Breakdown of Texans & AFC South:

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    Assessment from Football Outsiders before it all starts going down. It really doesnt say anything what we dont already know... but a good read on the division and a time killer.

    Whom Should They Sign? (Projected Cap Space: $19.8 million*)

    Seriously, what don’t the Texans need? They have a promising young tight end but could use a second one. There’s plenty of room for receiver depth behind Andre Johnson as well as cornerback depth behind Dunta Robinson. Eric Winston is going to play right tackle, Mario Williams is set at right defensive end, and the Texans rock at middle linebacker. Otherwise, every position is up for discussion.

    The Texans don’t need a position, they need an idea: the future. It isn’t going to happen right away for this team, so they need to sign players who will still be useful if Kubiak can make a playoff run in 2008 or 2009.


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