be the pick. No player improved his stock at the combine more than Washington, who ran one of the fastest 40-yard dash times (4.25) in the history of the event. Washington doesn't have great size, but he is tough and has the athleticism, speed and ball skills the Redskins are searching for in Fred Smoot's eventual replacement.
    Other scenarios:
    • Trade this pick for a veteran CB (possibly Woodson) or DE (possibly Howard or Abraham).
    • If the team takes a WR at No. 9, use this pick at CB (possibly Miller, if not Washington) or DE (possibly Cody or Roth).
    • If they don't get a WR at No. 9 pick, they could use this pick on WR White.
    • Washington also could consider Virginia TE Heath Miller.
    • We're not buying the talk of Washington moving up to target Auburn QB Jason Campbell. One, why would coach Joe Gibbs want a developmental QB at this point in his career? Two, why leak word now that you want Campbell and give any other team who likes him the chance to move ahead of you?

    26. Oakland Raiders (from N.Y. Jets) (5-11)
    Daryl Blackstock** | OLB | Virginia
    Blackstock comes from a 3-4 scheme that Al Groh brought with him from the Jets to the University of Virginia, making him a perfect fit as a rush linebacker for the Raiders.
    Other scenarios:
    • Keep what's there and select a rush linebacker such as Pollack if he falls.
    • Select DS Poole.
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    27. Atlanta Falcons (11-5)
    Shaun Cody | DE | USC
    Cody is a 'tweener DE/DT who would be a perfect fit as a one-gap penetrating DT, which is exactly what the Falcons are looking for in their scheme. The team has a solid starter in Rod Coleman and a good swing-man in Chad Lavalais, but it needs to find a true starter now that Ed Jasper is gone. Cody has the potential to fill that void.
    Other scenarios:
    • Trade out, acquire extra Day 1 picks to address needs at DT, DS, WR, DC and DE.
    • Select the best available DT – possibly Johnson or Cody.
    • Select the best available DS – possibly Pool.
    • Select the best available WR – possibly White.
    • Select the best available DC – possibly Washington or Miller.
    • Select the best available DE – possibly Cody or Roth.

    28. San Diego Chargers (12-4)
    Roddy White | WR | Alabama-Birmingham
    White left the Senior Bowl early with a hamstring injury, but he proved during the first couple days of practice that he has the speed and vertical playmaking capability to warrant first-round attention. He doesn't have elite size, but White has the speed to draw attention away from Keenan McCardell and oft-injured Reche Caldwell, which is something the Chargers desperately lack on their roster right now.
    Other scenarios:
    • If they don't get a DE with pick No. 12 and a perimeter pass-rusher like James or Cody slips, either would be a possibility here.
    • Select FS Pool.

    29. Indianapolis Colts (12-4)
    Matt Roth | DE | Iowa
    Roth is a high-motor player with great instincts, good power and better athleticism than he gets credit for. He would help to take attention away from RDE Dwight Freeney, while providing a certain level of toughness that is missing in the team's defensive front-seven. The Colts have a bigger need at inside linebacker, but character issues should prevent them from taking a chance on the top two players at that position – Georgia's Odell Thurman and Florida's Channing Crowder.
    Other scenarios: • Select DT Johnson or DT Cody, if one falls.
    • Select the best available DC – possibly Washington or Miller.
    • Trade down, if they can get more picks, and still see value at DL, LB and/or DC early in the second round.
    • Take a chance on an ILB such as Florida's Crowder or Georgia's Thurman, both of whom have character alerts.

    30. Pittsburgh Steelers (15-1)
    Heath Miller* | TE | Virginia
    Miller lacks Todd Heap and Tony Gonzalez-type speed but he's just a notch below the elite in terms of playmaking ability. He has very good size, is a smooth athlete, has a terrific feel for the passing game and might have the best hands of any skill position player in this draft. There are some concerns right now about a lingering "sports hernia" injury that kept him from working out at the combine, but we think he would be a steal this late in the first round for a Steelers team in desperate need of a playmaker at that position.

