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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by cadahnic, Nov 30, 2005.

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    Miami senior Eric Winston has been awarded the 2005 Jacobs Blocking Trophy, Atlantic Coast Conference Commissioner John Swofford announced today.

    Well looks like D'Brick could not quite get the job done this year. Damn shame, but everyone not on the Bush bandwagon is on this guys. Winston will also win the best OL this year. Winston is the guy for us and he can get snatched up by us later in the first round. 6-10 pick.

    Edit Note:
    Olsen can also decide to come out this year. I thought he had been out long enough but it has been confirmed that he is a viable option to leave. He went to Notre Dame as a freshman in 2002 and redshirted 2003 he is a sophmore, but is older. If he comes out we snatch him in the second or high third.

    Nice UM outlook. Winston, Olsen, McIntosh. That is one hell of a start to rebuilding this team. If you add a S, CB, and pass rusher we are doing pretty well.
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    I completely agree with that 1 guys is not gonna save this team..

    we can get 2 extra picks this year.. A Dominant Pass Rushing End.. a possible shutdown corner and a ball hawk safety.. and still get a good Tackle in the 1st of 2nd round of this draft..

    and if we dont pick up a good tackle then Tra Thomas is a FA from what i heard..

    everybody seems to like D'Brickshaw but me personally i'm afraid of somebody pushing him around.. I seen Freeney (268lbs) push around a 310lb Lineman all the way into the QBs hip pocket.. and D'Brickshaw at just 295 it kinda scares me to be honest with you..

    I'm not say that the Lineman we pick should be 400 lbs but.. he should be able to withstand a bull rush from a 260 DE..
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    Winston is bigger, i belive he is at around 315

    McNeil is the biggest of those boys, but should slide to the second because of his size and dissadvantages that come with it.
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    winston couldnt stand the bull rush of ernie simms.......
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    The good thing is that there are like 5 good OT so you can trade your pick to #3 or 4, get an OT there and then if Casserly is still around we can waste those extra picks lol!

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