Concern Over Safety in the NFL is a History That Repeats Itself

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    Most fans are not aware that the concern over injuries and life almost killed American football early on. It's funny that President Roosevelt was greatly involved in saving it. Early versions of American football were somewhat similar to rugby where players wore no protective equipment. But there were virtually no rules and the sheer violence of the game resulted in an increasingly high injury and mortality rate. As originally played on college campuses, the game was extremely rough, including slugging, gang tackling and unsportsmanlike behavior. Quite a number of players died (18 in just the year 1905 alone, with 20 times fewer players than there are today). Fans loved the game. But interest in becoming a football player was quickly on its way down. So in 1905, President Roosevelt summoned representatives of the Big Three (Harvard, Yale and Princeton, the universities who first played the game and who also set the rules of play) to demand changes in the game's rules, essentially forcing them into cleaning up the game to hold off legislative attempts at the time to ban the game outright (sound familiar?).

    Even though helmets began to be introduced to any extend right around this time, it was, for those who chose to wear them, a point which questioned their "manhood." (sound familiar?) It wasn't until almost 1940 that this was non-optional equipment for the NCAA with the NFL following suit several years later.
    Early History of American Football Helmets
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    Hmm, posted your helmet study in here, CND, and it was moved to Junior Seau thread???

    Beginning today at 3 pm ET, ESPN's Outside the Lines will have a weeklong series examining the concussion crisis in the NFL.
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    This giant tree, standing 10,000 ft. high but not
    It's a rough sport, that's understood. The NFL front offices, NFLPA, the players, the fans, the people that don't watch football but know what it's rough.

    WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!?! [/jerryseinfeld] that don't understand that? Former players suing the league...unreal. Why, because "you didn't tell us concussions were bad"?

    You know what.....the NFL and everyone involved down to the viewer is reeeeeeeeally lucky that Buffalo Bill didn't die on the field. Kevin Everett right? Or that guy who got bent over backwards last year, Chicago WR I think.

    If 18 people died in 2012 football would be as taboo as abortions and gay marriages. Goddamn it's time for people to grow up, accept responsibility for themselves and know that not everything in the world is happy, shiny and perfect. There is glory and fame and fortune to be had, all you have to do is participate. Yes. Participating has consequences. Just like anything else you do in any faction of life.
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