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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by keyser, Dec 14, 2010.

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    I am overseas (in Seoul, actually), but managed to "watch" the game via ESPN gamecast, while doing work. However, there are a lot of things that don't come through via a play-by-play. So, I'm hoping that some people can fill me in on a few things:

    1) What exactly happened on the last interception? Was this a bad throw by Schaub, or a tipped ball, or what? If I understand, the first interception was a tipped ball, and more the receiver's fault than Schaub's (correct me if I'm wrong).

    2) On the Baltimore kickoff return for a TD, what happened? It sounded like missed tackles, from some forum comments - were people in position and not making tackles, or were they out of position?

    3) Our defense certainly seemed to be playing well in the 2nd half. What was the difference? Was it a scheme change, personnel change, blitzing change, or what? In that regard, I saw Okoye's name pop up on the Gamecast a few times (during incomplete passes) - was he actually getting pressure?

    Thanks for any help. Feel free to add anything else you think might be interesting, that wouldn't have come across via a play-by-play summary.
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    1) DB jumped the route.

    2) about 4 players had the kick returner dead to rights but once again bad tackling let him escape.

    3) Blitzing 2nd half. Just started to bring the house and got Flacco rattled.
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    Over here.
    Schaub had a lot of pressure while standing in the endzone, to the point where he really couldn't see much, and the DB jumped the route. They should have been running Foster anyway. No need to be in a hurry.

    The guys who had him were also slamming into each other. Only one of them got an actual grasp on him and he spun out of it while they knocked each other down.

    Yeah, they were getting pretty hard-core with the number of guys blitzing. Pollard was blitzing on every play....and definitely not the only extra blitzer on each one. Whadya know? Putting pressure on QBs works. It's like the Ryan family is the only people in the NFL who understand that. FB learns it from time to time....and promptly forgets before the next game...
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    The Texans played like crap for a half.

    The second half they stormed back.

    They broke our hearts one more time.

    Did I miss anything?


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