    31. Philadelphia Eagles (13-3)
    Brodney Pool | S | Oklahoma
    After re-signing DT Corey Simon and MLB Jeremiah Trotter, the Eagles' only need in the draft is depth. There's a good chance the team could package some of its five Day 1 picks and 13 overall picks to move around in this draft, but if the Eagles keep all five first-day selections we expect them to add prospects at four of the following five positions: guard/tackle, wide receiver, running back, defensive lineman, linebacker and safety. Safety might be the least of those needs, but Pool could be the best prospect available this late in the first round. His versatility and playmaking skills would provide much needed depth immediately, as well as future insurance.
    Other scenarios:
    • Package some of five day-one picks and/or eight day-two picks to move up for a player they target at WR, DT, DE or TE.
    • Select DT Cody if he slips.
    • Select TE Miller if he slips.
    • Select OT Barnes if he slips.
    • Reach for DT Luis Castillo.
    • Reach for Arkansas WR/TE Matt Jones.

    32. New England Patriots (14-2)
    Khalif Barnes | OT | Washington
    The Patriots have a bigger need at inside linebacker, but coach Bill Belichick won't fall into that trap on draft day. Thurman and Crowder are possibilities, but their respective character and mental-capacity issues are red flags for a team that weighs intangibles and intelligence so heavily in its personnel analysis. Rather than taking a chance, look for the Patriots to draft the best available player at pick No. 32. In this scenario, Barnes would be an ideal fit. Barnes wowed NFL brass both at the Senior Bowl and the combine. He clearly has the athleticism and size to develop into an above-average starter at the next level. All he needs is good coaching and motivation. He's certainly worth the risk late in the first round for a Patriots team that never gets trapped drafting for need.
    Other scenarios:
    • Select best available DC – possibly Jackson or Washington.
    • Select best available ILB – possibly Thurman, Crowder or Nebraska's Barrett Ruud.
  6. Xman

    Xman Veteran

    Mar 14, 2005
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    Round 2

    33. San Francisco 49ers (2-14)
    Justin Miller* | DC | Clemson
    In this scenario, Miller would be an ideal fit. Not only does he address a need at cornerback, he also can help provide a much-needed spark in the return game.

    34. Cleveland Browns (4-12)
    Jason Campbell | QB | Auburn
    The Browns will silence doubters after passing on Rodgers with the No. 3 pick. Cambell has a good deal of upside and will have at least one year to learn behind Trent Dilfer.

    35. Philadelphia Eagles (from Miami) (13-3)
    J.J. Arrington | RB | California
    With one of their five day-one picks, the Eagles need to find a versatile reserve at the running back position in case Brian Westbrook can't stay healthy again next season.

    36. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-11)
    Matt Jones | WR | Arkansas
    Coach Gruden would love to be able to get Jones here and develop him into the same type of mismatch at the slot-WR position that Joe Jurevicius was just a few years ago.

    37. Tennessee Titans (5-11)
    Eric Green | DC | Virginia Tech
    Assuming the Titans can't get a deal done to re-sign Andre Dyson, Green would be a great value as a potential immediate starter opposite Andre Woolfolk.

    38. Oakland Raiders (5-11)
    Odell Thurman* | ILB | Georgia
    Thurman has some character issues but he has the physical tools of a late-first round draft pick and was a vacuum when on the field during his two-year stint at Georgia.

    39. Chicago Bears (5-11)
    Reggie Brown | WR | Georgia
    If the Browns go with Benson at No. 4, Brown would be a good value as a possible rookie starter at the wide receiver position.

    40. New Orleans Saints (from Washington) (8-8)
    Barrett Ruud | ILB | New Orleans
    The Saints desperately need to upgrade their athleticism at linebacker, and Ruud has the speed and instincts to do so.

    41. Detroit Lions (6-10)
    Marcus Johnson | OT | Ole Miss Finding an upgrade at offensive tackle is a huge priority, and Johnson has the size and strength the Lions are looking for.

    42. Dallas Cowboys (6-10)
    Channing Crowder* | ILB | Florida
    Crowder is still raw, and he has some character concerns, but he's a good athlete with size and a mean streak. If the Cowboys move to a 3-4, Crowder could help ease the transition.

