Can any1 explain Dom's 3-4 scheme?

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by ThaShark316, Dec 1, 2004.

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    ^^topic...just thought I'd ask..I know Dom's 3-4 is different from PIT and NE' does it work for him..?
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    If your were to look at one of those as a model the Pittsburg 3-4 is pretty close to what the texans do in terms of scheme, drafting philosophy etc.
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    The Texans didn't mess with Babin's weight, his college did trying to make him play at 285 lbs. He is currently 259 lbs. It is pretty obvious from looking at him that his frame is not meant to carry that kind of weight. He would also be useless as a LB at that weight.

    1st off, all the Texans DLmen are traditional DT's not DE's. 2nd, on many if not most long yardage situations this year the Texans have only kept in 2 DL. Evidently they believe they can get a better pass rush from the unusual look and the flexibility of where the rush can come from. Sacks are semi-overrated as a stat anyway. As an example, Babin only has 2 sacks but leads the team in QB pressures with as of a couple of games ago something on the order of 26 QB hurries.

    Neither weight nor position is controlling the sacks--some of the league's best pass rushers this year:

    Robert Mathis 235 lbs
    Terrell Suggs 260 lbs
    John Abraham 256 lbs
    Jason Taylor 255 lbs
    Jevon Kearse 265 lbs
    Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila 252 lbs

    Terrell Suggs is the only LB in the group--and he plays for a 3-4. If those guys played for the Texans they would be playing as OLB's just like Babin. Far more important than the label of DE or LB is the talent of the player since depending on the system, the label would change.
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    3rd and really long. Texans come out with Peek and 10 defensive backs, lol. It's the 0-1 zone blitz. The result is Pennington stands in the pocket for a full 3 minutes and then throws an interception. After the play, Peek is given oxygen and a nap. :popcorn:

    I thought you always had to have at least 3 down linemen on D and at least 5 down linemen on Offense. Guess I was wrong. Didn't notice that they had used 2 D linemen on occasion. I guess the LBs looked like linemen to me as I glanced at it.
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    Capers has aways been a "zone blitz" kinda guy. He likes to blitz one and leave a lot of LB's in zone coverage.

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