Earl Mitchell Thread-Tape Break Down

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    Sorry it took so long.
    The more I got into it, the more intriguing it became.
    I found that I need to do more leg works.
    Also, it is much harder to watch interior line play.

    At any rate, I'd like to begin with a game against USC in Earl's Junior year, his first at DT.

    USC, the line:

    LT 71 Charles Brown - 6'6, 285-303; dratfed #64 by Saints; all PAC 10;
    Morris Trophy winner (best O-lineman in PAC 10)

    LG 53 Jeff Byers - 6'3, 290-301; UDFA Seattle; played G/C for USC; 6 yrs at USC; all PAC 10

    C 61 Kristopher O'Dowd - 6'5, 300-315; started as a true freshman;
    on Remington Award watch list as early as his Soph yr when he was All PAC 10 (the season this game is in).
    on Lombardi Award watch list for this upcoming yr.

    RG 56 Alex Parsons - 6'4, 300-305; UDFA Raiders; versatile lineman who can play all 5 spots...
    and that was after he converted to the O-line in his Soph yr (he played DT before that).

    RT 76 Nick Howell - 6'5, 290-300; son of Pat Howell (former All American USC guard, played for the Falcons and Oilers);
    UDFA Titans; also can play all 5 positions; 38 reps at 225.

    So we're looking at a group of versatile and athletic linemen for the Trojans
    that Mitchell would face in his 6th game as a DT for the Arizona Wildcats.
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    1-10 (RDT) Pushed LG 53 in the pocket and gaining; C came to help.
    Pretty good.
    Sanchez might have felt the pressure a bit premature and possibly hurried his throw a tad (maybe).
    Receiver wide open. Incomplete.

    2-10 (RDT) got pushed back initially by LG (poor),
    but then managed to get off the blocker to tackle the RB
    on a cut back run for a loss of 1 (good).
    - Note: LDT and LDE had shut down the POA, forcing the RB to cut back inside.

    3-11 Double teamed - NA

    Basically, Mitchell helped bring about 3rd and long, which is always good for the defense.
    FG USC led 3-0


    Only in his 6th game as a DT and the announcer had already talked about him as a "big time" player
    when announcing the line-up.

    1-10 8yd quick pass - (RDT) Was double teamed by LG & C, but managed to change direction and
    attack outside LG 53 and gaining.
    Fair to Pretty Good

    2-2 (RDT) Pushed LG toward FB in the running lane behind the LOS a yard or two (1)
    RB had to cut back inside (too bad, the NT missed the easy tackle) and barely made the first down.
    Very good on EM's part.

    1-10 QB bootleg; faked run to the right - Showed effort in pursuit.
    NA or fair.

    2-10 (RDT) Pushed LG a couple of yard back and into running lane (2);
    controlled the edge where the FB had gone past (inside LT);
    - RB had to cut back inside for 4yds (NT missed another tackle).
    Very good on EM's part

    3-6 Pushed LG toward QB about 6 yds behind the LOS, gaining to the inside in about 1-1/2 sec
    - Good.
    Sanchez was not really pressured as he slided to the left, but threw a bad pass - INT.

    Mitchell played a good part in this series.


    1-10 (LDT) Got pushed back 5yd beyond the LOS by the double team RG & RT (3)
    - Very Bad.
    EM was pushed back a couple of yards initially.
    Instead of dugging in, he tried to disengage, lost his balance, and was pushed back further.
    No gain on the run, however, as the LDE and ROLB were both optioned on either side and clamped in.

    2-10 (RDT) Double teamed by LG & C - Displayed strong effort pushing against it
    - Pretty good.
    This allowed the ROLB to come in a blitz;
    too bad, he pulled on Sanchez shoulder but couldn't hold on.
    20 yd completion.

    1-10 QB bootleg - NA

    NIR (not in rotation) the next two plays

    3-1 (NT) Pushed C 6yds back into the pocket toward the QB.
    Sanchez scrambled to the outside and threw an Incompletion.
    Good to very good.

    4-1 Together with the other DT, shut down the middle with penetration (4);
    Good to Very Good;
    RB had to bounce outside for a first down but the RT was called for holding on the LDE.

