Chiefs and Texans position by position comparison

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by gtexan02, Sep 4, 2007.

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    Thought it would be fun to compare each position on the various teams to see who has the early edge. Feel free to comment and make changes as needed:

    QB: Matt Schaub vs. Damon Huard
    Who can really say? Huard is a nobody at the end of his career who, for whatever reason, played lights out last year. He was amazing at taking care of the ball and moving the game along. If he can have that kind of impact this year, expect bigger things from the Chiefs than many are letting on.
    Matt Schaub on the other hand is an unknown on a new team. Forget the preseason, I don't care about it. Sure he looked great, but He who shall not be named always looked decent in practices and preseason as well. I think he has the potential to be huge and his upside in a Texans uniform is sky high.
    The result for this comparison is too close to call. We dont know much about either guy this year, so I wont make a decision on speculation alone.

    Ahman Green and co. vs. LJ
    Given the fact that LJ is probably the 2nd best running back in the league, there is no way Houston wins this one. Even with his supposed "hold-out" rust, expect LJ to do big things. Last time he played us he went for well over 200 yards. Ouch
    Point Chiefs

    AJ and co vs. who?
    Thats right, and the chiefs know it. They've made some attempts over the past few years to bring in some new guys, but at this point in the game, the Texans WRs have the edge.
    Point Texans

    Gonzales vs. Daniels
    Tony is on the downside of his career and Owen is on the upside. At this point in the game, however, Gonzales is the better package at TE. he still has the ability to make a big impact.
    Point Chiefs

    Offensive Line:
    I never thought I'd say this, but I actuall think the Chiefs offensive line might just be worse than the Texans. They've lost a lot of players to age and injury and FA, and I even heard some fans wishing I-65 was back on their team. He has yet to supplant Salaam (I know, I know) as the starter as the cursed Texans LT. I have minimal confidence in our unit, but Im convinced they are better than the KC unit.
    Point Texans

    Score so far:
    Chiefs - 2
    Texans - 2

    This is a very tricky subject, and comes with a lot of gray area. The Texans DL could be the best in the league with their respective potential and talent, but because of their poor history of playing the pass, who really knows? The Chiefs DL on the other hand has looked pretty good so far. I am going to have to say tie in this case.

    The Texans DeMeco Ryans is the best LB on either team. Unfortunately, after Ryans, our talent drops off precipitously. The Chiefs on the other hand have a solid group that should prove difficult for hte Texans to best.
    Point Chiefs

    This is possibly the biggest difference. We have a hard hitting CB in Dunta, but no one else who really scares opposing teams. We have oneo f the best nickel and dime corners in the league, and a great backup FS. How will Boulware play? Thats an unknown (if he plays at all). Meanwhile the Chiefs have paired Ty Law (who is hitting his downside) with Surtain, and have a pair of young Safeties who look like the real deals.
    Point Chiefs

    Special Teams:
    No comparison here. Mathis and Jacoby are both being compared to Devin Hester. Meanwhile the Chiefs lost their main guy in Dante Hall. Who knows how much impact this will have on the game, but for now:
    Point Texans

    Final Score
    Texans - 3
    Chiefs - 4

    Will be a very close game, and from the comparisons I see, the QB and DL play will really make a huge difference. I guess time will tell come Sunday!

    Go Texans! :fans:
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    This should be done as a head-to-head type matchup.

    Our Oline vs. Their Dline
    Our Secondary vs. Their WR's
    LJ vs. Demeco

    Stuff like that. Comparing units that will never oppose each other is a little pointless to me.
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    Couldn't have said it much better.
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    The Chiefs best DLmen is suspended for the 1st four games but has been playing in the pre-season.
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    2 games I think...wanna say the suspension was reduced.
  6. TexansLucky13

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    Either way, he won't be on the field in Reliant.

    Good comparisons. I appreciate the time you take to do these.
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    DANG GOOD ... OMG.. and objective. I have a hard time to be objective sometimes.
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    yea i have been saying all along this game will be so close and is to hard to call now, i cant wait for the game
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    Great post. It's difficult to compare the two teams, though, because they are both teams in transition going into their first NFL game of the season. And there are a lot of changes that were made to both teams over the offseason.

    Here are a few predictions I feel are pretty safe:

    The Texans will run the ball well against a Chiefs line that is having problems. No Jared Allen, and the Chiefs new linemen don't seem to be clicking yet. I suspect Ahman Green will really test them.

    I suspect the Texans D-line will also have trouble, even against a beleagured KC O-line. First game jitters and all, I just think the Texans will have a tough time.

    That's about all I'd say. I expect the Texans to win. I certainly hope they win. But currently these teams seem pretty evenly matched, with too many holes for me to make a solid prediction one way or the other.

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