    43. New York Giants (6-10)
    Luis Castillo | DT | Northwestern
    Despite testing positive for steroids at the combine, Castillo's stock is still on the rise. He has the size and quickness the Giants need at defensive tackle.

    44. Arizona Cardinals (6-10)
    Bryant McFadden | DC | Florida State
    If the Cardinals don't get their cornerback in the first round, McFadden has the size, instincts and athletic ability to warrant an early second-round selection.

    45. Carolina Panthers (7-9)
    Roscoe Parrish* | WR | Miami-FL
    After getting their right tackle in the first round, the Panthers will go with the best fit at DT, WR OLB or RB with this pick. Parrish could be a good complement to Steve Smith and Keary Colbert as a slot receiver with after-the-catch explosiveness. He also could help in the return game, which would ease Smith's burden.

    46. Kansas City Chiefs (7-9)
    Kevin Burnett | OLB | Tennessee
    Burnett will slip this far because of durability issues but is one of the best athletes at the position in this year's draft. The Chiefs are in dire need of an upgrade in that regard.

    47. New York Jets (from Oakland, from Houston) (10-6)
    Corey Webster | DC | LSU
    The Jets knew they could get good value at corner with this pick, and Webster is just that. If he fully recovers from injury, he could be a steal this late in the draft.

    48. Cincinnati Bengals (8-8)
    David Baas | OC | Michigan
    Baas is the best interior offensive lineman in this draft class and would immediately take over as the Bengals' starting center.

    49. Minnesota Vikings (from Raiders) (8-8)
    Elton Brown | OG | Virginia
    Brown could slip due to a poor postseason, but he's the most talented pure guard in this year's class, and he could be an immediate starter for the Vikings at LOG.

    50. St. Louis Rams (8-8)
    Justin Tuck* | DE | Notre Dame
    Tuck is the perfect fit as a young, undersized rush end who immediately would upgrade the Rams' perimeter pass rush and help take attention away from Leonard Little.

    51. Green Bay Packers (from New Orleans ) (10-6)
    Charlie Frye | QB | Akron
    If a good deal at the quarterback position presents itself, the Packers won't be afraid to pull the trigger for Brett Favre's heir apparent.

    52. Jacksonville Jaguars (9-7)
    Michael Roos | DE | Eastern Washington
    After addressing the cornerback position in the first round, the Jaguars need to focus on finding an upgrade over LOT Mike Pearson. Roos might take some time to develop, but his upside is great.

    53. Baltimore Ravens (9-7)
    Mike Patterson | DT | USC
    The Ravens are moving back to a 4-3 defensive scheme and need depth at DT as a result.

    54. Seattle Seahawks (9-7)
    Brandon Browner* | DC | Oregon State
    The Seahawks need to improve their depth at cornerback, and Browner has the size and ball skills the team is looking for in a developmental prospect.

    55. Buffalo Bills (9-7)
    Anttaj Hawthorne | DT | Wisconsin
    After losing Pat Williams via free agency, the Bills might need to use their first selection in this draft on a defensive tackle.

    56. Denver Broncos (10-6)
    Chris Spencer* | OC | Ole Miss
    After trading away their top pick, the Broncos won't select until No. 56 overall, but they're loaded with picks this year and next year, thanks to the Redskins overpaying for the 25th pick in this year's draft. With concerns about the interior of their offensive line, the athletic and versatile Spencer would be a good fit late in the second round.

    57. New York Jets (10-6)
    Ronald Bartell Jr. | DC | Howard
    If the Jets don't get an upgrade at cornerback in the first round they'll need to use this pick on one. Bartell Jr. is raw, but he has an intriguing size/speed combo as a late second-round selection.

    58. Green Bay Packers (from New Orleans ) (10-6)
    Matt McCoy* | OLB | San Diego State McCoy is a late-riser, but his impressive combination of instincts and athletic ability could land him in the second round to a team desperate for linebacker help.

    59. Atlanta Falcons (11-5)
    Jerome Mathis | WR | Hampton
    Mathis is an unpolished small-school prospect but his deep speed would make him a good complement to Peerless Price.

