Donnie Edwards still on trading block

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    Edwards has been on the trading block since spring, apparently because he asked general manager A.J. Smith one time too many to extend his contract, which expires after this season.

    Then Edwards missed most of training camp with back inflammation that had some people wondering if he was trying to get back at Smith.

    "Oh yeah, people were like questioning my injury, questioning my integrity," Edwards said after returning to practice this week. "I've missed one game in my career. I've made 121 consecutive starts. Last year I played 10 games with a torn meniscus. I wasn't telling anybody I was getting it shot up and drained every week just so I could play.

    "Then I hurt my back on the fifth day of practice and because of my situation people were talking. That's not me. They've got the wrong guy."

    That's about as riled up as Edwards is going to get. Asked about his tenuous situation, Edwards just rolled his eyes.

    "That's business," said the inside linebacker, who had 154 tackles in 2005 to lead the Chargers for the fourth straight season. "The only thing I can say about it is I'm going to go out there and do my thing, go out there and play football like I've been playing for 11 years now. I'm going to try to worry about things I can control, and that's what I do on the field."

    Earlier this summer, before Edwards hurt his back, Smith unloaded on Edwards to a columnist for the San Diego Union-Tribune.

    Smith bristles when asked about Edwards. "I stopped talking about Donnie Edwards on July 31," the GM said.

    The New Orleans Saints reportedly offered a fourth-round pick recently for Edwards. Smith apparently was seeking a second-round pick, which is why Edwards is still with the Chargers.

    That could change by the Oct. 17 trading deadline. In 2004, Smith got wide receiver Keenan McCardell from Tampa Bay just hours before the deadline.

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