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    Rd. 1
    Alex Okafor. Texas, OLB 6’5 265:

    Our defense is not the same without someone that can play WOLB at an elite level. Okafor can get to the QB with speed and power. Barwin is solid at the SOLB but cannot generate the consistent pass rush from the WOLB position this defense needs to thrive. I know most people think we need a nose tackle, but I think the pass rush has to be fixed first. This gives us flexibility to let Barwin walk or move him back to SOLB, and move Reed inside. I wanted to consider another ILB here but with Cushing back I cannot justify using this early of a pick on a guy who will come off this field in sub-packages.
    Rd 2.
    Shariff Floyd. Florida, DT 6’3 303:

    Not the Mountain of a nose tackle most want, but he has size comparable to Cody with more athleticism. Elite athlete for the position, and has played DE at times for Florida due to lack of end depth. With good initial burst and strong hands, he is stout against the run and has pass rush skills Wade Phillips likes in his NT.
    Rd 3.
    Ryan Nassib. Syracuse, Qb 6’2 228/ Zac Dysert. Miami (OH) Qb 6’3 228:

    This is where we should look to find someone that can be the guy that beats out Matt Schaub in a few years. There are two Qb’s in this draft class that I think have a chance to be that guy. I prefer Nassib, he has a compact quick release, above average arm and mobility, and he is a very bright kid. Throws very well on the run, and has excellent ball fakes. Two qualities that are very important in our offense. Thanks to Rey and 76, Dysert is a guy I have just begun to look into and I like everything I see on him. He has similar qualities as Nassib with a stronger arm. The only thing that makes me prefer Nassib is familiarity; after I get a chance to look into his pocket presence, toughness, ball fakes, and intelligence my next mock may very well be pro Dysert.
    Rd 3 (Composite).
    Arthur Brown. Kansas State, ILB 6’1 228:

    He will fall due to lack of ideal size, but has the speed and lateral quickness to cover Rb’s and Te’s in the NFL. He is the perfect fit next to Cushing. He will free Cushing up to rush the passer a little more, with his natural feel for the game. He is a phenomenal tackler with great instincts, think Bradie James with actual talent. This is my favorite pick in my mock and I really hope we can get him in the mid rounds, it would be a steal.
    Rd 4.
    Ricky Wagner. Wisconson,OT 6’6 320:

    Wagner is a plus athlete at the tackle position, having been a division 1 basketball recruit out of high school. He has improved consistently in the O-line breeding ground that is Wisconsin. In a perfect world Jake Matthews falls to us in the first, but when he doesn’t there are a few guys in the mid rounds with good potential and definite upgrades to Newton. I believe Wagner is one of them.
    Rd 5.
    Emory Blake. Auburn, Wr 6’2 193

    Other than Keenan Allen and Terrence Williams, I’m not too high on most of the first and second round receivers, Patterson is too raw, Robert Woods to similar to Posey and seems redundant, Justin Hunter has some raw ability, but that early pick could be used for someone more reliable. Emory Blake has speed to burn, good size, and put up good numbers with Cam Newton. He draft stock has fallen with Auburn’s abysmal passing game, but he is someone that is a good bet to be a better pro than he has been the last two years at Auburn.
    Rd 5 (Composite).
    Darius Slay. Mississippi State, CB 6’1 190:

    Slay is a big cornerback who produced in the sec. Had 5 picks this season. Depth in case we lose Ball, and Mccain.
    Rd. 6
    Zac Line. SMU, FB 6’1 230:

    We need a true fullback. Line can be that true fullback, but still has the ability to be a viable receiving option out of the backfield as well as a short yardage bruiser. He will need to add 10-15 lbs of bulk, but he lost some weight to be a running back at SMU. He was recruited as a LB so he will not shy away from contact.
    Rd 7
    Colin Klein. Kansas State, Qb 6’5 230:

    Here is the catch; we draft him as a TE/H-back. He has good size and a frame that could easily handle another 20 lbs. He is a fluid athlete that can run well enough to convert positions. This could be a move that pays huge dividends down the road, it will take a little time for him to learn a new position and work on his hands. Owen Daniels is getting older and Klein has a lot of potential as a tight end. We could do a lot worse with a 7th rounder.
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    Very well thought out and reasoned mock. My thoughts:

    1. Okafor really like him and he did look awesome in the bowl. I have him going higher but CBS mock have neither ESPN guy drafting him in first so you may be on to something. Barwin should be gone and I have argued (Dion Jordan) OLB was address same basic scenario in first last year. I just think another need goes here (WR T. Williams or Patterson for me). I have OLB in second.

    2. Shariff should be gone but I do not see him as much of a nose and same type player can be selected lower rounds to tie up middle. I have not focused on him as when I watched he did not stand out playing DE. I sure could be wrong and would not be disgusted with pick, same if Short was taken in first.

    3. QB Dysert for me but will go in second. I have followed him and like him.

    b ILB good to go but not this guy. I am more of a big Cush type LB guy. Give me Andrew Jackson Western Kentucky who at 260 pounds locks down the middle and can run with TE2. Brown reminds me of Mister Alexander who would need to bulk up about 12-15 lbs & would probably lose his quickness. Correct position wrong player imo. Rather go with Kiko Alonzo a round later.

    4. Wagner I've mocked in this round. He might go higher but I think you have him targeted.

    5. I think I was first to "discover" Slay on MB and he is moving to where you have him. One of my 5ths also.

    Klein? I like him a QB but not sure how he'd handle blocking? Interesting idea but expect Casey to re-sign and team to go with same TEs. Maybe one of the PS can give Graham a run.

    Enjoyed the read. :tiphat:

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