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    I got this off of ESPN's web site It was writen by a guy name SETH WICKERSHAM. (I think you have to be a subscriber to go there.)
    Below is what he wrote:
    AFC West Is Top Division
    Got into an argument with my buddy Steve last night over the best division in football. I said the AFC West, easy. Take the 12-4 Chargers, who I watched last week and came away thinking that this was the best team in the West. Then the Broncos, who finished with 10 wins and ranked in the top five leaguewide in both offense and defense. Then the Chiefs, who have scored more points and totaled more yards than any NFL team in the past four years. Mix in the Raiders with Randy Moss and Jerry Porter and I think the West is an easy pick.

    My pal Steve didn't agree. He thought the Pats were easily better than the Chargers (I agree), the Jets better than Denver (I think they're about equal), the Bills better than the Chiefs (with Losman? I don't think so) and the Dolphins being better than most people think. He concluded that because the Pats are damn good, the Jets are darn good, and the Bills defense is quite good, the AFC East is stronger, even with Miami.

    Based on last year's winning percentage, Steve is right. AFC East teams had a .578 winning percentage compared to .531 in the AFC West. So to rank the divisions in football, I resort to our ESPN The Magazine method in the NFL preview issue a few years ago: Parity High. Teams are either seniors (4 points), juniors (3), sophs (2) or freshman (1). Average the scores out, and that's how you decide which are best. In rating the teams I took into account last year's record, how long the team's key players have played together, and offseason moves.

    NFC East: Philly (senior), Dallas (freshman), Redskins (freshman), Giants (sophomore).
    Average score: 2.0

    AFC East: Pats (senior), Jets (junior), Bills (sophomore), Fins (freshman).
    Average score: 2.5

    NFC North: Vikings (junior), Bears (freshman), Lions (sophomore), Packers (junior).
    Average score: 2.25

    AFC North: Steelers (senior), Ravens (junior), Bengals (sophomore), Browns (sophomore).
    Average score: 2.75

    NFC South: Atlanta (junior), Carolina (junior), Saints (sophomore), Bucs (freshman).
    Average score: 2.25

    AFC South: Houston (sophomore), Indy (senior), Jags (sophomore), Titans (freshman).
    Average score: 2.25

    NFC West: Niners (freshman), Rams (sophomore), Cardinals (sophomore), Seahawks (junior).
    Average score: 2.0

    AFC West: Chiefs (junior), Broncos (junior), Raiders (sophomore), Chargers (senior).
    Average score: 3.0

    And the results:
    8. (tie) NFC West and NFC East
    6. (3-way tie) NFC North, NFC South, AFC South
    3. AFC East
    2. AFC North
    1. AFC West

    I personally think the best division in the AFC North. The Steelers, Ravens and Bengals are all realistic Superbowl Contenders.

    It took me a second the figure out this guys logic and then it hit me...his bio...
    "Seth Wickersham is a staff writer at ESPN The Magazine. He joined The Magazine after graduating from the University of Missouri in 2000."

    He is a Chiefs fan.
    Why else would he make a 11-5 Atlanta team a Junior, a 9-7 Jags team a sophmore and make a 7-9 KC team a Junior.
    He is a life long Chiefs fan who has been following the AFC West for years. He loves his team and over respects the other teams in his division because they always play each other hard.

    There are SEVEN teams that finished 5-11 or worse last year and he made everyone of them a "freshman" except the Raiders who he made a "sophmore". Heck he even made a few of the 6-11 teams like Dallas and the Redskins "freshman". Didn't Dallas have a great draft and a good offseason?

    I guess even the "Professional" guys at have some thick homer glasses.
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    when you still think the Broncos are a good team that tends to skew things.

    AFC north is the strongest.
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    You guys are both proof positive that crack isn't just for breakfast anymore :)

    All 4 of the AFC West teams would contend for the title in any other division... it is the toughest
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    That comment just made my day, thank you!

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