    60. Indianapolis Colts (12-4)
    Chris Canty* | DE | Virginia
    Canty is a 'tweener DE/DT with first-round talent but some durability and minor character concerns. Worth the risk for a team that could use some run-stopping power along the defensive line.

    61. San Diego Chargers (12-4)
    Adam Terry | OT | Syracuse
    Needs to get stronger but has the frame and feet to develop into a solid starter in the NFL.

    62. Pittsburgh Steelers (15-1)
    Alex Smith | TE | Stanford
    There's a drop-off from Miller to Smith but an even greater drop-off from Smith to the next best tight end prospect. That's why the Steelers might spend the pick on someone who would upgrade their pass-catching ability at the position.

    63. Philadelphia Eagles (13-3)
    Terrence Murphy | WR | Texas A&M
    After drafting a ball-hawk free safety (Pool) and a versatile insurance policy at the running back position (Arrington), it's time to find a receiver with vertical speed and return ability.

    64. New England Patriots (14-2)
    Logan Mankins | OG | Fresno State
    Mankins is a solid athlete with good technique and a mean streak – just the way the Patriots like 'em.
  7. Xman

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    Mar 14, 2005
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    Round 3
    Note: "(c)" denotes supplemental picks
    65. San Francisco: Josh Bullocks* | DS | Nebraska.
    66. St. Louis (from Miami): Evan Mathis | OG | Alabama.
    67. Cleveland: Michael Munoz | OT | Tennessee.
    68. Tennessee: Mark Bradley | WR | Oklahoma.
    69. Oakland: Ernest Shazor* | DS | Michigan.
    70. Miami (from Chicago): Kyle Orton | QB | Purdue.
    71. Tampa Bay: O.J. Atogwe | DS | Stanford.
    72. Detroit: Jovan Haye | DE | Vanderbilt.
    73. Houston (from Dallas): Wesley Britt | OT | Alabama.
    74. New York Giants: Ciatrick Fason* | RB | Florida.
    75. Arizona: C.J. Mosley | DT | Missouri.
    76. Denver (from Washington): Gerald Sensabaugh | DS | North Carolina.
    77. Philadelphia (from Kansas City): Atiyyah Ellison* | DT | Missouri.
    78. Oakland (from Houston): Ronald Fields | NT | Mississippi State.
    79. Carolina: Eric Shelton | RB | Louisville.
    80. Minnesota: Mike Nugent | PK | Ohio State.
    81. St. Louis: Stanley Wilson | DC | Stanford.
    82. New Orleans: Michael Boley | OLB | Southern Miss.
    83. Cincinnati: Lynn McGruder | DT | Oklahoma.
    84. Baltimore: David Stewart | OT | Mississippi State.
    85. Seattle: Ray Willis | OT | Florida State.
    86. Buffalo: Antonio Perkins | DC | Oklahoma.
    87. Jacksonville: Kevin Everett | TE | Miami.
    88. New York Jets: Adam Snyder | OG/OT | Oregon.
    89. Green Bay: Trent Cole | DE | Cincinnati.
    Denver: Pick forfeited as penalty for salary-cap violations.
    90. Atlanta: Sean Considine | DS | Iowa.
    91. Tampa Bay (from San Diego): Andrew Walter | QB | Arizona State.
    92. Indianapolis: Alfred Fincher | ILB | Connecticut.
    93. Pittsburgh: Dan Buenning | OG | Wisconsin.
    94. Philadelphia: Joel Dreessen | TE | Colorado State.
    95. Arizona (from New England): Chris Colmer | OT | N.C. State.
    96(c). Tennessee: Ryan Moats | RB | Louisiana Tech.
    97(c). Denver: Vincent Jackson | WR | Northern Colorado.
    98(c). Seattle: Marion Barber III | RB | Minnesota.
    99(c). Kansas City: Courtney Roby | WR | Indiana.
    100(c). New England: David Greene | QB | Georgia.
    101(c). Denver: Stanford Routt | DC | Houston.
  8. Xman

