Dan Pastorini charged with DWI in Bryan

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    I remember his wreck in Memorial Park at 2 AM just hours before the Steelers game.

    Former Houston Oilers quarterback Dan Pastorini was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving after a three-vehicle traffic crash in Bryan early this morning.

    The wreck occurred in the 3600 block of S. Texas about midnight Sunday, officials said.

    Pastorini, who was alone in his 2006 white Mercedes, was evaluated at a hospital following the wreck after he complained about minor injuries, said Jason James, spokesman for the department. No other injuries were reported.

    Blood was drawn from Pastorini at the hospital and will be tested for alcohol content, James said. The results were not available this morning.

    Sgt. Steven Spillars of the Bryan Police Department said Pastorini was cited for failure to control his speed and was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated, a Class B misdemeanor.

    He was released from the Brazos County jail on a $3,000 bond this morning.

    Pastorini, 60, was driving southbound on S. Texas when he rear-ended a 2000 Toyota Tacoma pickup, which then crossed into the northbound lanes and slammed into the side of a green 1996 Ford Explorer, James said.

    Spillars said the officer who responded to the crash smelled alcohol on Pastorini.

    The pickup driver was cited for driving without a licence. The driver of the Explorer was cited for driving with an invalid license, James said.

    Pastorini is listed among the celebrities scheduled to participate in a golf tournament this morning in the Bryan area to benefit local Boys and Girls Club, according to news reports.

    Pastorini helped lead the Oilers to playoff appearances during the team’s Luv Ya Blue heydays in the 1970s.

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    Sorry to hear that.
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    Hopefully he was wearing his flak jacket.
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    If it's found that he had alcohol in his blood, then he made the decision to drive after drinking. If that's the case, I hope he goes away for it. As long as the judicial system hands out light sentences to those who get lucky by not killing someone, there will be lots of folks with dead relatives bemoaning the DWI sentencing.
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    No further comment on Pastorini, but I like your signature. I laughed when Jerry reminded him of believing him on the bad Henson trade.

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