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    A lot of surprises on the starting depth chart for sunday. What is your take?


    Carr... obvious choice... hopefully will do well..

    Lundy- good rookie rb with fresh legs. Love to see what this kid is capable of in the regular season. This is the most important position on the field in our scheme and if he has success, then we will. I think it is a good choice to go with the rookie...he has a lot to prove, and he doesnt have that not caring symptom many veterans have.

    Andre Johnson- good #1 target...this is his year to breakout
    Eric Moulds- Just continue doing what he s been doing in preseason

    Charles Spencer: same that went for lundy... what a great pickup in the 3rd round this was, I sure hope he takes care of business and becomes a franchise tackle for years to come

    Chester Pitts: Time for him to breakout and become what we have been waiting for, he has done well in years past, but hopefully he keeps carr's jersey clean on sunday

    Flanagan :drool: :redtowel:

    Weary: Always thought of him as a backup...but if kubiak threw him up in the starting lineup... then hopefuly he has a lot of talent. I always thought McKinney was our strongest linemen in years past, since he is on the bench may actually be a good sign.

    Wiegert: Never been a fan of him...hopefully he holds his side down...otherwise we might have two rookies startin out at tackle

    D line: Mario...time to shine baby... make some plays
    Anthony Weaver I think we will see the most production out of, one because mario will be taking up double teams all year, and two he is in his prime and had a great preseason. TJ has a second chance, and I know he isnt taking this one for granted...and Payne has always been my personal favorite on the d line in years past, hes healthy... smart player... time to bounce back.

    Orr: after years of strong play on special teams and rotating in on defense, he has earned his spot, and boy did he earn it. he deserves the oppurtunity...hopefully he makes the most of it.

    Demeco Ryans: My favorite texan a true badass, great speed, very smart, will knock your socks off. This guy will be rookie of the year and he is going to be a keeper for years to come for the texans.

    Morlon Greenwood: just do what you did last year...pickup them tackles and be a consistent player.

    Earl: My favorite d back... awesome playmaker at notre dame... has been doin pretty good past few years...just transfer those plays from college to pros, and we got a pro bowl safety in earl.

    Brown: Ehh... replace next year... will do mediocre though for this year

    D-Rob: had a letdown season last year... play like player he should be and he can be a shutdown corner

    Lewis Sanders: Man... where did he come from... heres your chance..make the best of it

    My :twocents: on the whole depth chart... hopefully this lineup will give us our first W.
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    About Greenwood, if he has to do what he did last year we're in trouble. I'm hoping to see him better then tackling a RB after they've already gained 5-7 yards.

    I agree with you on the safeties. Brown and Earl should have been battling for PT at SS. FS was an area we just couldn't/didn't address this offseason.

    About D-Robs play last year. If you had all day to throw, would you throw it to D-Rob, and for that matter, if you have 4-7 seconds to make your throw, someone will be open, so on that point I think you missed a critical point on the depth chart, and that is the DEPTH at D-line. <-- When have we ever been able to say we have depth on our D-line? This year we do, I'm excited to see A. Malone back. Peek, Babin, and Kalu at ends, enough said. Who is Thomas Johnson and what happened to that Atiyyah Ellison guy?

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