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    Mar 14, 2005
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    Round 4
    Note: "(c)" denotes supplemental picks
    102. San Francisco: Fred Gibson | WR | Georgia.
    103. Cleveland: Jonathan Babineaux | DT | Iowa.
    104. Miami: Jordan Beck | OLB | Cal-Poly.
    105. Oakland: Domonique Foxworth | DC | Maryland.
    106. Chicago: Stefan Lefors | QB | Louisville.
    107. Tampa Bay: Ryan Claridge | OLB | UNLV.
    108. Tennessee: Adam Kieft | OT | Central Michigan.
    109. Dallas: Chris Henry* | WR | West Virginia.
    110. New York Giants: Craphonso Thorpe | WR | Florida State.
    111. Arizona: Jerome Collins | TE | Notre Dame.
    112. Washington: Lance Mitchell | ILB | Oklahoma.
    113. Detroit: Dustin Fox | DS | Ohio State.
    114. Houston: Frank Gore* | RB | Miami.
    115. Carolina: Darrell Shropshire | DT | South Carolina.
    116. Kansas City: Vincent Fuller | DS | Virginia Tech.
    117. St. Louis: Vernand Morency* | RB | Oklahoma State.
    118. New Orleans: Rob Petitti | OT | Pittsburgh.
    119. Cincinnati: Adam Seward | ILB | UNLV.
    120. Minnesota: Leroy Hill | OLB | Clemson.
    121. Seattle: Robert McCune | ILB | Louisville.
    122. Buffalo: Jason Brown | OC | North Carolina.
    123. Jacksonville: Jonathan Welsh | DE | Wisconsin.
    124. Baltimore: James Sanders* | DS | Fresno State.
    125. Green Bay: Nick Kaczur | OG | Toledo.
    126. Seattle (from Denver thru Cleveland): Derek Anderson | QB | Oregon State.
    127. New York Jets: Pete McMahon | OT | Iowa.
    128. Atlanta: Nick Collins | DC | Bethune-Cookman.
    129. Indianapolis: Scott Starks | DC | Wisconsin .
    130. San Diego: Ryan Riddle | DE/OLB | California.
    131. Pittsburgh: Kay-Jay Harris | RB | West Virginia.
    132. Philadelphia: George Gause | DE | South Carolina.
    133. New England: Lofa Tatupu | ILB | USC.
    134(c). St. Louis: Dustin Colquitt | PT | Tennessee.
    135(c). Indianapolis: Darren Sproles | RB | Kansas State.
    136(c). Tennessee: Kirk Morrison | ILB | San Diego State.

    Round 5
    Note: "(c)" denotes supplemental picks
    137. San Francisco: Mike Montgomery | DT | Texas A&M.
    138. Miami: Craig Bragg | WR | UCLA.
    139. Cleveland: Cornelius Wortham | OLB | Alabama.
    140. Chicago: Adam Bergen | TE | Lehigh.
    141. Tampa Bay: Richie Incognito* | OC | Nebraska.
    142. Tennessee: Jeremy Parquet | OT | Southern Miss.
    143. Green Bay (from Oakland): Donte Nicholson | DS | Oklahoma.
    144. Tampa Bay (from N.Y. Giants through San Diego): Derek Wake | OLB | Penn State.
    145. New England (from Arizona): AnthoN.Y. Alabi | OT | TCU.
    146. Philadelphia (from Washington): Adrian McPherson | QB | FSU.
    147. Kansas City (from Detroit): Bill Swancutt | DE | Oregon State.
    148. Dallas: Chris Kemoeatu | OG | Utah.
    149. Carolina: ToN.Y. Jackson | TE | Iowa.
    150. Tennessee (from Kansas City): Ben Wilkerson | OC | LSU.
    151. Houston: AnthoN.Y. Bryant | NT | Alabama.
    152. New Orleans: AnthoN.Y. Davis | RB | Wisconsin.
    153. Cincinnati: Darrent Williams | DC | Oklahoma State.
    154. Minnesota: Kerry Rhodes | DS | Louisville.
    155. St. Louis: Dan Orlovsky | QB | Connecticut.
    156. Buffalo: Calvin Armstrong | OT | Washington State.
    157. Jacksonville: Roydell Williams | WR | Tulane.
    158. Baltimore: Claude Terrell | OG | UNLV.
    159. Seattle: J.R. Russell | WR | Louisville.
    160. Atlanta (from Denver): Chauncey Davis | DE | FSU.
    161. New York Jets: Tab Perry | WR | UCLA.
    162. Kansas City (from Green Bay): Ryan Fitzpatrick | QB | Harvard.
    163. Atlanta: Marcus Lawrence | ILB | South Carolina.
    164. San Diego: Justin Beriault | DS | Ball State.
    165. Indianapolis: Scott Young | OG | BYU.
    166. Pittsburgh: Karl Paymah | DC | Washington State.
    167. Philadelphia: Airese Currie | WR | Clemson.
    168. Arizona (from New England): Brandon Jacobs | RB | Southern Illinois.
    169(c). Carolina: Jason Jefferson | DT | Wisconsin.
    170(c). New England: Maurice Clarett* | RB | Ohio State.
    171(c). Carolina: Zac Woodfin | OLB | UAB.
    172(c). Philadelphia: Justin Geisinger | OG | Vanderbilt.
    173(c). Indianapolis: Marques Harris | OLB | Southern Utah.
    174(c). San Francisco: Walter Reyes | RB | Syracuse.

