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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Paragon Blue, Feb 22, 2005.

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    Jan 15, 2005
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    Was watching it the other day and Rich Eisen asked him what the Texans were going in the draft and he said that we need help in two areas, protecting the qb and rushing the qb. Just thought I would let you guys know.
  2. Texan in Japan

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    Jan 22, 2005
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    Thanks JD. Confirms what us wantabe GMs have been saying!
  3. RTP2110

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    May 22, 2004
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    Ok, I hate to say it. Isn't that the same exact thing they said going into last years draft?
  4. Tailgate

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    Of course.... but we ALSO needed a good young corner. Which is not one of our biggest needs coming into this years draft.

    We had more needs in year one than we do now. We are just chizziling away at them every year until hopefully there arent any MAJOR needs. Then we are there.

    The list was just longer last year.
  5. U4ikrob

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    Feb 22, 2005
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    It certainly will be an interesting day to watch with all the prospects that will be available and those that slide to our #13 spot.

    The list of needs has certainly grown smaller with each draft and season, but there are still some big ones the team needs to fill if were going to compete for the playoffs and a championship over the next 2 years per the 5 year plan.
    With some big name DE's coming out
    few Decent OT's
    Our needs for a serious #2 WR threat
    All the premier RB's available in this draft
    DD's durabilty still a question
    The Premier Linebackers in the draft
    The top tier Cornerback talent

    All this to think about and available to us at our spot it will be an interesting day indeed to watch. I would not want to be in Charlies shoes on that day - Way too many options and with only about 16 mill and change from salary for FA's they wont be making too many deals that way either.

    Trades are also a possiblity with Bradford and Baxter or Norris avilable as decent prospects allthough I would rather keep Norris as one of the better blocking FB's.

    Some recent FA's like Mason, Rolle, Pryce etc.. are also throwing new stuff in the mix to think about going into the draft. IMO - Our need for Pass protection is the one area I think we cannot afford to ignore - I see them spending any big money on trying to shore up the line if at all possible rather than drafting another rookie project at LT to try and protect David's blindside for another year. Granted David can make soem quicker reads and the OC can call plays with 3 and 5 step drops more often to help on expected blitzing downs. But honestly were in year 4 now and they need to spend the money to get a premier LT and if we were able to pickup a few decent veteran pieces like these guys or others we could easily fill a few more holes and help us take the much needed next step.

    my 2 yards worth
  6. TexansTrueFan

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    thats crazy how a few months ago he said no OL changes and now he said we need help protecting the QB ? I mean come on CC make up your mind buddy ! I could of told ya what he said on NFL total access about 3 weeks into the season ! :shocked
  7. rhc564

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    Aug 22, 2004
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    Many experts believe the lines-OL/Dl-are the backbone of the team. We
    all know what effect a poor performing line has had on the offense with
    both protection and play calling. A poster pointed out last week that a
    great secondary doesn't mean much if the QB has all day to throw, plus
    the DL's crucial role is the starting point in the 3/4.

    We must get the OL/DL right for this team to move to any kind of next
    level, or we will continue to struggle. Saying that, it has been said that
    Casserly said the lines are a priority going into the draft but we also know
    Casserly has a history of taking the 'best player available.'

    "...what you thought you heard me say is not what I meant."

    IMO, until we address the OL/DL, who we draft will just be another piece
    of the puzzle waiting for the final pieces that will be needed to pressure the
    QB and protect our QB. This is one of our last draft before the 'mythical' 5th
    year is here with us still having a little 'grooming' time left for rookie linemen.

    The 'heat' should be on for this 'plan' to come together-- surprise us in
    this draft, Casserly, and -either way-- your's and Capers fate lies in the's hoping you get it right. :thumbup
  8. Grid

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    Apr 29, 2004
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    anything Casserly says at this point means absolutely nothing. We wont play his hand early. If anything.. this makes me wonder if we are LESS likely to draft for Dline/Oline.. or if he is planning something surprising.

    we will see I guess.
  9. BuffSoldier

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    Apr 30, 2004
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    Well duh, come on CC we all know that but give up some real info. :heh:

    I think he said that we wont be looking for a O-Lineman in FA
  10. wiley2002

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    May 3, 2004
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    For sure he said no to picking up someone for the o-line in FA. CC would be fired for sure if he didn't pick one up out of this year's draft. Especially the depth this year. I just hope we can use our first two picks on the offensive and defensive line. We may also be looking for a back up RB, another TE (not sure on that one), probably a #3 WR (I don't see us looking for a #2 FA or in the draft), more rushing attackers, and more depth for the secondary. As far as who and what part of the draft is too far to tell at this point, even on draft day. But this is only my opinion at this point so don't go AWOL on me.

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