DL prospects for rounds 2-4

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by htownfoozball, Dec 30, 2006.

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    Dec 18, 2006
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    if glenn dorsey comes out and is there in round 2, i think he would be nice. take landry and dorsey from LSU...maybe boost the fan base a bit. if we do take a DT, i would really want more than just a run stopper so he could free up mario and allow demeco and the other LB's to make plays. brandon mebane might be there in round 4. justin harrell should be there in round 3 due to his blown bicep. kareem brown is a real interesting guy. big at 6'5 315lbs and can rush the passer. just lacks a bit of experience as he wasnt a fulltime starter til his senior year and some say he may lack motivation. for a 3rd rounder, i'd be willing to take him. has been really productive when given playing time.

    2-BPA @ OL/CB/RB
    3-Kareem Brown/Justin Harrell

    anybody else?
  2. Ole Miss Texan

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    amobi akoye, sp? DT from Louisville. I've heard some good things about him and he's only 19/20 years old. I've seen several mocks with him in the 1st but he could fall to the 2nd as well.
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    Okoye should go top 20, but very well could slide still. More of a run-stuffer at this point though, but could still easily develop.

    Mebane is my guy. He has talent to go 2nd round probally, but should be there in the 3rd/4th because he is undersized compared to some DT's. I think he is like 6'1 295 though. He gets after the passer and can pennatrate the pocket. He has a high motor and is relentless. He is a pure 1 gap DT who would free up space for Mario or the other way around. Can hold his own in the run at the least.
  4. Honoring Earl 34

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    I guess when you talk about DTs ... you have space eaters like Gilbert Brown and then you have penetrators like Warren Sapp .

    I would think we need a guy to get push and keep guys off Ryans and occupy a blocker or two for Mario .
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    Bingo! On a pass rush, if you have Jabba the Hut sitting there taking up space who is no threat to rush the passer, he is going to be no help to a premier pass rusher lining up next to him.

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