Ephraim Salaam is my hero

Discussion in 'Texan Tailgate' started by Twitch-Houston, May 19, 2007.

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    First let me say that every Texan player I came into contact with today at the all-access event was awesome. NOONE let me down as a person, but I must say, Ephraim Salaam's personality stood out right away. He stood out because he was very patient and attentive and just seemed to be having a great time. We got to him towards the end of his autograph session and he was still smiling away and just having a great time. He made my 2 year old son give him 5 and was just beaming. Didn't look bored at all. In fact when it was time for him to go, he started signing more autographs as people waited in line for D. Rob. I instantly wanted to buy one of his jerseys.

    Another guy that stood out personality wise was rookie Tavo Tupola. He was at the first table we went to on the stadium floor. He just seemed to be having a great time. Like I said, every player was very nice, but these guys made a big impression in the short time I talked to them and I felt it needed to be said in public to show my appreciation. Especially in the world of sports today when so many players can easily fall into that Jerry McGuire syndrome of "Show me the money".

    Thank you Texans for being a class organization. We DO notice the good guys. You don't need TO's on a team to get noticed.
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    That's great, I'm glad you had a good experience! I guess the organization's policy on aquiring high character people has paid off in the fan relations at the very least.
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    notice any playbooks lying around??
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    LOL!!! They had the lockers themselves roped off this year, unlike last year where you could sit at someone's locker. And I DO remember several playbooks laying in a couple of lockers. Hilarious.

    Sad thing is, I asked why the lockers were roped off and was told that last year people actually stole stuff from the lockers. Always idiots in the crowd, I guess.

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