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    Here's my take on the 2007 draft. We need to fill a bunch of holes in the secondary, defensive line, offensive line, and wide receiver. Quarterback as well, but I really dont think taking a QB other than Quinn helps us next year or the year after. Kolb will sit his first year and probably be terrible his 2nd year and we'd be better off rebuilding the whole team with him IMO while we go through his ups and downs. Not saying that Quinn will have any downs, but the learning curve for Kolb will take much longer than it will for Quinn.

    Now, we have to take advantage of the strengths of the draft and try to avoid adressing the weaknesses of our team later at the weaker positions of the draft. That being said, the biggest strength of the draft is obviously WR. We can find one later in the draft, but since it is a big need, I dont want to wait til late 2nd day to take one. Take one in the 3rd or 4th.

    Pass rush is a huge need, and there is a lack of ends and tackles in this class (lots of DE/OLB tweeners) Have to address it quite early, in the 1st day.

    Our secondary is a hole. Outside of Dunta, there is nobody worth mentioning. Safety and CB are big needs. I say take Landry and that could allow us to wait til rounds 3-5 to look for a CB.

    QB is the wildcard spot. Us taking a QB in the 1st 2 rounds could shake up alot of things. Quinn and Stanton are the only ones worth taking 1st day.

    Offensive Line is also a need, whether its OG, OT, or C. With Spencer coming back and signing Black, I think we should take an OL when we can, but not to go out of our way just to take one.

    1-Landry FS
    2-Abiamiri DE
    3-Irons CB
    4-Walker WR
    5-Henderson/Hall/Barbre/Frye OT
    6-Ryan DT

    This draft fills most of our holes on the defensive side except for LB. Secondary is solidified and add a good pass rusher in Abiamiri and depth at DT. Depth at OT with some raw guys, all who have potential LT ability and we get a very solid #2 WR. No QB, but here's my take on the QB situation: Let Carr and Sage battle it out. If Carr isnt the starter by the end of the year, cut/trade him after the season and take a QB in round 1 next year with a very deep class of QBs (Brohm, Booty, Brennan). I dont think we should take a QB just to take one because of Carr's impending departure. We did well with Carr and a mediocre defense, what makes you think we'd do any worse with Sage and a beefed up defense next year?

    1-Landry FS
    2-Stanton QB
    3-Alford DT
    4-Walker WR
    5-Henderson/Hall/Barbre/Frye OT
    6-Ford DE

    In this draft, we still take Landry 1st to anchor our secondary and hope he can cover up for Faggins' mistakes. Taking a QB early really messes things up and we miss out on both DE and CB this draft. Jay Alford is pretty much a one dimensinal pass rushing DT, but we really need to add a pass rusher next to Mario. Jacob Ford is a DE/OLB tweener at 6'5 250lbs. If he can bulk up, maybe he could be something.
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