But Are You Entertained?

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    I believe we often forget – or choose to forget – that the Houston Texans, individually and collectively are first and foremost entertainers.

    The consumers: The fans and the city, alike, have bought into a desirable commodity that, in theory, brings in revenue (our revenue), and emboldens the intrinsic desire in mankind to see one group of people dominate another. It’s a Paleolithic idea. It appeals to our reptilian brains that the mightiest among us should, and will, prevail.

    Therefore, starting off as an idea (because ideas only exist in the human mind) means that these entertainers – these modern day gridiron gladiators – are beholden to us: The leviathan, the city-group, for their livelihoods—their very existence.

    So, are you entertained?

    Now that our Texans have razed the armory and taken bigger guns than most of the NFL, their entertainment value has finally hit the black. But, there were meager years. We asked for Avatar in 3-D, but instead, we got the Katzenjammer Kids.

    So, were you entertained for the last decade?

    They say that ultimately the quest for pleasure is the most painful journey of all. All of those days sitting in front of the television, burning our retinas to the sights of fumbles and follies, the days we spent bitching on the airwaves, having our hearts pulled out by an inferior form of entertainment…and for what? We even use the term “we” when we’re speaking about “them,” the Texans.

    We’re we entertained?

    What made us come back for more of the same bullshit? Is it this moment now that we're going to the playoffs? Or will it only end when the Texans have claimed the ultimate prize in the Super Bowl?

    And then what? Obviously the thirst for more victory will prompt our human nature to want it all and want it now!

    Strange, isn’t it, that our entertainers are also our drug dealers?

    Play on Curtis Mayfield.
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    Football is my opiate. It is a great communicator, and threads communities from near and afar.

    Getting my wife to "ok" the purchase of two PSLs in 2002, was a great day. It was my first extravagant commitment of discretionary funds in my adult life. Not only would it be an upfront and ongoing fiscal commitment, but there would be more costs related to the time commitment of traveling 2.5 hours each way via Austin to watch 10 games per year.

    The first draft and Boselli's injury were disappointing, and outside of a memorable opening night the first season had many tough drives back. The first four years were dark days. Kubiak brought back promise, and a new offense which made the product on the field noticeably better. However, many days folks bailed on me Sunday morning for the drive to Houston.

    Due to business reasons I knew this year it would be tough to make all of the games, and would have to sell my tickets for some games. This year the demand has been crazy with folks calling me for tickets all of the time, giving them to some customers, and making some dollars back.

    The Texans are in a "something special" vortex, and there are many non-Texan fans that dig what we have going on. I am enjoying every minute of this season, since we finally have a window to what good looks like in Blue Steel, Liberty White & Battle Red. To the OP's question I have been entertained. Like any piece of entertainment it takes time to develop an identity, a voice and ultimately an audience. Winning has a way of washing all transgressions away and bringing to life a brand conceived in 2000. :texflag:
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