Christmas Day Mock.

Discussion in 'Mock Draft Talk' started by Wolf6151, Dec 25, 2011.

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    Again this mock is predicated on Mario staying here, if he leaves we have a whole different list of priorities. I think we'll be pick in the early 20's. I really love making the playoffs and really like Yates but if the last 2 weeks are any indicator, I don't see us going deep in the playoffs with Yates performance and the conservative play calling. We'll see.

    1. Dwight Jones-WR from UNC, it's all been said about this guy, he's got everything you want in a 1st round WR size, speed, hands, route running, body control, height, etc...
    2. Matt Reynolds-OT from BYU, he's got the perfect size for the position at 6'06" and 325 lbs.. He has the power to handle the bull rush and quick feet for the speed rush. I'd move Winston to RG and Reynolds to RT. I like Ricky Wagner for this pick as well but think he'll return to Wisconsin for his senior year.
    3. Sylvester Williams-NT from UNC, size, athleticism, and good foot work to handle the NT position in a 1 gap system. Wade wants more of a penetrating NT than a traditional 2 gap monster like Ta'amu. Since any NT we pick will be working in a rotation with Cody instead of owning the position outright I've lowered it to the 3rd round.
    4. Jerry Franklin-ILB from Arkansas, I prefer Kevin Reddick here but think he will also return for his senior season. Tank Carder would be a possiblity here as well. Franklin has the size, college productivity, and tenacity to be great depth behind Demeco.
    5. Mitchell Schwartz-OT/OG from Cal, he's been a starting OT for 4 yrs. with Cal, 2yrs. on each side of the line, lots of college experience and productivity. He's to slow for LT in the NFL but can be a swing tackle or high quality depth at OG. He's got good size for the position at 6'05" and 325 lbs., reasonable athleticism, gets to the second level well, and blocks all the way to the whistle. I think we all realize that the Texans need more and better quality O-line talent.
    6. Marc Tyler-RB from USC, I think we let Ward walk and will need a 3rd string RB since we let Obgyn go. Tyler is more of a power RB than speedster and should work well as a change of pace or short yardage back to pound the defense.
    7. Kyle Martens-P from Rice, I like Hartmann but I'm not sure how a torn ACL affects a P so Martens is insurance if Hartmann can't come back. Martens also has LB size with a booming leg as well as good directional abilities.

    In the past I've advocated using the late round picks for defensive depth but since taking a better look at our defense and this draft talent level I've changed my mind. The Williams pick will move Mitchell to DE fixing our depth issues there, no need for depth at OLB if Mario stays, Franklin fills our ILB depth issues, we've got young CB's that need to develope, so that only leaves Safety and Nolan is good depth and Demps has played well enough to come back next year for depth purposes. Also this draft seems to have better quality Offensive talent than Defensive talent. This draft gives us a starting WR, starting RT, rotational NT, quality depth at ILB, quality depth on the O-line, needed depth at RB, and insurance at P. Well let's hear it...
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    Looks like a pretty good mock. I'd be happy with it if the draft fell this way for the Texans.

    I really like Jones in the 1st and think they will be looking for a WR in the top rounds. Not too familiar with Reynolds in the 2nd and not sure the Texans would move Winston to OG, like a lot of members think/hope they will, but if they do go this way, Reynolds looks like he might be a good fit. Williams in the 3rd looks like a good pick, though Walterfootball has him going lower (4th or 5th) and say he should go back to school another year to improve his stock. Franklin or Carder would be good depth, but they both could be gone by the time we pick in the 4th. Not sure about Schwartz in the 5th, but Tyler in the 6th could be a great pick up. Just not sure the Texans will take him due to his 1 game suspension and "off the field issues." Too bad. He looks like an ideal RB for zone blocking scheme. As for picking a punter in the 7th, I don't think Kubes will do it. He seems to like getting them in FA. Hartmann was an UFA last year.

    Again, good job!

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