Congratulations to Jason Allen - keep working hard

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    Congratulations to Jason Allen - keep working hard on your game...
    hopefully you can turn your career around with the Texans.

    I will take a win any week.

    As I've said before the regular season start, I want to see both Allen and Jackson to improve.

    At the time, most, if not all of us already know (or at least were much more confident) that they will be helped by the addition up front of JJ Watt and a healthy Barwin on top of expected better plays from the safeties.
    And of course, a better scheme from a better DC.

    They both have areas they need to work on, but I feel a thousand time better than last year about our defense.

    It's kinda funny to me that EU, who said he won't care who will get the starting job, is keeping on with these pounding and bashing.

    Don't let it become ridiculous, man!
    The situation will resolve itself.

    Let's enjoy the season as we hope it will be!

    Go Texans!

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