David Carr And Big Ben

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Blake, Sep 19, 2005.

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    I think it was more obvious today seeing Ben play on the other side, of what David is doing wrong.

    I noticed alot in the Steelers game that Big Ben had time to throw. I also noticed that when we did get pressure, he would roll away from it, and avoid it, only to scan down field and 9/10 pick up a first down with the throw.

    You look back at Carr, and this isnt just this game, but he will get pressure from the D, avoid the first guy, and then tuck it and run for -2 to +2 yards. Im sure a QB spy worked like a charm that game.

    I would like to know why David stops looking downfield for a target, and tries to run EVERY SINGLE TIME.

    If I try to bring this up to people, they always give me, this one "well the WR were covered."

    Which I respond with, you can cover a WR that long. The steelers show that, and so does every other team who has time to throw.

    The point is, if David is going to roll out, or avoid the pressure and run a little bit, keep your eyes down the field. Dont just give up and run it.

    David. Be a Quarterback, and throw the ball.
    Notice: I do blame some of the fault on play calling. But Its hard to see what the play was supposed to do, when Carr runs 75% of the pass plays when he gets flustered out of the pocket.
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    Nov 23, 2004
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    Another thing I noticed Sunday. When Big Ben faked a handoff to his running back, you really had to look to see who had the ball. When Carr fakes or tries to fake to the running back, there is no doubt who had the ball. He is too obvious.

    bobby 119C :brickwall
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    It's not the all the recievers are covered. It's that his main reciever and DD are covered. All a defense has to do against us is cover Andre Johnson and DD and then Carr is on the run. They showed many replays where Carr was scrambling and he had recievers wide open. He was just too worried about running to be patient and see them. I actually didnt mind the play calling that much yesterday. I thought the execution sucked.

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