Brandon Jacobs

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    a possible RB to draft in the 5th 6th or 7th round.. or maybe as an undrafted free agent.

    Brandon Jacobs Southern Illinois Running Back 6-4 260

    I saw this guy on a list of small school prospects.

    to quote what others said about him when I was asking for info.

    This guy could be a good "chance" to take in the late rounds of day 2. He could end up being a diamond in the rough. Though it isnt very likely.. most backs ive seen that were successful at 250+ pounds.. were guys that were short and stocky.. made em hard to tackle. This guy is 6'4" so he most likely isnt a low runner. Anyway.. if he doesnt turn out to be our franchise back, he could still be a short yardage back (and I have a feeling Hollings wont be staying past his contract year).. we DO need a short yardage guy. And if THAT doesnt work out.. we could give him a shot at FB or TE.

    I just think that a guy his size, with his skills, might deserve one of our late round picks. its a risk worth taking.

    If anyone has seen this guy play, or gets the chance to see him play.. id love to know what you saw.
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    kind of reminds me of kinney
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    Scott Wright: Who is the best player you have faced during your career?

    "Marcus Lawrence: Running back Brandon Jacobs. He is a very talented back that went to Auburn and transferred. "

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