Closing pre-season thoughts?

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Thorn, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. Thorn

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    Apr 14, 2007
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    Texans look as ready for the regular season as they ever have. Yes, it's only pre-season in which most of it was played against the other guys 2s and 3s, but our 2s and 3s looked pretty good.

    Just based on the pre-season alone, without yet seeing them in their first regular action, I like our chances to move deeper into the playoffs this year.

    Overall group ratings

    QB B
    RB A-
    Rec B+
    TE B-
    O-line C+

    D-line B+
    LB C+
    DB B

    Kickers A-
    rest of special teams C (because we got good kickers)
  2. beerlover

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    May 1, 2004
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    I would agree pretty much based off 2's & 3's. in summary depth is much improved. 5 premier starters then several question marks that could go either way. That's why they play the games!
  3. Scooter

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    Apr 30, 2004
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    i think preseason confirmed what we already knew, but there were some very pleasant surprises.

    QB A ... we have 3 guys who could start for many teams.
    RB A ... foster, tate, and any of the UDFA's is quite a stable.
    Rec B+ ... if posey and hopkins can stay healthy i think our receiving core is lightyears better than any other year.
    TE A+ ... daniels, graham, and the kid all look great
    O-line B+, D ... most of the line is solid and brooks has been outstanding. derrick newton is horrible, i dont even want him backing up RT.

    D-line A+ ... big earl was a highlight, letting us breathe easier about nose tackle. mitchell along with ninja and watt gives us maybe the best front in football.
    LB D+ ... i'm worried. cushing will need some time to be himself, and i dont see another ILB on the team. OLB is kind of a grey area for me, i dont know what we actually have yet.
    DB B ... havent really seen everybody together yet, and havent had the whole front ahead of them, so again i'm not entirely sure what we have. swearinger was everything advertised though, so i'm excited about our safeties.

    Kickers A ... bullock hits from 55 and is putting kickoffs out of the endzone, and lechler is still one of the best in the game.
    rest of special teams D ... untimely penalties and drops are bad. lane assignment seems only slightly better than last year, and kick coverage is still weak.
  4. eriadoc

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    Aug 11, 2004
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    Keenum stepped it up, but Yates held him off, IMO. Keenum won a spot on the 53 without question, but Yates didn't do anything to lose his job. I think it's Yates #2.

    Cierre Wood is a better #3 option than Justin Forsett, IMO. At least, he has more upside, I believe.

    Ryan Griffin is better at this point than Graham was at that point, I think. I like what I see.

    Lestar Jean is becoming a better WR, but he won't ever catch very well, I don't think. Maybe he needs to have someone throw bricks at ... err, to him.

    Liked what I saw from Posey.
  5. Brisco_County

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    Jun 27, 2009
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    The team has never had this quality of depth, which is necessary to go the distance. Concerns at right tackle and all over the linebacker squad. But at wide receiver, we're stacked.
  6. htownfan32

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    Sep 25, 2011
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    Katy, TX
    Never thought I'd see the day :breakdance:
  7. Brisco_County

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    Jun 27, 2009
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    This season will be remembered as "The year of the undrafted free agent."
  8. Rey

    Rey Guest

    Mar 7, 2010
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    Show me. That's my thoughts.

    I'm not super optimistic about this team but I damn sure am not going to write them off.

    On paper this is a really good team. As a fan of this team, I'm past that. I don't care about the shiny awards and stats. Does nothing for me.

    Show me on the field. That is all.
  9. keyser

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    Sep 24, 2006
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    Overall, I'm hesitant to say too much. I'm remembering how I've felt in other preseasons, and though I'm in my super-optimistic mode right now, that's making me hesitant to feel too good. In these preseason games, we get to see more of some of these players (even the ones who make the team) than we will see of them for the remainder of the year. For instance, we see how our WRs do when they are the primary targets (against backups), but in reality, they are likely only playing in a few WR sets, a few plays per game at at best, and they won't be the primary targets. Also, I've seen too many times where some bubble-level player goes all out and plays really well in preseason, then turns overly cautious and ineffective in the regular season. So, while I'm happy right now, I also keep telling myself that what we've seen for the last month is not what we'll see in a week.

