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    Okay, looking forward to the draft I figured we could start looking at other teams and what they might do and how it would affect us.

    1st- Raiders- They need a QB among other things. However they are really hard to pin down because of their owner. However if they knew what they were doing they would take Quinn. With Moss and Porter being unhappy however they could also take a good look at C. Johnson. Their RB is dinged up as well, but they got serviceable player's only way I see them taking AP is if Davis falls in love with the guy, which could be possible. I'll stick with Quinn to the Raiders.

    2nd- Lions- Another team that needs a QB. Kitna is not the answer and they don't really have anyone to take over for him. I think they would take T. Smith a guy that's comparable to Young and could really help them get to the next level. His mobility would bring an added dimension that would help the Lions get to the next level. After all the high picks they wasted I couldn't see them taking C. Johnson, but you never know. I'm going with Troy Smith. There's always the possibility they try to strengthen their lines however and take J. Thomas, but I'm sticking with Smith to the Lions.

    3rd- Bucs- They have Cadillac and Joey Galloway, plus an bad aging defense. This combination of things could lead them to go defense with the first pick. They could take Gaines Adams to groom behind Rice or go with Alan Branch or a secondary player like Hall or Cason. They could also just go BPA and take C. Johnson, but Gruden being a defensive minded coach and seeing thats a need area on the team may push hard for them to get a defensive player. I think they'll take Adams and solidify their defense and inject some youth into it.

    4th- Browns- Crennel is another defensive minded coach and he may be drooling over the thought of taking a player like Branch for his offense, but at this point he's got the options of taking C. Johnson, A. Peterson, and J. Thomas. While all those guys may be tempting and Droughs isn't blowing people away they do have the second worst defense in the league and this may be the area they focus on. I see them taking Alan Branch.

    5th- Arizona- Joe Thomas, plain and simple, Leonard Davis may not stay with them and this guy would anchor their line for yrs. to come. This is really the best fit for them right now. Joe Thomas.

    6th- I really think they'll go defense going best available CB- my reasoning behind this is they already have 2 solid RB's in Bett's and Portis and at WR they got Moss and Randle El and Lloyd. While the picture could change during the offseason this is how I see it falling for now.

    7th- Texans- AP or CJ are you kidding me. I would hate to make this decision. However I would go with AP. We got solid receiving already and AP would be an upgrade over Dayne also with his speed he would be our breakaway threat.

    Hmm, Miami, Minnesotta and San Fran. all have 6 wins as well so if we won next week and all these teams lost the picture would change again, but as it currently stands we got a great shot at AP. Even if we did get thrown in the mix with these guys they got. Frank Gore, Chester Taylor and Ronnie Brown. Realistically the only teams that would consider taking A. Peterson are the Raiders, Lions, and Browns. However with all their other needs I just don't know. However all this is just speculation once next week comes and goes we'll have a better idea of what's going on.
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    Have to disagree with Lions' pick of Troy Smith.....Smith is not rated that high...more like mid 10s to early 20s. He's going to be good for someone.Unless Quinn is there, Lions should trade down...maybe with 49ers,they could use CJ.

    Rest of your picks are well thought out..............Mmmm....AP or LL at our pick...tough choice.

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