    On consecutive plays in short yardage situation, Mitchell was instrumental in stopping this drive.


    Score tied 3-3

    1-10 (RDT) Took on a little chip by the C then strung the LG along the LOS
    (though losing a bit toward the end);
    It was good enough initially to slow down the FB in his lead block.
    This allowed the ROLB to come up and limit the RB to a 2yd gain.
    A tad better than Fair. Probably can be considered pretty good.

    2-8 3yd Quick pass - NA or Fair

    3-5 Another quick pass - NA

    1-10 (RDT) Double teamed by LT & LG - NA or Fair

    2-10 Another quick pass - NA

    3-10 Tried to bull rushed RG unsuccessfully;
    Sanchez completed the pass for first down -
    Below average.

    1-10 NIR
    2-7 NIR

    1-10 (LDT) Pushed the RG toward the running lane a yd or two (5)
    - Good;
    Wildcats had poor run support, however.

    2-1 (LDT) Penetrated inside RG; FB had to bounce outside; penalty on USC.
    - Pretty Good

    2-6 (LDT) Good job penetrating the inside again;
    RB cut all the way outside for the first down as AZ lost containment.

    1-10 (LDT) Playing the backside, EM avoided the cut block by the RT (6);
    the RB eluded his arm tackle, however, for a 4yd gain.
    Good effort by EM but Bad tackling.

    2-6 Double teamed - NA

    3-1 (NT) Got pushed back a couple of yds beyond the LOS by the combo block C & RG
    That was how much Sanchez got on the keeper.

    1-10 (RDT) Took on the double team by penetrating between C & LG, allowing the NT to stunt around
    and force Sanchez to hurry the throw high and long
    - Good

    2-10 (LDT) Got pushed back 2 yds by the double team RG & RT (7).
    But the bigger problem lies with the LDE who was optioned but lost containment. 12yd run.

    1-goal-USC 2
    QB Rolled out; incompletion - double teamed by RG & RT - NA

    (LDT) Got pushed back a couple yards by the double team RG & RT again (away from the play) (8).
    Was able to disengage to pursue and tackle the runner right at the goal line.
    It was a controversial TD, but not because of EM. Rather it was due to LBs slow to flow.
    (Replays showed that the ball never broke the plane; even the announcer said so).
    Bad start for EM turned into Very Good effort, but inconsequential.
    Call it Good overall.
    Remember, the run was off LT, a few miles away from EM.

    Mitchell was inconsistent in this TD drive.
    He wasn't the main culprit, but showed that he needs to work on techniques and strength
    against the double team in the running game.


    Wildcats missed a FG and trailed 3-10 at the half
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    2nd Half

    1-10 Run away - NA - Showed effort in pursuit.
    Fair or a little better than fair.

    2-6 Quick pass, incomplete - NA

    3-6 Double teamed - NA or fair;
    Sanchez ran into a sack from the blind side, fumble.


    Score tied now

    1-10 Rolled out - NA

    1-10 (RDT) Pushed LG toward running lane a couple of yds (9);
    RB had to cut back for no gain
    - Good

    2-10 Same thing (10);
    RB was able to cut back for 7 yds however, as Wildcats missed a couple of tackles.
    - Good play on EM's part.

    3-3 Rolled out for a quick pass - NA

    NIR (not in rotation) for 2 plays

    3-8 (LDT) Could not get much of anything going on the RG; completed pass for first down.
    - Below average to Poor.

    1-10 Can't see if he was in there or not; if he was it would be at NT and double teamed - NA

    2-10 (LDT) Double teamed by C & RG
    - Fair - TD pass.

    Mitchell played fairly well overall in this TD drive.

    He continued to show that he can push the G toward the running lane.
    USC runs mostly a ZBS.

    Mitchell achieved these - examples (1) thru (17) – due to penetration ahead of the Guard (to the outside).
    It’s difficult to describe; I can only say that the net effect is good for the defense, even if
    - he gets pushed back a little (as long he’s still ahead)
    - or when he draws the double team G & T and gets pushed back; it means either the DE or the OLB is free).

