Dismayed but loyal til the end...

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by IlliniJen, Oct 21, 2007.

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    Today's almost-comeback had me wringing my hands and praying to a (potentially) non-existent god. In the end, we let Kerry Collins beat us. While some folks may hate Hanesworth, with good reason, I've hated Collins for years because I abhor mediocrity.

    Yes, our offensive was horrible for 3 quarters, but they made an improbable comeback. And our defense boggles me. NO pressure on Collins throughout the game, and I have to wonder...is it our personnel or our defensive coaching? I know our secondary is suspect and I can't figure out why Faggins is still cashing an NFL paycheck.

    BUT, the comeback showed a lot of moxy. They didn't start mailing it in when it seemed the game was out of hand. I can't bring myself to boo a team that tries to do what it can with the talent it has. I think the coaching is really suspect right now, on both sides of the ball, and glaring weaknesses have gone YEARS without being addressed.

    I'm a bit disappointed that folks are throwing up their hands. I'm sure McClain and Justice are blogging it up right now, hating on the Texans and their performance, but I'm going to keep backing this team because I feel they are one aggressive Def coordinator and a couple key personnel away from turning that huge corner. Yes, there are huge holes, but losses like this show these guys will still play hard when the game seems completely gone, and that says a lot about the players we have.

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