Did the benching of Steve Slaton affect the whole team?

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Did The Benching of Slaton Cause Emotional Damage To The Team?

  1. Yeah, I think it has somehow messed up the team as a whole.

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  2. It's possible, but not so sure that it's directly connected.

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  3. No, it's not connected.

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  4. Don't know, don't care. I just wanted to vote in a poll.

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  1. GP

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    Been thinking, and I know that it's a dangerous thing for me to do. Yet I have this feeling that the benching of Slaton has screwed up the whole team. And I wonder why Kris Brown got the shakes at the same time that Steve was grounded by Kubiak. Are players tightening up, afraid to mess up, then ending up fulfilling that destiny?

    I noticed on MNF, that one coach looked like he was about to have a bleeding stomach ulcer when things got shaky for his team. And the other was focused, but not anxious. In fact, he even took risks when he didn't have to.

    Kubiak is a great coach when everything goes his way. But I wonder if his worry-wart attitude is wearing on the team.

    He tinkered with the team in the first few games, bringing in Pollard. This helped the team. They ADDED a piece that was needed. But then, with Steve, he SUBTRACTED a piece that HAD been working until this season. Players are human, and how much did it strain the team to see one of their better players getting benched like that? And Kubiak has nothing but undying support for Kris Brown? WTH?

    Jacoby Jones did not play this week. But until now, he has made some very big plays for us. Yet he doesn't see the field nearly as much as Walter and Anderson do. WTH? Without OD, this team has no ability to stretch the field. Unless Jacoby is in there. I have decided that I firmly believe Kubiak is shooting himself in the foot with some of these decisions. He's stubborn to a fault, and I think it's wearing thin with the players.

    Do YOU think that Kubiak's benching of Slaton was bad? For the record, isn't it true that Kubiak named him "the starter" yet Slaton wasn't the main RB for us? What good is it to be "the starter" if you get 4 or 5 carries? Big friggin' deal! "Hey everybody, I'm the starter!" So, you can count on one hand how many times you gonna' get the ball. So freaking what. Congrats on being the starter and then watching Chris Brown out there getting the lion's share of snaps.

    I think Kubiak did a good job of adding Pollard and holding this team together early on. And I think the benching of Slaton has backfired. Granted, Steve (in limited action on MNF) did not drop the ball. And he obviously wrapped it up when getting hit by a defender. I just think he should not have been grounded to the degree that he was. I think it started translating to other players, making them look over their shoulder. That's all.
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    Sometimes I just get the feeling Kubiak is juggling one too many balls. It seems like his influence is a positive one but it's so stretched from trying to save his job, fixing the D, keeping players like Dunta in check, keeping Slaton's head up, teaching Kyle how to destroy a stellar offense, keeping the media off the team's back, gameplans, head coaching you know?
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