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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by euro-Texan, Sep 13, 2009.

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    Eric Winston: "I'm about as disappointed as you can imagine. I'm sorry to all the fans that had to sit thru that. Stay with us. We will get it right!"

    Apology accepted. But I'm still Pissed at Drob and Coach Kubes
  2. Ckw

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    If I ever have the opportunity to meet Dunta, I will only have two words for that jackoff: "Suck it!!"
  3. Norg

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    Mar 25, 2008
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    There were some Booo for D rob today

    I like winston such a kind caveman
  4. DexmanC

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    Dec 24, 2006
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    Winston at least has the stones to face the fans all week long.
    He's on the radio once a week, an active Twitterer, and he's extremely
    candid on his videoblog website The guy deserves
    better teammates, and I'm not sure ALL of them are sold out for
    each other.

    This team NEEDS 11 or 12 wins to SNIFF playoffs, because the top 2 teams
    in this division are ALWAYS amongst the ELITE. If it ain't Tennessee, then
    Jacksonville is up there. 10 wins won't cut it folks, and if they don't
    wake the hell up THIS week, and TAKE a victory from Tennessee, then
    it's back to mediocre or worse. They've got the talent, but they need
    to be mentally ready to play. I saw more blown coverages today than a
    trashcan at a porno shoot.

    I'll be watching this week, and if they lay another egg, then I'll just become
    a fan of the NFL with no team in particular.
  5. GP

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    Then he needs to march into meetings tomorrow, or Tuesday or good grief it looks like we don't do a damn thing until Saturday afternoon, and he needs to throw someone through a wall (preferably DUNTA) and act like he means it.

    This tweet from him does absolutely JACK SQUAT for me.

    "I'm sorry you had to sit through that..."

    Hell, I'm sorry you and your teammates actually took the field with an NFL logo on your jerseys. I'm sure Roger Goodell is sorry, too. The only people not sorry are people wearing green and white today.

    "Stay with us!..."

    Uh, we're waiting, Eric. We really are. I know that's hard to believe, but we do try very hard to "stay with you guys," as much as it pains us to.

    Who on here said "I forgot what a kick in the nuts it is to be a fan of this team"? I think it was DiehardChris or TexanMike. But that's so true.

    Eric, if you're reading this: Get violent on somebody's ass when you get a chance. Someone needs to do something stupid and graphic and totally shocking to get this team out of the hot tub and onto the field. Matt Schaub isn't going to do it. Dunta damn sure isn't going to do it.

    Eric, you need to step up to the plate and offer more than an apology. DO something.
  6. TimeKiller

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    This giant tree, standing 10,000 ft. high but not
    Oh hell....

    He had me at "I'm sorry"
  7. Mr teX

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    Everyone Wants The Throne
    This is how i feel right here. Screw your apologies. The part of the team he plays on got absolutely dominated today. Apologize by winning the next game.
  8. Hervoyel

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    Apr 30, 2004
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    I'm not accepting any apologies. "Stay with us"? Why? So they can keep fleecing us while they continue to embarrass this city with their lousy football?

    They do all this **** with the name "Houston" in front of "Texans". They get broadcast coast to coast and this is what they do. Thanks for the image boost guys. Thanks for showing everyone what a serious football town this is.

    WHEN? When will they get it right? When will they stop habitually sucking? I don't want an apology from them. I want them to progress. I want them to wake the **** up and play football FOR AN ENTIRE SEASON.

    Screw Eric Winston. He's was just as lousy as everybody else today.

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