    Round 6
    Note: "(c)" denotes supplemental picks
    175. San Francisco: Jared Newberry | OLB | Stanford.
    176. Cleveland: James Grigsby | ILB | Illinois State.
    177. San Diego (from Miami): Sione Pouha | NT | Utah.
    178. Tampa Bay: Mike Goolsby | ILB | Notre Dame.
    179. Tennessee: Ellis Hobbs | DC | Iowa State.
    180. Green Bay (from Oakland): T.A. McLendon | RB | N.C. State.
    181. Chicago: Jonathan Goddard | DE/OLB | Marshall.
    182. N.Y. Jets (from Oakland, from Arizona): Jim Davis | DE | Virginia Tech.
    183. Washington: Jonathan Jackson | DE | Oklahoma.
    184. Detroit: Taylor Stubblefield | WR | Purdue.
    185. N.Y. Jets (from Oakland, from Dallas): Cedric Houston | RB | Tennessee.
    186. N.Y. Giants: Steve Savoy | WR | Utah.
    187. Kansas City: Daniel Loper | OT | Texas Tech.
    188. Houston: Josh Davis | WR | Marshall.
    189. Carolina: Jason White | QB | Oklahoma.
    190. Cincinnati: Garrett Cross | TE | California.
    191. Minnesota: Bryan Randall | QB | Virginia Tech.
    192. St. Louis: Alvin Pearman | RB/RS | Virginia.
    193. New Orleans: Derreck Robinson | DT | Iowa.
    194. Jacksonville: Keith Joseph | FB | Texas A&M.
    195. Baltimore: Adrian Awasom | DE/OLB | North Texas.
    196. Seattle: James Kinney | OLB | Missouri.
    197. Buffalo: Eric Moore | DC | FSU.
    198. New York Jets: Noah Herron | RB | Northwestern.
    199. Kansas City (from Green Bay): Doug Nienhuis | OT | Oregon State.
    200. Denver: Timmy Chang | QB | Hawaii.
    201. Atlanta: Dave Kashetta | TE | Boston College.
    202. Indianapolis: Frank Omiyale | OT | Tennessee Tech.
    203. Tampa Bay (from San Diego): Daven Holly | DC | Cincinnati.
    204. Pittsburgh: Vincent Burns | DE | Kentucky.
    205. San Francisco (from Philadelphia): Khari Long | DE | Baylor.
    206. New England: C.J. Brooks | OG | Maryland.
    207(c). Carolina: Alex Holmes | TE | USC.
    208(c). Dallas: Kelvin Hayden | DC | Illinois.
    209(c). Dallas: Nehemiah Broughton | FB | The Citadel.
    210(c). St. Louis: Andre Maddox | DS | N.C. State.
    211(c). Philadelphia: Alphonso Hodge | DC | Miami-Ohio.
    212(c). Oakland: Bo Scaife | TE | Texas.
    213(c). Baltimore: Travis Daniels | DC | LSU.
    214(c). Oakland: Dan Connolly | OG | SE Missouri State.

