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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Dime, Jan 3, 2007.

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    Here is the deal. i didnt wanna replay to 20 threads of the same or similar stuff, so i am going to cover it all in one shot.

    Carr Threads:

    Sigh. Look, David did better this year. I think he has learned a huge amount, and wish Kub was king when we drafted David. I think Kub could have turned him into something special. He has always had the potential . He has shown improvement in his poise, ball placement, reads, staying in the pocket and more. He is still way behind where he should be, but he has gotten better this year. As I stated in a thread before, there is only one thing that Carr has not improved on. Confidence. The team has lost some confidence in him. Dont believe me, rewatch the tapes. When he makes a bad throw, or etc, look at the players faces. They are looking to Carr to give them energy, and I am sorry to say, its not happening very much. Confidence in the fans. Just listen when Carr makes a any move that isnt successful. The fans have lost patience with him. Heck, just look at 75% of this board. Confidence in Kub. Kub has shown several very large frustations with David. Some of you migth argue that is normal. I argue that if you study the face of Kub when Carr is QBing.. he is dropping off Carrs throws, having him run on longs so Carr doesnt get pressured and make a costly mistake. Look at the games, from the beginning of the year, to now. You will see a huge difference.

    Dont get me wrong, the BEST thing for Carr is to trade him. With his play this year, an improvement, there will be several teams viing for him. I bet we get a 2nd for him personally. And why not trade him.

    It would be a win for Carr who would enter a new team where he more then likely will be the starter, and might even go much further then he can here. He would have a renew confidence, of all three elements.

    It would be a win for us too because people here would put thier new faith in another QB given them a chance to be our starter. As i stated in a thread before, Look at the confidence that was restored when many teams like the cowboys, and dolphins changed QBs. It would be the same with us.

    Carr needs another chance to prove himself, I just dont think he will get it here.

    Dom Threads

    Dom Davi.... Williams.. Wont get used for that for awhile. Even worse, the press are going to have a field day when they start talking about him next year just with the name change. I hope dom is back, but i dont just want him back for 2-3 games then set on the bench the rest of the time. I really like Dom alot and the kid made a name for himself here. Problem is that knee isnt going to get better and i fear for the kid. He has heart, but i dont want to see him hurting all the time with no chance of getting better. Hopefully, we can keep him under 20 carries a game until we make sure that knee doesnt go south on him.

    RB Threads

    Rook Taylor, Dayne, Rook Lundy, the man formerly named Dom Davis. Thats four without even talking about Gado. We aint taking Peterson or any other high RB. Might as well get it out of your mind now. Way to many needs and we aint needing a RB as bad as many other positions. Maybe if FA frees up, but dont count it on the draft.

    Dre Trade

    Funny thing is. Dre wants to win. I think he wont have a problem staying here if we are improving. This aint going to happen at all.

    But if it did. I would like to see two senerios.
    1. Dre straight across fro Matt Shaub for the Falcons. This would benefit us both giving us a QB that has shown a good deal of potential and Vick might have just saved his job for a year with Mora being fired. Matt I feel is going to be a playmaker when he touches the ball. Dre would be a good fit for Vick as well to give him a target to hit since they are hurting in the quality WR position right now. With dre only having 2 years left on his contract, and being now a 2 time pro-bowler. He wont be cheap to sign.

    2. Otherwise, if we didnt profit MAJORLY as in first and second picks or something close to equal, then parting ways with Dre would be insaine.

    As I said, it wont happen, but if it did, see above..

    Kub Playcalling threads

    Phhhtt.. 6 and 10. The whole team has played much better under Kub then anyone else. I am willing to gave him another 2 years to get a winning season, and one over that to get to the playoffs. His playcalling has been in line to what he needs to call based on our team and where its at. Nuff said.


    Thanks for staying man. we enjoy your comments. Just please note one thing. I truely believe EVERYone here is not blaming Carr alone for the season/s we had (or at least most arent) . I think people here have just lost confidence in him. If he stays here, it is going to get worse I fear before it gets better. He has to show fans, his team, and Kub alot. I think Carr can be a very good QB in the NFL, i just dont know if people are willing to wait on his improvement. And he has improved greatly this year. Yes, i think he will be awesome very soon, but I dont know when.


    Who should we draft? and players to pick up?

    I will tell you what i think much clser to the combine.
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    i am very confident we'll draft an RB somewhere in the draft... and dre's not going anywhere.
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    Excellent post!!!!!!!

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