Defense:The real enigma for the Texans

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Wolf, Feb 5, 2006.

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    forget the Bush/VY thing for a second
    Offensively I think we will be much improved by just having offensive minded coaching.

    The problem I am wondering about is Defense. I am not saying we have to get a big name (yet I would definitely like that) but lots of stuff going with that side of ball.. I guess the only way is to go up with our 31 or 32nd rated defense.

    What is going to be interesting is
    1)age ...we have some long in the tooth veterans
    2)scheme.. winds are blowing rumors like the 4-3
    3)P-buc---can we get the talent out of him
    4)DE-- we have plenty of tackles

    It is going to be interesting because I don't know what to expect. As far as our offense goes, I think we are more talented than what we show.. defensively .. I don't know.. I would have thought that a Capers ran defense would be better than what we showed last season.

    And with an improved offense..hopefully they can keep the defense off of the field.
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    I'm all for drafting D, as long as the Texans sure up the o-line first. I know that Kubiak will help the Texans current o-line immensly (did I spell that right?). If they trade down, get Fergueson, then we could go after MLB, DE, and S. Your question about P-Buch, I think that, provided the right system (mainly man-on-man D) he would flourish. Something where he can take chances, which is something I never saw him take last year. Will it cost the Texans sometimes...yeah, that's why they call them chances. However, I see more rewards out of P-Buch rather than failures. JM:twocents:
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    This is one area in which I'm really worried about. IMO, we've always been a defensive team. Since our inception, it was always our defense that kept us in close games, and really helped us win games. We have never won a game in a shootout to say the least.

    Right now, besides Dunta Robinson, there isn't a bright spot anywhere on our defense. We have a couple good players (who are all prone to injury) and DRob. Our linebacker situation is not looking that good (Wong is the only player I would call solid). Our secondary is looking terrible, and our Dline is OK. Unless our schemes were really that bad, we've got to get more talent on defense. In terms of personnel, it's actually a bigger mess than our offense IMO.
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    I think alot of our defensive needs could be addressed through FA this year and make an immediate impact.I'll list a few UFA's here and give your feedback.Seeing as we have 4 or more DT's i wont list them,DE's we have Jon Abraham(NYJ),Anthony Weaver(BAL),andKyle VandanBosch(TENN).
    At LB there is Julian Peterson OLB (SF),Cato June ILB (INDY),Akin Ayodele OLB (JAX),Wil Witherspoon OLB (CLE).Secondary help could come from Adam Archuleta SS (RAMS),Will Allen CB (NYG),Tank Williams S (TENN).as for our lack of offense there are a few linemen available Kevin Schaffer OT (ATL),Steve Hutchinson RG (SEA),Jon Runyan RG (PHI), LeCharles Bentley C (NO),Mike Flannagan C (GB),Jeff Backus LT (DET),LJ Shelton LT (CLE). And last i'll throw in a couple WR to offset AJ---Antonio Bryant (CLE),Joe Jurevicious (SEA),Troy Brown,David Givens (NE).Hopefully we could attract a couple of these guys as experienced players would give us immediate help and tutors for our draft picks.:ok:
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    I totally agree. Im still havent figured out why we didnt draft Derrick Johnson last year but I guess there is no sense in crying over spilt milk now...Wong is solid but we need a playmaker in the middle, however, I would rather we get the "brick" instead of Hawk if we trade down. (I like bush if we dont). I still have hope for our secondary and that our safeties will improve.
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    He wasn't. DJ went #15 after we traded down to #16. I'm confidant that even Cass wouldn't have screwed that up had he actually been there at #16.

    I'm going to stick with what I said about TJ at the time. If we're planning on adopting a 4-3, he's a nice pick for that. So maybe it will work out in the long run, though I can't imagine this is the way Cass was hoping for.

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