    Sometimes he can even get to the FB or slow him down, giving the LBs better opportunities; as the POA gets clogged up, the OLB can flow quickly to the outside when the RB bounces, the MLB can flow quickly up the middle when the RB cuts back.

    On the back side, Mitchell quickness makes it difficult for the OT to reach block.
    A clean cut block is also difficult to achieve.
    Mitchell, therefore, can pursue the play from the back side,
    Closing the cut back lane.

    His penetration to the inside is also effective against both the running game (requiring the C to stay longer to help in the combo block) and passing game (likewise requiring the C to help).

    In the passing game, his penetration generated 2 hurries and 4 pressures for the game.

    He was double-teamed some 25 times and defeated it straight up a couple of times. A few other times, he sprang the DT on the stunt or freeing the blitzing LB.

    Other times, the QB had to sidestep, which supposedly means good news for the DEs.

    Overall, he did a good job against the double team.


    Trojans got the ball back on their 4, leading 17-10

    1-10 (RDT) Pushed LG back deep in the pocket - a couple of yards into the end zone,
    even with C coming to help.
    Sanchez had to scramble outside but managed to complete the pass for 9 yds.
    Very Good play by EM though.

    2-1 (LDT) Started to gain on RG at LOS on the back side,
    but got cut down by the OT 68 (extra OT in the power formation, lining up outside the RT)
    as he tried to disengage (11).
    At least a Fair job since the pile is right at the LOS; ie. no cut back lane.
    RB cut back this way with a nice move for close to 3.
    LOLB overpursued and lost the chance to stop the run cold.
    (better play by the LB would make EM look better since he took on two O-linemen
    to give the LB the opportunity to make play.)

    NIR for 2 plays

    3-2 (LDT) Worked hard to push the double team RG & C in the pocket,
    then get past them with a nice spin move to the inside (2-1/2 secs),
    Together with the LDE; got in Sanchez' face,
    forcing a dump pass out to the flat behind the LOS way short of the first down.
    Very good.

    Mitchell played well in this drive.
    Showed that he can be strong against the double team at times.
    Instrumental in stopping the third down conversion.


    Bad pass by Wildcats, easy INT for USC

    1-10 Rolled out - NA; EM did fairly well against the double team.
    Pretty good.

    2-10 Penalty on USC

    2-15 Quick pass away from EM - NA

    3-6 (RDT) Started with a baby club move left handed on the inside shoulder of the LG
    just enough to get penetration; LG recovered by holding onto EM's face mask
    but got pushed 6 yds into the backfield toward Sanchez (no call).
    Very good job by EM.
    Sanchez managed to squeeze to the outside (RDE lost the edge) and scrambled for the first down.

    1-10 Got pushed back a little by the LG (12);
    Below average.
    Two LBs were able to get up and stop the RB for a 1 yd gain, however.

    NIR on the next 2 plays - USC punt


    Wildcats also punted

    1-10 (RDT) Got ahead of the LG 53 and pushed him toward the running lane on a mid-zone run (13);
    RB tried to bounce outside but EM disengaged to pursue and joined in the tackle for a 1yd loss.
    Very good.
    (Don't forget that McKnight is a speedy guy!)

    2-11 (RDT) Couldn't get much going on the LG then got double teamed as the LT came.
    A tad below average to average.

    1-10 Double teamed - NA

    2-1 (LDT) Gained a bit on the RG but inconsequential on the pass rush
    - Perhaps a tad better than fair.

    3-1 Got pushed back a little by the RG, then RT came in to help push EM further
    (for close to 4 yds total beyond the LOS) (14)
    The NT also got pushed back by the double team C & LG
    - Easy conversion for Sanchez on the keeper
    - Bad to almost very bad.

    1-10 Reverse - NA
    - Fair effort in pursuit.

    2-5 (RDT) On the backside, EM did a good job pushing the LG making sure there's no cutback lane (15).

    3-1 Got penetration from the NT position, but couldn't quite get to the RB's feet.
    USC got called for a penalty.
    Good effort by EM.

