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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by footballguy69, Sep 26, 2006.

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    I just wanted to offer my insight to the Texans plight which is a bit different than all the other postings. There are numerous problems and many players somewhat responsible for the 0-3 record. But instead of bashing all the draft picks and starting line-ups, and as a person whose livelihood for 30 years has been enhanced by football I see something that has not been discussed. Forget about the players, and I mean all players for a moment. What can the coaches do outside of trick plays, etc to get this team improved and at least competing in a NFL game? Game management is one area where a rookie head coach and a new staff not accustomed to each other shows. And unfortunately it affects the whole tempo and both sides of the ball. The evidence.....

    Offense - I think it is not by chance that in both home games the offense started quickly and scored on both first time possessions. Why? Because the game plan had particular plays scripted and Carr did not have to think too much about it. In your home stadium, this also is to your advantage especially if your O-line has not played together long as has ours. The quicker plays are sent in to the offense, the harder for the defense to get their "set" called. At this stage a "no huddle" offense especially at home should be used as much as possible. Erratic cadences probably will not be much of an advantage with this young line, considering a new center, etc. The risk far out weighs the reward. So call the play quicker and get it going. Remember, it has been four years since Kubiak has been actually on the field. His added responsibilities plus the fact that all of Calhoun's plays must go through him, slow the process somewhat and it will take time to perfect. Another thing I see from attending both games is I feel Sherman needs to be involved with Kubiak more to assist him with another set of eyes and ears. On the extra point play after the second Texan touchdown, Mike Sherman, the assistant coach, should have already been in Kubiak's ear earlier, advising him as to the situation and the need to hurry up after a potential score. When the Texans had to use a time-out, this was a cardinal sin being that far behind and needing all possible time-outs. They should have already figured out that being behind 24 points and the time remaining that it was an automatic to go for two. I feel or at least hope, this type of communication between Calhoun, Sherman and Kubiak will get better. This will also help Carr's confidence leaving him time to hopefully learn to take care of the ball.

    Defense - I watched the "sets" coming in through binoculars and it looked very chaotic even on downs and situations when it should not have been that way. With a rookie middle linebacker, Richard Smith and company will need to learn to speed up just as Calhoun and Kubiak need to. Demeco is very smart and has adjusted well, but the secondary seems confused and I honestly believe much of that is timing. The defensive line needs their packages early because I saw several times where Anthony Weaver was moving Mario over to different angles on gap assignment. And this was right before the snap! For now, whatever any of us think of Mario, the defense needs to be kept as simple as applicable for him. Also the substitutions on defense look quite honestly like a Chinese fire drill. Game plan should dictate exactly how defensive players will be rotated again as applicable and stick to that plan as much as possible. It was almost funny inside the 10 yard line. Linemen were way too rushed to be effective and wore out by the time they reached the line of scrimmage.

    Will this guarantee a win? No, but it would settle both groups down and give them a better chance for success. The NFL is a football chess match and the quicker you can set-up the better your chances for reacting to the opposition and not blowing mental assignments. This improved game management probably cannot be turned around in a week, but needs to be worked on especially with the bye week coming up. I see a totally different game live than I see on TV. I spend each TV timeout watching the players and coaches as they prepare for the next down. And when you watch a successful team’s sideline you see a different look. Give Kubiak time and I think he will get it worked out. I honestly think all of this game management affects the "fire" that Kubiak says he felt was missing from the players Sunday. Just my insight! Later!:poker:
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    Great post. Finally an unemotional evaluation. All makes sense.:chicken:

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