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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by Texan in Japan, Feb 2, 2006.

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    My fantasy draft for us would be a scenario where top three players hype goes crazy and the market for Linehart & Bush is sky high. If NO, TEN, NYJ or someone else would fall in love with Linehart, it would be nice to...

    HOU trades 1st Pick 2006 NFL Draft (1) for NO 1st (2) and 2nd (34) in 2006, plus NO 4th in 2007. NO drafts Matt Linehart-QB USC; perfect trade, esp if Saints move to LA in 2007.

    HOU then trades NO 1st (2) to the NYJ (GB, SF & OAK make offers) for 1st (4) and 2 (36) in 2006 and NYJ #2 in 2007. Jets want Bush to bring energy and excitement to their stale offense.

    1 - NO: Matt Linehart-QB
    2 - NYJ: Reggie Bush - RB
    3 - TEN: Vince Young - QB
    4 - HOU: D'Brickshaw Fergurson - LT

    We would have three #2 this year + 2 extra picks in '07. Remember the hype would have to be unreal and getting multiple teams to bid against each other would have to happen.

    If TEN took D'Brick, I'd be happy with AJ Hawk, Mario Williams or Vince Young.
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    I dont see that happening, but what I do think can happen is for the Titans to want Matt Leinart and not VY. IF that happens then, we trade down to #3 and maybe force NO to take VY, then trade downa again to #4 and let NY take Bush.

    I think thak may be more likely.
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    Well, you did say fantasy.
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    check out

    Included top tier proven defensive playmakers that fit the 4-3 who are in contract talks (restricted free agents) that will be expensive for their respective teams to retain rather than valueable draft picks (struggling teams can't afford to part with). Players these teams could sign & deal to the Texans in exchange to make sure they draft the player they want (VY, Bush) & are free'ed up financially to sign the 40-50 million dollar contract's.

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