    3-6 Double teamed - NA - Fair


    Same score

    1-10 (RDT) Pushed LG into the running lane (16).
    Very good.
    No room to run as the Wildcats swarmed in for a 6yd loss.

    2-16 Double teamed quick pass - NA

    3-3 Double teamed - NA



    1-10 Rolled out - NA

    2-10 Combo blocked as C helped LG cleared EM (RDT) away for a 6 yd run.
    Poor to Bad

    3-4 Gaining a tiny bit on the LG but inconsequential
    - Fair

    1-10 Got held off just long enough by the LG at the POA on a run.
    Below average to poor.

    1-10 Rolled out - NA

    2-10 Double teamed and dug in fairly well;
    probably average.

    3-1 Gained a bit at the POA in short yardage situation (17),
    but RB bounced outside for 6
    Fair to pretty good.

    1-10 Penetrated inside LG to cut off the running lane;
    helped chase RB to the other side and joined in the tackle (almost pulled out the ball).
    Good to very good.

    2-5 From the nose, penetrated the left side of the C and tackled the lead blocker (FB),
    shutting off the running lane; 2 yd gain for the RB.
    Pretty good to good.

    3-3 Away from the play, got pushed back by the combo block but inconsequential
    - a tad below average.

    End game.
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    BTW, I think 25 double teams in one game against a 3-Tech is an incredible number, especially considering KC Joyner's take on Okoye.

    I am not sure how they gather the data, but it seems quite odd to me.
    I've looked at the first game we played against the Jets, and both Okoye and Cody had achieved their quotas (for the whole year) in beating the double-team shortly in the rotation.
    When I have some time I would love to come back to that game.

    On a side note, the LB we drafted from Miami looks pretty strong against linemen.
    Not sure if I have time to get to him though.
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    This giant tree, standing 10,000 ft. high but not
    If I'm missing it, I apologize but you could really use a grading system with these mega posts...
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    I would like to rescind my initial judgments on Mitchell. I have been re-watching film, and while I still dont think the Texans reached for him, I think that he could really contribute on passing situations.

    Bah, hate admitting when I am wrong.
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    It's really hard.
    Like the previous year, I tried a number grading system with the Texans and had to readjust so many times.

    The best thing to do is probably to grade the O-linemen and what the plays were supposed to be, and then grade the D-lineman seperately (but accordingly - if that makes sense).

    But it really takes a lot of time and efforts, due to a good amount of guessworks involved.

    I really wish I can do a better job.
    But there's really no substitute to watching interior line play.
    One just have got to watch the game and slow it down a lot, lots and lots.
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    Two things:

    1. There were reasons why I graded him a fourth-rounder instead of where he was drafted, so I think I can understand.

    2. Even as I bought into the penetrating DT concept during TC last year, I too, wanted a big-eating space-eater since Okam did not seem to be able to maintain his play at a heavier weight.
    (Actually, when we drafted Okam, I said I think he can play better at a lighter weight than he was in college rather than heavier.)

    Obviously, there's always concerns in short yardage situation with any 3-Tech. But then again, if we play gap-8, that concern is not any bigger than any other position along the line.
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    I did not even want someone 330+ pounds. I just wanted a strong guy to occupy players. You dont have to be massive to plug the gaps.

    I dont think we will see Mitchell in the starting lineup in the foreseeable future. He is raw. However, I think that we will see him in packages much sooner than my initial impression was. He could be very helpful in passing situations.

    By the way, thanks for doing these reviews. They are awesome.
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    rep for all your time breaking down tape.

    I was interested in his first week of OTA's seeing how he measured up with the big boys. might just be wishfull thinking on my part but he looked thicker/stout'er than Amobi Okoye which leds me to believe they could play next to each other with Mario & Antonio on ends. two quick inside DT's are just what Kollar likes which means that likely EARL was his guy they tageted in the draft.

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    Were you able to view OTAs?

