DeAngelo Hall rips Falcons again

Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by Second Honeymoon, Oct 24, 2007.

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    DeAngelo Hall decides to open his mouth yet again. This time its to question the timing and motive of the release of Grady Jackson this week. I agree with Hall. They are essentially throwing in the towel for the season halfway through the season. Petrino is circling the drain.

    I think the Texans need to make a serious inquiry regarding Hall. Maybe we could trade our 1st Round pick for Hall and the 2008 2nd Round pick we gave them for Schaub. They would be left with 2 1st Rounders and their own 2nd Rounder while we would be left with Hall in the 1st Round and we would have a 2nd Round pick and our 3rd Rounder. I think the trading deadline is gone but you could do the deal after the season.

    Resign Hall and you would have him and Dunta for 2008 and then you could franchise Dunta in 2009 as a worst-case scenario. That means a guaranteed 2 years of Dunta and Hall at CB. I also think Dunta may be more willing to resign and stay if we have team success and he has a quality CB working the opposite side of the field.

    I just wouldnt trade a 1st Rounder for Hall straight up. Falcons would have to sweeten the deal due to his expiring contract and the work it will take to resign him. They should just sign Dunta and Hall on the same day to the exact same deal and be done with it with Dunta make $1 more because he was there first :0

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