Dwayne Wright

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by beerlover, Nov 25, 2006.

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    I figured after the game Dwayne had last night he deserved his own thread :yahoo:

    just noticed he is listed as the #5 RB prospect according to http://www.nfldraftcountdown.com/rankings/rb.html they have him listed running the forty in 4.65 sec. but I'll be a six-pack he is faster than that, more like Laurence Maroney, size @ 6-1 220 compared to 6-0 216, speed 4.45. He has very good natural athleticism and it combines with his very good size and playing strength to be a strong and punishing runner who can knock tacklers off their feet and can drag them for extra yards. He has the athleticism to make very sharp cuts and bursts through backside hole quickly. He is not an elusive runner, but can make sharp cuts to avoid tacklers. He has good hands catching the ball and once he gets in the open field he is a dangerous runner because of his combination of size, strength and athleticism. someone is going to get a very productive, runs hard on every play, everydown back in the 2nd rd.

    there the word is offically out :yikes:
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    He just declared for the draft. He is recovering from a serious knee injury. So, pending the outcome of his medical examinations, he could be a 1st day pick.


    Two games into the '04 season he suffered a major knee injury, tearing his left patellar tendon. Wright then sat on the sidelines the next two seasons rehabbing the injury.

    At 6 feet and 215 pounds, Wright has excellent size which he combines with top running skills. Offering first-day potential, medical exams on his surgically repaired knee will dictate whether or not he is ultimately selected during the first day of next April's draft.
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    I like this guy. Knee injury might hold him down draft day. Make a nice pick in the fourth. Another off the radar guy...a Jamall Lord guy is Kevin Huff QB of Tuskeegee. He's a terrible quarterback. He's a great athlete though. Saw him drag four Alabama St. guys four yards on a spread option play. Don't know wether it was stuborness or stupidity, but the guy is prospect. The guy is fast and has a great football players body. But again, there is a reason they give these guys a wonder lick. Doubt he's even invited to the combine. Hope he gets a Sr. bowl invite and someone figures out a position for him.
    McGill of N. Carolina is a prospect also. Be nice to see what he could do behind a different o-line. But you're right I would be excited if we landed Wright.

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