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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansAllTheWayBaby, Oct 6, 2006.

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    This is my second post of the week, as it is the Texans bye week. (My other post was a poll asking how you spend your Sunday when the Texans do not play.)

    Anways, back to the topic. David Carr is really stepping it up this season, as I knew he eventually would.

    David Carr is leading the NFL in QB rating at 108.9 and that’s got to be a good thing for the fifth-year player.

    Carr has also thrown for seven touchdowns and improved by reducing his pics, only tossing 2 interceptions thus far.

    Granted, some was at the end of the game's when they were over, but that just shows team pride, and still, alot of it was in key moments in the game.

    The difference in him is tangible. And those who know him best believe it is directly connected to new coach Gary Kubiak and the way Kubiak handles his young player.

    Many believe the key is that Kubiak doesn’t use kid gloves on anyone, especially Carr. A former quarterback at Texas A&M and with the Denver Broncos, Kubiak knows what it’s like to play the position. He knows it’s a pressure-filled job. So he keeps the pressure on Carr.

    AJ is really helping Carr to, as AJ is having a great year as well to say the least. Eric Moulds and AJ really help Carr out as two great offensive weapons.

    I really feel our offense is breaking-through. Granted, we still have alot of work to do as we are 1-3. However, we have shown positive spurts in the first 3 games despite the losing, and our offense really stepped up big in the second half last game vs. Miami, as we won.

    Again, we still have alot of work to do-espically with the run game, but we are getting better with that to. Ronnie Dayne had some nice runs Sunday vs. Miami, and our run game as a unit looked a little beter. It will continue to improve I believe with Dayne, and espically next year when Domanick Davis returns.

    My hat goes off to Carr, Johnson and Moulds and the entire offense so far this season. I always knew David Carr would step up, and he is starting to do right now. He has shown us alot of good things in the past 4 years as well, and now is hopefully becoming more consistent, and this young offense is starting to develop into something very good, as it should.

    Go Texans!!
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    "Ronnie Dayne had some nice runs Sunday vs. Miami"

    What game did you watch? IMO, less than 3 ypc doesn't translate into 'nice runs.'
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    He went for some jogging after the game, dude. Sheesh. :rolleyes:

    It's tough jogging in Miami. You got the traffic and stuff, then you gotta concentrate and not look at the bikini girls and the roller skate girls and all that. If you run too slow, ya gets mugged. It's a tough jogging town.
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    Hey, I LOVE your post. I have stood behind David from the beginning. And I have said on here before, so far this year it is a sweet victory. He's always been good when he's had time. Unfortunately, he hasn't ever had much time. And now he is standing up in the pocket and throwing, knowing he is fixing to get it. He might not be as outspoken as some people want him to be, but he is a superstar in my book. He has been through a lot, and he is still fighting. Shows great character and I love it and am so happy for him. Kubes is my hero! Actually, Kubes is his hero!! LOL How great would it be that you knew that someone held that much confidence in your ability and concentrated every day on bringing it out! It doesn't get any better than that for an athlete. Go David and GO Texans!!! Wup up on those Cowgirls!!! :superman:

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