    I have to disagree with your assessment. While Mitchell's straight line speed is phenomenal, DTs also need to be strong and laterally quick. His strength is average, but I bet he can up that with NFL training. His lateral agility though, really worries me.
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    you know my bias, wish I could have shared before the draft but it all worked out for the best, cause Earl Mitchell is now :texan:
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    I wouldn't say his strength is average. He's no Hercules, but he's stronger than I thought initially.
    He just looks "funny" on tape sometimes in non-HD.
    A guy who is 6'2, 295-296 lbs can look "chubby" on tape.

    The next game that I will do is against BYU.
    Some of the "concerns" remain, but it will definitely prove that he's no weakling.

    You really have to question many of these "so-called" "scouting reports" that float around.
    Like "he can get pushed around easily in the PAC 10".
    "He has durability question", "get tired during games"...
    Some of them are really nonsensical.

    And I believe his lateral movement is actually pretty decent for a guy that size. He's better against the run game than you think. It's just that he doesn't have that wow factor like Suh does.
    (And that is why he's a third-rounder and not the first DT taken.)
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    Remember what I said about Cody when the Texans got him last year?
    "The guy can penetrate some".

    Remember what I said about Antonio Smith when the Texans got him (after much criticism which I believe was justified regarding a high-price free agent).
    "The guy is a penetrating lineman and will be used as such".

    So yes, I agree that EARL was their guy!
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    Like I thought last year about Cody "pushing Okoye and TJ" for playing time, I would say that Mitchell will see time in the rotation just the same.

    But yes, he probably won't be a starter in the near future baring injury.
    But he has as much potential to be a starter as Cody when the Texans picked him up (Cody) and that is saying a lot for a third-rounder who is still raw. Mitchell might not start ever if Okoye and Cody continue to improve while Mitchell does not show marked progress.
    It doesn't matter to me who's the starter, but I imagine it would be better for the team and the general populace of fans to see a first-round drat pick remain starter.
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    This board is full of controversy and I'm trying very hard to stay away from it, lol.

    At any rate, I might as well put up the BYU game.
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    C 65 Dallas Reynolds - 6'4, 309-320 - UDFA Eagles - activated to active roster in late Dec; All MWC two yrs running.

    RG Travis Bright 74 - 6'4-6'5, 321 - UDFA Cowboys (2009) - on PS - signed future contract in early 2010; 34 reps bench press; 540-lb bench press.

    LG Ray Feinga 76 - 6'4-6'5, 335-348 - bounced around 3 teams in 09 - signed a future contract with Miami in early 2010; 2-time All MWC; turned down USC, ND and Oregon to play for BYU.

    LT Matt Reynolds 70 - 6'6 329 - 2010 Lombardi watch list; All MWC; started every game since his Fr yr.
    2 yrs older than normal players due to a 2-yr stint with the mission; also spurned some big programs to play at BYU.
    Kiper has him rated the third best OT for next year’s draft.
    Castonzo of BC and Carimi of Wisonsin will most likely be first-rounders;
    That ought to say something.

    RT David Oswald 68 - 6'8 - 330 - UDFA Rams 2009; another older player similar to Matt

    So this is the other spectrum of O-line from the Trojans.
    BYU offensive line allowed an average 1.54 sacks per game the last 2 years.

    A ZBS team and now a power team.
    I think it's a fairly good contrast to grasp.
    Especially when you put 5 pretty good linemen together in each scheme.

    This is The Las Vegas Bowl Game in Mitchell’s Junior season.
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    1-10 Play action fake. Quick pass. Fair against RG with TE and RB brushing on either side.

    2-5 ZBS run left tackle.
    Got ahead of the LG but then got stuck as the NT was held off
    by the combo block (C & LG).
    Managed to push the pile toward the runner who did a good job jumping over it for 4.
    Pretty Good to Good

    3-1 Penetrated inside LG but QB threw a quick pass for 6.

    1-10 Quick bubble screen away - NA

    2-10 Stunted to outside of LT as QB threw a quick incompletion.
    Slightly Below average.

    3-10 Bull rushed the LG. Did his part of pushing the pocket.
    Pretty good.
    QB scrambled to the other side and threw for a first down.

