Dunta, Demeco and OD -- Just Win

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by ToxicButt, Sep 5, 2009.

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    I don't post much here, but have been following the situation with these three. My personal feelings are Dunta has overvalued himself, we should pay Demeco because he is a difference maker, and OD is very good but GM's should not allocate that much money to TE's, so play hard ball with him as RFA.

    All that aside, and I mean all that aside, I just want those guys to perform and the Texans to win. None of them have handled themselves so badly that they have poisoned me completely against them. No, this isn't like how Tmac held the Rockets hostage while he decided whether he wanted to play or play every other day. Say what you want about Dunta, it never got that bad. I would feel differently if he was not coming back on Sunday, and missed regular season play. But he won't, and that is within the realm of reason for a guy in his situation.

    The Texans are poised to make the playoffs, and things need to break right for that to happen, including serious contributions from all of them, especially number 23. The town is ready for a pro sports team to grab hold of it, and the Texans can do that with a 4-0 or 3-1 start.

    So you fans that are thinking about booing Dunta or rooting for him to fail - i say keep the big picture in mind and forget about it. Do you realize what a playoff berth would mean to this team and city? Seriously, think about it. And then go to Game 1 and cheer for each and everyone of them.

    let the chips fall where they may. I predict 10 and 6.

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