ESPN Insider explains why Texans, Raiders at the bottom

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by kingh99, Dec 4, 2006.

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    If the read the article about the fastest 6 seconds in sports you'll know why these two teams are stuck at the bottom. Unless you are just loaded with the intangibles (and that'll catch up to you when you face teams like the Pats) you have to put in the work to be ready to take the snap on Sunday. The best guys anticipate the play and make calls to beat the defense. It's obvious guys like Carr and Brooks aren't able to run things during these intense 6 seconds. They are either not putting in the time to be ahead of the Dee or they can't figure it out or they don't care. The Raiders and Texans are a reflection of their QB's.
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    I did read this article and was in aahh at how much goes on in such a short time span. I played HS ball an was a Def. Right Tackle, played a 3-4 sys so my job most of the time was tie up the O-line and let Backer have a field day. Could not belief how much the QB had to take in in the first 1-2 SECONDS. Just boggles my mine. I know for a fact there is know way I could do it.
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    could you be a doll & quote the good parts for us.... sounds interesting.
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    Sorry I just realized it's got the sign up screen first. I get the magazine at home and it's a headache to get through. Bottomline, the successful has to process a potload of information in a short amount of time. To do it "right" and not survive purely on skill, you have to have one heck of a head on those broad shoulders to succeed.

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