Enough of Freakin Bush

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Dime, Sep 11, 2006.

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    For the last year, I hear crys of Bush.. ON the TV... "Let see how Reggie Bush did today, Ah.. see the Texans messed up again and passed on Reggie Bush". ON the RADIO .... "todays 6 hour discusion is how do you pass up on Reggie Bush?"... When I wear a Texans shirt, people come up and ask me " Are you a fan of the Texans? How could you pass on Reggie Bush?" ON this Board "Oh wo is us, we made a mistake passing on Reggie Bush". In the PAPER .... "Fire the Coachs, They passed on Reggie Bush" During Other NFL Games ... "Can you believe the Texans passed on Reggie Bush?"

    MY gawd People. I am suprised the Telemarketer I just talked to on the phone didnt ask me about Reggie.

    I have said we passed on him, the Texans have said it, everyone in the world (even overseas has said it). Can we not say it at least HERE anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We know what we did. PLEASE MOVE THE FREAK ON. IF I have to hear it 10 billion more times via the media.. I should not have to hear it here.

    Oh.. for the comedy people who are going to respond to this thread saying it to be funny.. Its not.
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    your lady's sexdreams.
    NFL forum.
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    That should make em stop...
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    It's going to be very bad once we head to Dallas to watch that game, well at least we can say that they've never beaten the Texans, they hate that and then shut up !! I do it every year when I go watch the Giants play them and they start dogging me about being a Giants fan, then I say very calmly that I am from Houston, then they try and dog me some more, then I say, well Dallas lost to the Texans thier very first game, now that has to suck....

    Conversation is mainly over from then on....

    And I agree, Bush talk is stupid, he's not a Texan !!
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    Not meant as my usual sarcasm, so hear me out on this one dude.

    Oh, I hear ya. It is very irritating to be a Texans fan and having to listen to all the BS about Bush 24/7 on the boards, in person and via email. I am sure he is as tired of hearing about us as we are hearing about him.

    But, we are going to continue to hear it. Now is the time to make the decision, do you keep perpetually pissed and lash out at those who can't think for themselves and parrot what the media continues to tell them....OR...ignore them and know we did what we needed to do. Since I have enough stress and such in my life and lived the former scenario for awhile...I have chose the latter. I am now watching the drama play out in front of me, and not including me (as best as I can). Wanna come sit by me Dime and watch the circus? I'll share my popcorn...
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    I was going to post about Reggie Bush until I saw this thread.

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