Dereck Newton, beat to the inside!!!

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by thunderkyss, Sep 13, 2013.

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    I don't remember seeing or hearing it Monday night. Of course the left side of the line kept grabbing my attention.

    Anybody "watch" DNewton & has an opinion they wish to share? Does it look like he got that inside rush thing down or is it still an issue?
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    I only saw him grossly beaten to the inside twice that I remember. But the Charger rush was anemic in general.....and especially anemic from Newton's side. It wasn't a good game to assess his pass blocking.....or, for that matter, for anyone's pass blocking. I did see him too slow to protect the running back who he allowed to be tackled from the back on several occasions.

    On another note, it appeared that Brown was cheating toward Wade Smith (like he did with Jones before) possible worried about having to help Smith (playing injured/weak) , and being beaten and knocked on his butt too often. Of course, Brown's performance could be suffering due to his foot burr surgery.........or his new ankle injury.

    We're not going to find out much about anything until we face a team with a tough D.
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  3. rustygallier

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    I went back and watched the game again...Derek Newton gave a solid performance. I watched everyone of his snaps and he never got beat inside. Brooks on the other hand got beat on a regular basis.

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