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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by JCPMD, Sep 19, 2007.

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    After rewatching the game from last sunday I noticed we really dominated every facet of the game:

    Our First drive: moving the ball well from our own 10 until we stalled on a "6 men on the line" penalty after a nice downfield completion. Punt.

    Their 1st drive: The panthers moved the ball effectively, but we should have had a pick when Delhomme's pass was thrown right behind Hutchins on a lucky third down completion. The TD pass was another poor throw right at Faggins (who seems to never play the ball, only the receiver---see Dunta's later interception).

    Next drive: completion to OD with unfortunate fumble (he made up for it with a stellar game). They cashed in fast with an out route to Steve for a TD. 14-0.

    We scored 3 TD's on our next 4 drives, all starting in our own territory. In the other drive (in which we started with good field position) we had 2nd and goal at the 2 before a terrible intentional grounding penalty made us settle for 3 points.

    We completely shut them down on defense over this span. Our ST got a crushing TD. Turk showed some nice touch on his punts. Jacoby returned a nice one later in the game (he'll get his soon enough).

    We controlled our lead late until we allowed the smith TD (sloppy).

    Overall Offense: 4 precision drives in a row which all should have resulted in TD's. That is not the Texans I've been watching for the past 5 years. No sacks allowed. Effective running game. TOP: 35min.

    Overall Defense: Lucky 1st TD drive, 2nd TD off a TO, 3rd TD was completely preventable. 3 sacks. Shut down the run.

    Overall ST: TD, no big plays given up.

    This would be a good win against the Raiders; but utterly dominating the Panthers has to give us confidence that we will challenge the rest of the season. We are mistake prone; but young and hungry. AJ or no AJ, we can win this game Sunday.

    Side note: anyone notice our complex blocking schemes opening up big holes in the defense? (see the 3rd down run on our first drive and the later TD run by Green). It is amazing, props to our trench guys.
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    Huh? Overall, a nice review.

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