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    The texans have a bunch of holes, and the best way to fix this team is to draft the best available player regardless of how you feel about the person.
    Positions the texans will look at @ 8
    Rb- Adrian peterson, marshawn lynch
    QB- Brian brohm, brady quinn(if teams feel he is overrated.)
    DT- Alan Branch
    DE- Gaines Adam, Jamaal Anderson
    S- I don't think that either LaRon laundry or reggie nelson are worthy of the 8th pick.
    CB- This is the same as the safties, your just not getting the right value picking one at 8.
    With that being said the players that I think the texans will either pick-Adrian Peterson, Gains adams, jamall Anderson, Alan Branch, Brian Brohm.
    Whic means that if the browns pick adrian peterson- the texans will being going D-Line for the second straight year. The good news is that Alan Branch, Gains Adams and Jamall Anderson are all stud prospects.
    Top 8 Players
    1. Jamarcus Russel- Will be gone within the top 3 picks
    2.Calvin johnson- Top 3 talent will go in the Top 4 picks
    3. Adrian Peterson- if cleveland passes on him, he falls to 8
    4. Joe Thomas- with every team in the top needing line man help no way he falls.
    5. Jamall Anderson- Rising up the boards like mario williams
    6. Gains Adam- quick, explosive pass rusher
    7. Brady Quinn- Top quarterback that will more than likely go top 3
    8. Alan Branch- A freak of nature like mario williams
    With Gary himself saying that we either need pass rushers or Playmakers
    the first round takes care of the pass rushers!

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