    1-10 Tried a spin move on the RG but met the C. Nothing doing.
    Noticed the quick dump pass to the FB and came back to help (wasn't needed).
    Below average (the spin move) to fairly good (the effort to pursue quickly).

    2-5 Got decent leverage on the LG and push him toward the running lane some.
    Pretty Good to Good.
    RB bounced all the way to the outside for 8 as the Wildcats lost containment.

    1-10 Penetrated the double team C & RG to chase QB out of the pocket.
    Put a hit on the QB as he hurried the throw for an incompletion.
    (Threw the ball away.)

    2-10 Started by pushing the LG inside toward the C, but disengaged quickly and forced the RB to bounce outside LT.
    Joined with RDE to assist in making the stop, limiting the RB to less than 2.
    Very good.

    3-8 Double teamed by C & RG
    - Fair.


    1-10 Set the edge outside RG at the POA, forcing the RB to cut back inside
    where the LB shot up to make the tackle for no gain.

    2-10 Avoided the cut block by the LG to pursue the RB on a 6yd stretch run.
    Solid tackle.
    Good to very good.

    3-6 Double teamed by C & RG and still managed to disengage
    to assist in stopping the scrambling QB short of the first down.
    Pretty Good.


    1-10 Nice quick spin move to get by the RG to the outside
    (good to very good),
    but QB threw a quick pass enough for first down.

    1-10 Run play away – NA
    - Fair - Wildcats called for offside.

    1-5 Working on the LG to the outside and gaining a little.
    Good job chasing QB as he scrambled up the pocket (stopped by safety for 3)
    Pretty Good.

    2-2 Stretch run away. Good job avoiding the cut block to pursue but not involved in the play.

    1-10 Stretch run away - NA

    2-7 So-so job bull rushing the LG. About average.
    (QB fumbled the ball, not due to EM).

    Wildcats leading 10-0 after a FG.

    1-10 Decent bull rush on LG, gaining a little.
    Above average or Fair.

    2-10 Double teamed - NA

    1-10 Outside zone run away
    - Slightly below average pursuit.

    2-6 Can't tell where he lined up in the pass rush.
    NT was fair (getting a little push); LDT below average.
    36yd pass play in the middle.

    1 and goal at the 3-1/2
    Got pushed all the way into the end zone by the double team LG & LT.
    Very Bad.
    But remember these two guys are monsters and one of them might have committed holding.
    Run play away for 2-1/2

    2-goal just outside the 1
    Got cut block clean by the LT, impeding the OLB (a little) from pursuing the outside zone run. TD.
    Again, just want to reiterate that this guy might be a first rounder next year as an under-classman.

    10-7 now

    1-10 Got off the block from the C and came around to assist in the run stop (2 yds).

    2-8 Good push on the LG on the pass play.
    Jumped up with hand stretched out forcing the QB to pull up and scramble up the middle (1yd.)
    Good effort to turn around quickly and pursued. LB called for personal foul, however.

    1-10 Very minimal gain on the LG in pass rush.
    About average.

    2-2 Got off the RG to chip the FB releasing thru the middle.
    Fair or NA
    Not a bad idea to play the run there. But it was a pass play.

    1-10 Lured the LG deep then took on the LT, enabling the RDE to stunt inside
    to hurry the QB on the low throw. (Designed play).
    Good job by EM.
    Receiver made a nice catch for 9, however.

    2-1 Double teamed by LG & C - NA - incomplete.

    3-16 After three penalties on BYU,
    Stunt to the outside; draw play up the middle - NA

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    1-10 Got pushed back 3 yds by RG but managed to finally get off
    and joined to assist in stopping the RB for 5.
    About average.

    2-5 Strung along the LOS by RT but managed not to lose much ground at the POA.
    A tad below average to average.
    2yd run

    3-3 Double-teamed by C & LG - NA

    1 and goal at the 7
    6yd QB scrambled (designed play) from the wide spread and empty backfield.
    (LDT) Attacked to the inside of the RG, QB went up to the outside of RG.
    Middle was wide open with no defender. Good offensive call, terrible defensive call.
    Good job by EM (if he was asked just to penetrate and rush the QB,
    and it's somebody else problem to plug the run).
    Very bad (if he was supposed to guard against the QB draw as well as rushing the QB).
    Same thing goes for the LDE.
    Other players were too far off to flow effectively to the play.

