Cleveland Browns will suck in '05 but be contenders in '06

Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by YodAa, May 5, 2005.

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    The Cleveland Browns picked at number 3 and they needed a QB, who did they draft? Braylon Edwards a WR. So this means Trent Dilfer will most likely be starting. But he's 33 years old! He obviously isn't their QB of the future, I doubt that Charlie Frye is the future QB either so then what gives? Maybe they are hoping to get a QB next year with their 1st cough*Matt Leinart!*cough. Of course they are! Just look at what they did this offseason. The Browns' D sucks but instead of drafting a defensive player they draft a WR. Hmm maybe a future target for Leinart! They trade 2 defensive players for an RB! Hm maybe a target out of the backfield for Matt! Also instead of having to waste a high draft pick on defense they go all defensive for the rest of the draft and sign Gary Baxter! The Browns are aiming to be a strong offensive team with an ok D. The Browns now have Droughns Edwards Winslow and maybe Leinart! I no I dragged this out but to sum it up, I think the Browns Kept Dilfer and drafted Edwards so
    1 They would suck next year
    2 Have a good target for Leinart the year after
    I also think they are aiming to be a mostly offensive team with a good young defense that won't be good next year but will be gaining experience for the year after! Don't be surprised if they suck and draft Leinart next year.
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    I won't be surprised if they suck for 3-4 more years. Rookie QB's aren't usually first year impact players. Maybe when San Diego lets one of their QB's go next offseason (Phillip Rivers), the browns will pick up one of them.
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    If you haven't seen Frye play, I wouldn't expect you to think he's anything special. But believe me, he is. They will not draft Matt Lienert, Charlie is in their plans to be the QB of the future, and that's why they traded Luke McCown.

    Matt Lienert will not play for the browns, believe me
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    Out yonder way...
    1. Braylon Edwards makes a way better WR than Aaron Rodgers does a QB. Edwards was the best possible pick they could've made.

    2. Why do you doubt Frye is their QB of the future?

    3. Their defense finished 15th in the league last year. Compared to their offense (28th), I'd say going offense early was the right move.

    4. For a team gearing up on their offense, they sure didn't use the draft to address it. Only 3 picks were on offense (Edwards, Frye and some OT in the 7th round).

    5. The only new RB on the Browns roster is Rueben Droughns. He's not what I would call a target out of the backfield. He'll also fall into the same mold as any former Denver RB after they leave that system. If the Browns think he's going to put up similar numbers outside of Denver, they're not too bright. 'Course, it's the Browns we're talking about.

    I won't be surprised if they suck next year. But that has nothing to do with the moves they made this off season. I fully expect them to suck in '06 as well.

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