    Round 7
    Note: "(c)" denotes supplemental picks
    215. San Francisco: Brady Poppinga | DE | BYU.
    216. Miami: Eric Coleman | DT | Clemson.
    217. Cleveland: David McMillan | DE | Kansas.
    218. Tennessee: Justin Green | FB | Montana.
    219. Minnesota (from Oakland): Eric Ghiaciuc | OC | Central Michigan.
    220. Chicago: Joe Berger | OG | Michigan Tech.
    221. Tampa Bay: Larry Brackins | WR | Pearl River CC.
    222. Washington: Matt McChesney | DT | Colorado.
    223. San Francisco (from Detroit): Rob Hunt | OC | North Dakota State.
    224. Dallas: James Butler | FS | Georgia Tech.
    225. Tampa Bay (from N.Y. Giants): Santonio Thomas | DT | Miami.
    226. Arizona: Adell Duckett | DE | Texas Tech.
    227. Houston: Rian Wallace* | ILB | Temple.
    228. Pittsburgh (from Carolina): Chase Lyman | WR | California.
    229. Kansas City: Tim Bulman | DT | Boston College.
    230. New York Jets (from Minnesota): Albert Means | DT | Memphis.
    231. St. Louis: Brandon Jones | WR | Oklahoma.
    232. New Orleans: Chris Rix | QB | FSU.
    233. Cincinnati: Jerome Carter | DS | FSU.
    234. Baltimore: Gino Guidugli | QB | Cincinnati.
    235. Seattle: Junius Coston | OC | North Carolina A&T.
    236. Buffalo: ToN.Y. Curtis | TE | Portland State.
    237. Jacksonville: Walter Washington* | QB | Temple.
    238. Kansas City (from Green Bay): Matt Grootegoed | DS/OLB | USC.
    239. Denver: Martin Patterson | ILB | TCU.
    240. New York Jets: Scott Mruczkowski | OC | Bowling Green.
    241. Atlanta: Dante Ridgeway | WR | Ball State.
    242. San Diego: Jonathon Clinkscale | OG | Wisconsin.
    243. Indianapolis: Lorenzo Alexander | DT | California.
    244. Pittsburgh: Marviel Underwood | DS | San Diego State.
    245. Philadelphia: Jamar Enzor | OLB | Cincinnati.
    246. New England: LeRon McCoy | WR | Indiana-Pa.
    247(c). Philadelphia: Will Svitek | OT | Stanford.
    248(c). San Francisco: Dylan Gandy | OG | Texas Tech.
    249(c). San Francisco: Chad Owens | WR/RS | Hawaii.
    250(c). St. Louis: Jamacia Rector | RS | NW Missouri State.
    251(c). St. Louis: A.J. Lindsay* | DT | Temple.
    252(c). Philadelphia: DeAndre Cobb | RB/RS | Michigan State.
    253(c). Tampa Bay: Dave Rayner | PK | Michigan State.
    254(c). Seattle: Rasheed Marshall | WR/RS | West Virginia.
    255(c). New England: John Goldsberry | FB | Purdue.
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    I'm pretty sure this has already been posted...

  10. Nawzer

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    Austin, TX
    Not a bad draft. I like it.

  11. Xman

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    Mar 14, 2005
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    I would love to get Merriman at #13 and A.Bryant in Round 5. That would solve the NT and OLB problems.
    Gore in the 4th would be a good pick - by the time he is fully healthy we will know if we need him.
    RianWallace in the 7th is better than most 7th picks.
    Not sure about the OT in the 3rd.
  12. fball

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    May 10, 2004
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    I don't really like the idea of picking a LB with our 13th pick, we so many of them right now, and if we pick one with our first pick, then I don't know how they are going to play peek and marriman, one of them will have to sit, I just don't think it will be a good idea! :wacko:
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    i can be happy with this but there are no trades it cant be accurate

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