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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansAllTheWayBaby, Oct 30, 2006.

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    Our Houston Texans football team is currently 2-5 on the season and coming off a loss to the Tennessee Titans.

    I thought our football team played sloppy, particularly on offense yesterday against the Titans, with 5 turnovers. This just prooves how much turnovers kill you in this leauge, we did not do a good job protecting the football agianst the Titans.

    In terms of the David Carr situation, again as I said in my post game after the game yesterday, I thought he played poorly. I think our offense played much better in this game in the second half behind Sage Rosenfels, as he lead us down the field to 3 Touchdowns.

    In terms of the running game, my hat once again goes off to Wali Lundy, he had a hell of a game rushing the football and he continues to step up, this is now two weeks in a row he has had great performances on the ground and we really have a future with this kid.

    Onto the QB situation and I'll really just tocuh on this as it should not be that much of a situation. As I said various times already, Carr had a bad game, no doubt. Sage came in and did a hell of a job getting us back in it, and I admire that. However, do we start him over Carr? No. I have said this before, and have now said it again. We do not start Rosenfels over Carr. Carr is going to have his bad games, all QB's do now and then. David is adjusting to a new offensive scheme, has new players around him, new coaches, etc. As I keep saying, all of this takes time.

    Gary Kubiak did the same thing when he was with San Francisco with Steve Young. This is how you learn as a QB. Kubiak is coaching Carr very nicely, he's always on him when he makes mistakes, but will always reward him when he does great things. David is the QB for our Texans in the future, and he is going to be the one to someday take us to the promise land. It will still take some time, but we can already see, with the exception of yesterday, him improving. His passer rating is up this year, his interceptions are down and he will only continue to improve. All QB's have bad games.

    On to the defense, not really a whole lot to discuss. I thought our defense played pretty well yesterday, aside from a few breakdowns on a few plays. Vince Young made some nice plays with his arm and legs as I said he was capable of doing in my Preview of the Titans earlier last week as well as my Keys to Success versus Tennessee post.

    Again, overall though, the defense played pretty well. We had alot of 3 and outs, that was nice to see. I am contiuing to see improvements in this defensive unti over the past few weeks, and believe they will continue to improve. Like the offense, our defense has new players, coaches and scehemes and it takes time, but this defense has potentail to be very promosing for us in the future.

    Mario Williams had another nice outing against Tennessee yesterday, he played very well. He recorded a sack on Vince Young, a couple tackles and he continues to improve, thats very encouraging. There is alot of pressure put on this kid, but he stays focused, he's becoming more aware on the field, and the results are improving.

    The special teams against Tennessee was not very good. Edell Sheppard was not on his game, not returning the ball well and he fair caught a punt at the 3, and these are just carless, dumb mistakes. I thought we seen improvement in our returns with David Anderson and look foward to see him doing more of the returning in the future until Mathis returns.

    We also on special teams, gave up a punt return to Pacman Jones, and give that kid credit he is one hell of player no doubt. However, I think we need to get better at defending punt returns, this was unacceptable and should get fixed in the future.

    Basically, just a sloppy game Sunday, espically with the offense and even with the special teams some. We were penalized to much, did not excecute the fundamentals, and turned the ball over to much. Alot of this was just on careless mistakes however, so we can fix it up.

    Again, the key for this football team as I said after last week's win over Jacksonville is becoming a good football team on a weekly basis, being able to put win streaks together and have consistent success. We continue too see this team's positive potentail in flashes, just can't seem to mould it all together quite yet. Eventaully we will, we just need to be patient and keep working hard as a team.

    We now need to dust ourselves off and get back to practicing and preparing hard for our next oppenent, the very tough Giants from New York. We're going to be heading up there next Sunday and it's going to be one hell of a battle for our football team. The Giants are a very solid team this year.

    I look foward to seeing us bounce back as I have numerous times before, and hey the way I look at it is, we had one and didn't play up to our potentail against Tennessee, not to take anything way from them they certainly played a very good game, and not many people are forecasting us to go up into New York and take one off of the Giants, so let's go up there and do it.

    We still have alot of work to do as a team, but again, alot will just take time as we continue to build and construct this team. Do I still believe we can success this season? Yes, no doubt. We just have to do some of the fundamental things better, I continue to see improvemt in alot of aspects of our game.

    Continue to cheer us on fans, our day will certainly come,
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    now that's a great post from a Texans fan!! It's good to see that he/she didn't make excuses for the loss yesterday.
    You're definitely a real Texan fan and a class act. :twocents:
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    agree great post and observations.
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    Thanks for not rubbing our loss in:cool: just look out when you're in Houston.
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    Tell me in what way was Carr's game against Indy, Washington, or Miami better than his performance against Tennessee??
    If we started Sage, how much time do you think it'll take him to learn this new system.. they new players??

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