    Anyway, after the preseason, I'm feeling much better about :
    - our RBs (though I'm really disapointed in Johnson - I thought he would actually make the team but he cannot stay with those fumbles; fortunately Wood makes up for that)
    - our QBs (I found myself wondering tonight if we could trade Yates or Keenum somewhere in a Matt Schaub level deal (2 #2s)).
    - our WRs (but I've been burned before)
    - our kicking/punting (what will it be when it counts)
    - NT

    All of those were areas that I was worried about beforehand, but feel much better about now. The rest I feel about the same as I did beforehand, ranging from great (our DEs) to pretty worried (most of our LBs).
  10. Corrosion

    Corrosion Idealist

    May 1, 2004
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    QB Purgatory
    Im pretty happy with the team overall.

    QB's were all three really good in preseason , lets hope it carry's over to the regular season and playoffs. Yates is still the #2 but Keenum played his way onto the 53.
    The WR's should be much improved & the TE's possibly better than last years group as Ryan Griffin is a baller , possibly an upgrade over Casey at the TE spot tho not as versatile.
    Posey all the sudden looks like an NFL WR .... kid has great hands.

    RB's Tate looked solid , Karim should contribute , Wood reminds me a bit of Foster with his patience & ability to get verticle quickly , hope he makes the PS at the very least , don't want DJ unless he can use stickum , I hate turnovers!!

    The only real concern I have on the OL is Newton getting Schaub flattened , other than that they look solid with good depth.

    The DL is probably the best unit on the team .... they are going to be hell to contain if any of the OLB's can contribute pressuring the QB.

    The LBers , outside of Cushing & Reed .... have me concerned. Then again we haven't seen the "starting front seven" play a single snap together yet. UDFA Willie Jefferson ... beats out 3rd & 4th round draft picks to take the situational pass rusher role ?! Who'd have thunk it ?!?!

    At CB K.Jax looks as good as ever , Bouye has skills , Harris flashed a bit tho Ima bit concerned with J.Jo's health after the surgery's & McCain doesn't seem to be making many plays.
    Keo almost looks like an NFL Safety , Swearinger had a hiccup and hasn't made a mistake since , I wouldn't b!tch too much if Reed missed game 1.

    Since when do Texans kickers kick the damn ball out of the endzone , who's that imposter ?!? Lechler was a good pickup.

    If I had one complaint other than right tackle , it has to be those not so special teams coverage units ....lane integrity and not blocking guys in the back , maybe Marciano doesn't understand those cause its been an issue for ... too damn long.

  11. Wolf6151

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    Oct 15, 2008
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    Pearland, Texas
    *Case Keenum impressed me. I was one of his doubters but it looks like he came to compete and I really like what I see from him. Honestly I'd like to see him get more time with the 1's and wouldn't be sad to see him take Schaubs job when Matt has his inevitable injury.

    *Willie Jefferson impressed me as well. He's obviously very raw but he has great speed and a natural shoulder dip to get around the OT. I saw him being double teamed many times against Dallas. Willie has a possible bright future with the Texans.

    *AJ Bouye played very well and deserves to make the team. He had 1 interception against Dallas but he played tight physical man coverage in preseason. He showed enough to make the team over Carmichael.

    *Darryl Sharpton needs to go. He is undersized for the position, injured far to often, and hasn't been making plays in his limited playing time. I'd rather the Texans take a roster spot chance with Mike Mohamed or Justin Tuggle, at least they've got NFL size for their positions and unknown potential.

    *Wood and Karim both impressed me this preseason though I doubt we'll carry 4 RB's. Wood would probably not make it through waivers to get to the PS and I don't think Karim is PS eligible. Dennis Johnson was a big disappointment, doubtful that he even makes any teams PS.

    *Earl Mitchell and Terrell McClain both looked good, I think we'll be better at NT this year than in years past. An improvement at NT was badly needed. The D-line as a whole was impressive in preseason, Jamison and Crick both seem to be very good depth.

    *Sam Montgomery and Trevardo Williams, both of these draft picks puzzled me when they were made since size wise they both seem to be 4-3 defenders, not built for their 3-4 positions. Williams has at least shown some glimmer of hope but needs lots of development. Montgomery shows up to TC out of shape, gets injured quickly, and seems to lack motivation or speed, he is very slow off the LOS. Honestly Tuggle and Jefferson have shown more than Montgomery or Williams but they'll most likely both make the roster undeservedly because they're draft picks and cutting either or both would make it look like we made bad draft picks.
  12. imatexan

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    Dec 30, 2006
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    Los Angeles
    Thank god it is over, regular season time!
  13. TheMatrix31

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    Aug 6, 2010
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    My closing preseason thoughts?

