Current Economic Conditions And Rookie Salaries

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by Ali4Real, Dec 26, 2008.

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    Just a thought that occurred to me. I know some teams are cutting down on costs in various sports (unless your the Yanks or Red Sox or Mets), but I was wondering with current economic conditions, will salaries be lower for first-round rookies or are they going to shoot up to a ridculous ammount and why doesn't Goodell and the NFL step in to curb the insane ammount of $$$ given to players who haven't even played a second of pro football?

    How about not paying or signing players untill after the preseason that way teams have a chance to see there draft picks in action. Maybe they can get paid for performing but don't get there actuall salaries untill after the preseason is over and if players don't sign then they'll just ride the bench...right?

    Thanks for your responses.....

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    Well, it's pretty clear that the Players Union won't agree to that. No draft pick is going to play before signing. If they get hurt, do you think NFL teams are going to want to pay him? I believe that unions are a pretty big contributor to our "current economic condition".

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