    2 and goal at the 1
    LG got a little push on EM just past the LOS.
    Below average.

    3 and goal at the 1/2
    Play action fake; quick pass TD in the corner. NA

    BYU leading 14-10

    1-10 Run Play away - NA

    2-6 Got off the RG quickly as he read the swing pass to the flat.
    WR Collie fumbled the ball as he ran into his own blocker.
    EM almost recovered the fumble but for his teammate interference.
    No-catch was called, however.

    3-6 Double teamed - NA

    Wildcats leading 17-14

    1-10 Gained a little bit on the LG, was held as he tried to disengage but no call. Good.
    2yd QB scramble.

    2-8 Quick pass incomplete - NA

    3-8 Quick pass first down - NA

    1-10 Got pushed back by the RG but managed to get off and tackled the runner after a 6yd gain.
    Average to Fair (???).

    2-4 Quick pass away - NA

    1-10 Double teamed - NA

    2-4 Indecisive on whether to go after the pass rush or drop back to follow the releasing RB.
    Fortunately, the pass was incomplete. Poor.

    3-4 Tried to penetrate inside the RG unsuccessfully, then met the C.
    Below average on this pass play.

    1-10 Nothing doing on the RG
    – Below average to Poor.

    2-4 PI Penalty on BYU

    2-19 Quick pass - NA

    3-12 Half-hearted stunt to the outside.
    Below average to poor.

    AZ 24-14

    1-10 Got off the RG to make the tackle to limit the runner to 4yds
    Good job by EM;
    poor to bad jobs by the LBs.

    2-6 Shut down the POA; then disengage to chase the RB forcing him to run laterally for just a one-yd gain.
    Good to very good.

    3-5 Stunted to the outside to draw the double team,
    allowing the blitzing LB to come in and forced the QB to fumble the ball.
    Pretty good execution.

    Same score

    1-10 Quick pass. Gained a tiny bit on the RG in the bull rush.
    Average to slightly above.

    2-1 Run away.
    Good effort by EM to get off the block and joined in the tackle.
    Still a first down as the DE lost containment on the cut back run.

    1-10 Set the edge on an inside run.
    Pretty Good to good.

    2-5 Quick pass - NA

    3-5 Nothing doing on the RG in the pass rush.
    Below average to Poor.

    1-10 Draw play away - NA

    1-10 NIR on the INT

    AZ 31-14

    1-10 Get up his hand in the passing lane
    - Fair - Pass incomplete.

    2-10 Quick pass - NA

    3-2 QB scrambled away
    - Fair effort

    1-10 Pushed the pocket on the LG
    - Above average

    2-8 Put a hand on the RG to lure him outside then stunted to the outside to take on the RT
    (LDE dropped back in the zone blitz), this allowed the blitzing LB to come up the middle
    and almost get to the QB who barely got the ball off.
    Good execution on the stunt.

    1-10 Gaining a bit on the RG to the inside on the penetration. Quick pass.
    Fair to pretty good effort.

    2-10 Stunted around the RT, gaining. Quick pass.

    1-10 Nothing doing against the RG
    - Below average to Poor.

    2-10 Quick pass - NA

    AZ 31-21
    California scored then recovered the onside kick.

    1-10 Bootleg away - NA

    1-10 QB roll out away - NA

    2-10 Quick pass - Fair

    NIR for 2 plays

    3-9 Took on the double team LG & LT, allowing blitzing LB to come in and forced QB
    to hurry up the throw (incomplete) as he got hit.
    Good execution.

    QB Max Hall suffered:
    10 Hits - 5 Hurries - 2 sacks

    Mitchell only had one QB hit, but he was involved in 6 or 7 other plays that led to those results, mostly by luring the double team.

    He was generally good against the run game, except for a few plays.
    Pretty impressive for a guy playing his first year at DT.
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    On the plays where you graded him as poorly, was the effort still there? Was he taking plays off or was it he just needs coaching up?

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