    Thank God. Let's get this show on the road.
  14. htowntexans1985

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    Oct 4, 2011
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    My thoughts are, see ya'll in New York...... [​IMG]

    TEXANRED Texan-American

    Jan 13, 2005
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    My thoughts: this is what a Championship team looks like. Our starters are studs and our 2nd stringers could be starting for other teams.
  16. buddyboy

    buddyboy All Pro

    May 17, 2006
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    This is probably the correct mentality coming out of any preseason.

    That said, what a party pooper. :kitten:
  17. gafftop

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    Apr 28, 2006
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    Posted after first half of Cow game
    Like woods as third let Karim go . I don't think he can go on practice squad.

    I also think you can get Karim or someone just like him or better off the street at any time during the season.

    22 got a lot of TV time at end of half but still not impressed with him. Like AJ better.

    I know Jean caught a TD but still doesn't use hands. Waits for ball instead of going a getting it. Not a natural receiver. Reminds me of a slow Jacoby.

    63 needs to be on team.

    TJ reminds me of a miniSchaub or Schaub lite and I don't consider that good.
    Kubiak would have never drafted ColinK and even if he was on the team Kubiak would never make the change.

    I think screen passes continue to kill us in regular season. Our LBs and secondary will be our weak spot beside QB.

    Just my opinion
  18. Tailgate

    Tailgate Fall of Hame

    Jun 30, 2004
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    Houston, TX - Born and raised
    Thoughts are we just went thru an entire preseason with no major injuries (that i can remember).....Quite a feat!!
  19. burro

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    Sep 12, 2010
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    Ft Worth
    QB: B+. For the first time in Texans history, we have real depth at the QB position (as opposed to 07'/08' Schaub vs Rosencopter "depth"). For back-up QB, Keenum has the arm and intangibles to succeed in the NFL and either at 2nd or 3rd string for 2013, he will be groomed to inherit this offense one day. TJ looks solid, in that veteran backup sort of way...which is likely all he will be here.

    RB: B-. I wasn't too impressed with Johnson or Karim (why was Kubiak so high on this guy again?). Wood on the other hand is a beast in the making and belongs on the roster. Tate looks as I would expect, which is underpaid.

    WR: A-. Between Hopkins and Posey, Schaub has everything he needs to get the job done. I know it's just preseason, but WR looks like a huge bullet dodged going into the regular season.

    TE: A-. Solid, solid, solid. I doubt Casey will be missed much.

    OL: C+. Left side, good. Right side, bad. Derek Newton needs something, like replaced as soon as possible...lest we see more of Keenum/Yates this season than we really wanted. Quessenberry is a pleasant surprise.


    DL: A+. Earl Mitchell came into the preseason hungry and showed that he can be very dangerous. It's almost funny to think that he used to back up Cody - huge improvement there. Add in the Ninja and Watt and our d-line is something to be feared this season.

    LB: C+. I'm going to be optimistic and say that once the season gets started Cushing and Reed will shine and bring up the game of Mercilus and Sharpton in the process. (Sharpton right? Please tell me we don't plan on Mays starting opening day). If not, it could be a long year.

    DB: D+. KJ was a bright spot, but I'm worried. JJo looks like he's half-assing while Harris, McCain, and Carmichael (to a lesser degree, granted) all look as they typically do: mediocre. CB is definitely the weak link in our defensive chain.

    S: C+. Someone on here wrote that Swearinger was like a Bernard Pollard who actually had coverage value and I agree. With a mentor like Ed Reed on the sideline, this kid could be something special (as opposed to Keo, who is just 'special'). Speaking of Ed Reed, does something here smell vaguely of Ahman Green or is that just me?

    Special Teams: B-.

    K/P. Bullock and Lechler look great, as expected.

    The rest: Thank god Lechler and Bullock look great.

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  20. Playoffs

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    Apr 26, 2008
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    My thought is one of gratitude...

    Grateful for the optimism we can have for this upcoming season,

    Grateful we had no major injuries this preseason,

    Grateful we don't have an owner who makes himself more important than the team,

    Grateful we're not scrambling to answer for & replace a multi-murder suspect player,

    Grateful our front office kicks a$$ signing quality UDFAs,

    Grateful we don't have big question marks behind Schaub,

    Grateful we don't have a coach who puts his starting QB into a 4th quarter preseason game behind a 3rd & 4th string offensive line,

    Grateful for son of Bum,

    Grateful we get to cheer for the Defensive Player Of the Year who models character and integrity and charity every day in real life,

    Grateful to share this journey with like-minded zealots.

    So today is a pretty good day for this Texans fan. :logo:
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